What is the function of skull icon on the war?

Hello admin,  can u tell me about the skull icon?  The others alliance show the skull icon is two,  but the others alliance only one?

  • Each island can have a different difficulty. A higher difficulty means the attacker requires more Victory Points to conquer the island.

It seems like when you attack 1-skull isle you need to reach 10% more VP than defending alliance, 20% more on 2-skulls isle etc.

I’m not sure about the right %age, but I think that’s the idea.

Hello there,

As mentioned by AwesomeDoud, the more skulls the higher is the difficulty for the attacking Alliance.

They will need to score higher (the required amount is visible in the Strike Standings, noticeable by the progress bar with a skull) than the defending Alliance in order to win the Strike.



Total points received 55.522 however, the total difference 66.554 There is no logical explanation for this in your opinion?


This is normal, you attacked a 5 skull island, which means the attacking alliance has to score 40% more than the defending one in order to win.

Another RR2 player moving to OR, so sad! I played OR just to know what’s going on in this forum  

Why this is not added to the total score. So, why it doesn’t look there. 

Makes sense to me - on the “details” screen, you see what you actually scored, on the overview you see how much you need to score to win…

(and RR2 players don’t necessarily move … some play both :wink: )

I understand. Thank you for the information. There may be things that everyone does not know about the game.

So are there benefits to attacking a higher skull island?

Higher skulls yield higher points, which allow opening higher chest rewards (and winning the wars)