what is the highest value chest box you had opened?

i just found one badass chest which has 300k gold in it. Another time I found 12 pearls. What did you find?


Legendary Item hammer at level 46 that I still use at level 54 because I still can’t find something better. 

got 204k once and missed a 19gems chest although I’ve also got 8pearls before , always missed the legendary master ring :slightly_frowning_face:

I once got 28 gems.

Gold - 304k,298K in one chest and 125+125+150 on my luckiest day.

Always miss the Legendary item.

Max 21 gems and 25 pears one time each. All other time, 1 or 2 pearls max and 2-4 gems max.

Max 258 food once but never above 120 rest of the times.


Amount of gems should be at least equal to amount of retry (5 currently for me). I stopped spending gems on retry long back because of this.

About 220k gold is my best chest so far

Legendary hammer

8 pearls

I just got about 193k gold hours ago and its my best chest so far. 

Always miss legendary items.

Got 13 gems and 8 pearls once 

I think somewhere around 170k gold in one chest, about 425k gold in 3 chests (without buying additional tries), a few times about 300-350k from several chests, 200k in 1 chest, 8 pearls, 22 gems, some legendary items (used up to 10-15 levels after), 200 bread, 350 bread in 2 chests.


Long since I last time used gems for additional tries… just not worth it in most cases, and the rare cases where it would give you some truly epic rewards happen when you’re out of gems or not willing to pay gems, so it’s best to generally avoid buying more tries.