What is the most effective way to farming Gem?

Please share your trick about this.






From Tapjoy? Other Sponser?

Please add more info about your plateform and your region, because I can’t access any of these free gem option.


And how many gem you think that you need?

For me it’s playing on the 2 top leagues. I usually find the diamond league too competitive so I reduce my attacks until I get demoted to the platinum league and  I end 1st or 2nd there.

Some other people have been using different exploits involving several new accounts and giving the Gems to their main account but that was fixed in one of the recent updates

If you’re okey with exploiting then of course ploughing gems is the best way but I build strong defense (for around my trophy range at least) and try to finish 1st in diamond league.I often accumulate gems for granny sales but only buy something when I’ve level up about 10 levels.Use it for food too and gold shield.


I’m Windows user btw , no tapjoy.Only buy gems when theres nice package offer now.

Some viet players are selling ploughed gems. Flare isn’t really doing much :confused: exploit continues

a trick i did was strait based for a few days when i had gold shield and built a steady stream of about 40-60 attacks a day atleast then uped the difficulty every 12 hours or so, not much or anything people would notice like changing out the lvl 1 towers with lvl 2 or 3


also for this try just 4 towers and 3 blockades somehow people think even if those are stong they should be able to struggle past those and hit the home run…many die

how about trophy? is your enemy didnt see a lot trophy of yours? or you just decrease it before? #just wondering

my ranking is dropping, but gems look great



EDIT: finally getting 4000 gems to buy goodies. (I didn’t pay a dime for this, just very time consuming)


I use semi-open base trick, without many gold in Treasure Chamber so don’t need gold shield too.

There’re always 30-50 raid with 20-30 gems per night.


Full defense base with many gold work great too, just collect at least 3M Gold ald prepare to lost nearly 1M will gain 20-30 gems per night too.


For me with Full defense base bring my trophies rank around ~3,000, for semi-open base bring my trophies rank around 2,100-2,400.

But with higher Trophies Rank always have someone that can raid 100% from my base.


Gold for upgrade? I always havest in one go. If it’s too much for me I will use gold shield.

people in your range will take you down so you look normal

Open Base Royal revolt 2

IGN: mahendrapermana


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Taking this chance, I want to thank Flare, that despite my constant complains about them, they managed to create a game that kept me captivated for so long. It’s a relationship of love and hate, that will keep going on for long time I guess… something like whats going on in my personal life :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now to the issue of this thread…

A couple of months ago, a very good friend of mine, an experienced top player and a leader of a top alliance, has taught me the trick.


First, let’s ask you a question: Why should anybody think that attacking your base worth even investing gems to beat you?

Several possible answers. The main one is: You have sufficient loot in the chamber. This makes you attractive to raiders.

So, always leave some gold in the chamber.


Second question: Why should a potential raider finally decide to attack you?

The answer is usually - because your base looks not so tough. Easy target.

So, you must lower your medals count, to look weak. This is done by reducing the number of towers or by reducing the number of obstacles.


Among many attackers, only few will be with full pockets of gems and determined to beat you at any cost.


So, if we conclude, to get gems:

Rule #1: High defense waves. Upgrade them constantly.

Rule #2: Tricky base, with many regular and advanced traps.

Rule #3: Always leave some loot as a bate.

Rule #4: Take off some insignificant towers or obstacles to lower medals count and to make the base look “Semi Open”.


As for me, i use high waves, tricky base and take off all the barricades. It works fine, even better than with them.

Gems, come to me…





Alright, buddy. Haha.

hi people :stuck_out_tongue:

someone have a open base for me ?  :stuck_out_tongue:


i found 1 but it’s not enough  :stuck_out_tongue:

gypsy rose is open…dont know how much you will get …she is getting hit like grazy

thanks  :wub:

thank u

1st attack–2 lacks

2nd --1.7 lacks

3rd—1.2 lacks

4th-1 lack