What is the point of having treasure perk

This was said by Madlen,
Some more information about Hidden Treasures in general:

• You might wanna attack players of a similar strength to get the most out of your raids.
• There are not endless Hidden Treasures per day…. (This only applies to Hidden Treasures from normal battles, not Rune chests).

So there is a limit. I have treasure perks for 37.1%. Does this mean i get 37% more treasure than someone who doesn’t have perk, or with less battles i get my daily limit of hidden treasure.

You just get them faster, but even 37% don’t change much.
You can still find lots of bases without any drop even with matchmaking…

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The daily/weekly hidden treasure limit is too low.
Active players should be able to keep getting the hidden treasures for much longer.

It’s not acceptable to have limits on hidden treasures. It penalizes practice. Furthermore we risk all top players will have less than 5300 trophies.

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Please increase the chance of the spell rune dropping.

Food​:bread::bread::bread::scream_cat:> GOLD> Pet food> Pearl> Token>>>Item Rune >>>> Obstacle Rune> Unit Rune> >> >> gem <Spell Rune
(Impression of personal statistics)

Farmers tokens, farmer boosts, vouchers, chambers of commerce and chests are on the user. I don’t think so many people want bread from a limited hidden treasure.


In my opinion, tokens are rarer than runes.