What is the point?

 I was thinking if it is worth of opening this topic or not.And I think it is. First of all, the games generally speaking are made by people for people. Reason is to have fun,to relax and spend some quality time when you have it. Not always the competition  was an easy task but the ones which went through it has had quite an experience.

     RR2 does not differ at all. Its an absolute fan game to play and even great when you progress and learn how to ride to overcome obstacles and push your skills to the max.

    Some people are taking the short cuts by using different programs and upgrading falsely their troops.And here I want to stop and say just that. If a child grows in one day from 10 to 20 and the next day to 30. He misses all the fun the life can offer. Ones is up he can no go back ever. What a stupid thing to wish.

  The same with this game. The game offers so much fun at low levels and experience to gain that is stupid to want to go higher without understanding how the units works. 

   Even at higher levels myself included it is still a lot to be learn and understand ,discovering new tactics and much more. Why on EARTH would I want to miss all the fun ? What is the point to falsely upgrade my units and know that any base will fall even before I start my ride?

  It is a shame and waist of time for those ones which doesn’t want  to have fun by playing this game properly. Eventually your account will get banned because you cant fool players with good experience knowing how the game works. So this is a weak up call for those ones which are still cheating. Some of you are on my list and if you don’t stop you will lose your account . It is up to you. Have fun or get out. There is no other way.

Agree absolutely.

That sounds vaguely dystopian.

Is that what you got from what has been said>? There is a context where in other words thieves and cheaters are not welcome in a place with decent players. If you like them that’s your problem because I don’t. There are lots of players which has been made a huge effort to record games to teach ,to explain how to ride and so on. Those ones did it because they do love this game and wanted to share from their experience with the new comers. Hours and hours of editing and so on. No one ask them to do so but you must have some respect for them and their free work. Don’t you agree? They have my full respect for what they have done.I will tell any day to any cheater get out leave us alone.