What is the tax bonus? Pictures inc.

When you make a donation it shows that symbol with +(however many thousand) but from the look of it that doesn’t make a difference as it seems to be based on fiefdoms. So just a little confused and curious



Yes it is based on the amount of fiefdoms your alliance conquer during War Season. The max Tax Bonus an alliance can reach is 30% and for more info you can check the wiki here: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Fiefdoms#Tax_Bonus

It didn’t explain what I had asked, well I didn’t think it did anyway. When donating there is a sign that add however many thousand to the tax bonus but the bonus is only based of fiefdoms and the donations aren’t fiefdoms (obviously)

The + (thousand of gold) is the calculation of the donation you are doing moltiplicated to 0.X where x is the tax bonus percentage.

So if we want to calculate: 2.000.000 x 0.06 (because you have 6%) = 120.000 that is the amount of gold that in fact appear in the image  :grinning:

Also 120.000 gold are totally free and aren’t further substract from your donation so for example if you have 500k donation daily + 120k you don’t need 620k to donate but you need only 500k since 120k are “virtually” donated.