What is this??? And how is this possible???

As the title says…



I don’t know.

Maybe that person donate with real money so that person develop alliance.

The other people, do same.

I guess he means how LIUZZ can have 468 trophies while he is a level 65 king. Thats kinda strange in my opinion, I too find it a bit odd and have no idea how that is possible.


I don’t know!

As usual I cannot see the pics…  :slightly_frowning_face:

no it is possible. if you have loads of thropies you can also loose trophies by opening your base or attack kings and loose. people doe that because they wana get lower ranking so they are not attacked bij higher ranked players, and if you have trap base you can earn gems.

yep: aside from the strangely large middle portion of the image where the Alliance details are featured, a level 65 king could drop that low if they chose.  This used to be very common, and until some more recent rebalancing was a favorite tactic of trophy strippers who would intentionally dump their trophies so the system would see them as much weaker than their base and hero were; and then turn around and raid higher level players for much higher rewards than they would get otherwise. These days there isn’t much of an incentive to drop so low, other than to catch some completely inexperienced, brand news players in a gem trap as revolt harry mentioned. 


Other possibilities: this is a proxy account for another base in that Alliance that isn’t really doing anything but acting as a placeholder for the leader spot. Or, there’s an arrangement where this individual was much higher in the leaderboard but is exiting the Alliance, dumping trophies in Alliance bases (to encourage members to stay or reward them, somehow) and then rejoining and reassuming leadership.  That’s easily done by a single individual with two accounts/devices…

I see…

I understand dropping down, but going all the way down into the triple digits?

Anyways thanks for clarifying this, I was very confused…

I can confirm that his base is very high level and difficult to clear. It does seem rather odd.

Speculating on the reason for dropping down might be more complicated (Sn1kt’s answer contains some good ideas for that), but just “how to drop down?” is answered easily.

By using the matchmaker, and then losing each attack with 0% (just do nothing and let your hero die), you’ll easily lose 50-60 trophies per attack. Assuming 8 attacks per raiding session and maybe 3-5 sessions per day, you might be able to lose 50*8*3 = 1200 trophies to 60*8*5 = 2400 trophies in a single day if you wanted.

Dumping trophies to certain players is a bit more difficult / slower, as via favorite list or search the max trophy loss is lower than for matchmaking, but basically attacking and losing with 0% still is an option.


Somewhere in the forum there’s even a topic about some fairly high level player hiding at 0 (ZERO!!) trophies.

Amazing. 0 trophies.

Had no idea the match-maker was that easy to manipulate.

Heh might try this sometime.

I still trophy dump, simply because flares matchmaking sux!  If I farm in a tourney/gold I end up 2-300 trophies higher for a days grind. Over a few days I’m pushing 4000 trophies. So I like to dump about 1000 to be slightly lower than I should be, but then I can start the same thing over.  Just constantly fluctuating between 3-4k trophies.


I was going to make a push for a high score but I think I will wait a month or 2 until those new troops are upgraded.