What is this April Fool's Day event?


t is not over yet. It is less than two hours in Japan time!??


This new terms update can be

                                " We have updated our terms of use. Please take a moment to review the new terms and confirm you agree"

“We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or  usefulness of any message

Sounds like an April’s Fools joke to me :wink:

I thought that I put the famous comic  “The Rose of Versailles” 

I thought this was the cause of it.

However, there are many overflows in this forum.

I wanted to receive it easily. If I think that everyone’s April Fool’s Day is gone because of the rule of the long sentence, I can not bear the remorse to me.

And then I’m going to draw and put on a Son goku hero.

This of course I draw.


Oh, I finally understood. This year’s April Fools is the only forum.

Hi aslan,

Unfortunately, there is no April’s fools content this year in the game.

The forum update about the rules was no April’s fool though, it was indeed a serious update :slight_smile:

Btw love your drawing!