What is this?


That my friend, is a fail

More like a bug, at 99% you should get a bunch of tokens.

Ofc its a bug, I was joking w Cromka

Fair enough, sarcasm can be hard to tell in text. :grinning:

That happened the same to me 

but at the end how is this counted. Like getting 2 crowns with 99% or like getting 0 crowns with 0% (meaning you can attack that base once again without wasting another attack on it) ?

My alliance members said you have 30/30 attacks needed to fully complete all missions.

Leaving no spare attacks to try the missions you’ve failed again.

Yes, but if you fail with 0% it is not counted as an attack so you can attack that base again. But only when 0%

Its not mine,but its bad stuff((


flare is sorry for inconvenience …it will be fixed in upcoming update…or not

not fixed flare take money and never work!!

Give us bonus 3 extra attacks.

Never!! Its will be very bad

its cery nice 30/30! Coz its challenge!

i lost the event because of that. it’s like i lost that raid. But instead i did 100 %. It’s a stupid bug but crucial. The game shows you did 100% but you don’t get any ninja coins,any gold,any medals. So you re forced or to retry the attack on it or keep going. But at the end of the event you missed an island anyway. Do you think is it fair? It happened to me on the 26th island. I spent even gems on that raid. Why should i lose an event because of bugs? Someone tell me why. Everytime there is always an issue:bugs,crashes ecc…

I don’t care if won’t get 5500 pearls but is not fair that i lose for just a bug. Flare will never do anything to solve problems. The only answer they give us:sorry for the inconvenience,contact the support. Damn,everytime it’s the same story. The problem is not the event in itself but what there’s behind that which is:superficiality concerning the update,incompetence and poor work. If it was differently bugs there would not be.

To be true, now my view about the update has turned negative.

Firstly, the font was ruined

Secondly, the crashes are returning, I haven’t yet encountered but I have to cope up with the fear of it crashing.

Thirdly, this might be restricted to me, but I hate zombies. Their weird death, etc. I just hate them, period. Also that camera angle is a pain.

Life was going on without the wardrobe.


It is sad to get stupid rewards even when there was no fault of the raider. They deserve to get deserved rewards, not some extra pearls and a sorry. I know it may practically not be possible to check each update but if there is a mistake on your part, you need to give proper compensation.