what is this?? ???

I received this after solve the connection problem but what kind of boost those are ???

“These are not the boosts you are looking for.”

This was not intended and we apologize for the confusion. Your are notifications only and your current stats are not impacted since those boosts are part of the coming version, so keep an eye on our official channels to find out more as we get closer to the update.

  • Nikko

Really now pro boosts for us to activate?? Isn’t it already too greedy on your part?

Oh dont worry it will come with pro donation option as well im sure ?

Why do you think they are pro boosts?


See the main screenshot posted 


Lol I have see this too in the notification in the game. I was :huh:

Ok Flare have show us a future feature by mistake. Interesting… So we gonna have Pro boost in version 3.8.0 who coming soon. For now its too earlier to say if its a good thing or not. Pay gems to activate them? Probably P2W feature of course. We will see soon what that means


And there will be people to spend and play.  :lol: