what is trivia contest?

i see the trivia contest but what is that? I don’t want to know about the trivia contest but especially about the reward :stuck_out_tongue:

12 views and there is no answer <_<

Every now and then (now more an exception) flare organised a contest with questions in a certain category. Members could send in the answers (a sort of trivia) and whoever answered enough questions correct was rewarded, depending on the game.  For royal revolt 2 the reward for having all questions correct was 500 gems.

You could also send in funny answers for additional reward. Go to the home page of this forum and read about it here. http://forums.flaregames.com/forum/77-trivia-events/ 

We had 5 trivia contests so far.

thanks dena. Oh finally someone who helps

Hi. I’ll close this thread as the question seems to be answered. As always, if someone wants this topic to be open again to discuss a bit more, they can send me a private message. Good luck!