What is up with these "INVISIBLE" players.

So I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I’ve seen enough bugs and glitches that I would not find in this forum.


One interesting thing is I’ve been seeing lots of “invisible” players lately so I wanna share with yo’ll. 


Search player “KINGDOM of eddee” you will see a couple of them. Not cool enough? Search player “48033” and see his/her Alliance.


A freaking Invisible Alliance!!! 99% of them is Korean. Looks like Flare forgot to block the “space” in their input system. It doesn’t works on Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and of course all Latin based system.


I wonder if they are cheating how are they going to get ban? What do you guys think?



korean letters invisible? :lol:

I think they should implement that language or fix it

that isnt invisible :stuck_out_tongue:

those are spaces yes those are

spacebars! different people put

different nos of spacebars.

Though they look same, they have fifferent

no. of characters


or perhaps i am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

well thats what i think those are



The alliance got a name made with Korean characters, I would assume the Korean letters are not visible, at least for us, no idea for them.

I will forward the issue.

In KINGDDOM of eddee’s alliance there are a couple of players with Korean names which characters are actually visible, but I found invisible names too…

The game does able to display Korean. As a multilingual player I wish I could talk to some of my friends that doesn’t speak English. Since RR2 doesn’t available in China so its understandable without this feature, but it’s just me .

Good point.


Actually Korean and other special languages are displayed in RR2. You can see it easily, cause the other players are visible and their names are in Korean letters.

Also, if you try to type characters not recognized by RR2, it will not let you. I have tried myself and the game just doesn’t accept it.

The assumption with space is logical, but come on, how many players like this can exist? 1 to 10? There are much more “blank” players. I’ve seen a lot of them as well.


Very intriguing issue indeed… Hmm… Probably a bug, maybe certain special characters are recognized by RR2, but it does not show them.


This is very convenient, cause if nobody can find you via the search, you are safe from raids.


If this is not obvious cheating, then it is very close to it. Think Flares should check deeper into these accounts.

I guess it’s more a “Not-recognized font”, i assume the font doesn’t has that language so it shows nothing. To fix this imo, they should create that language and add it in that font.

oPelle, surely these players entered these invisible letters on purpose. They could clearly see that nothing is displayed, so why not trying other letters?


Nope, think that adding languages will not help here. This is a deliberate taking advantage of a bug. These players have chosen to be invisible on purpose.

One problem that could come in mind is:

Player A: “Hey i found a guy with lot of gold”

Player B: “what is his name?”

Player A: “He has no name”

Or luckily you can save a person in the favourite list but yes it’s not the best thing however, they should fix this thing also because it isn’t born now, but it’s quite a bit exist this thing…

What favourite list? Or is it hypothetical?

The favourite list we always had until now by checking the profile of a player, near the name there is a star. If you click on it you’ve just added that player in your favourite list. To see your favourite list you have to go click on the social Button > then swipe to the left until you see a green panel where is written “Favorites”.

Is this a feature on Windows phone?

Edit: Wow ok just found it. Never knew about this before.

Edward I’ve tried to agree with you but looks like Opelle was right. Look at my attachment those players are displayable after I changed my system language to Korean. They does have name!

Now I feel stupid because I’ve been calling them “X” and they left my Alliance :slightly_frowning_face:

So this would be an easy fix by updating the language patch.




For your information, there was an issue with some special symbols like this in the past, and a fix has been made in June 2015 to prevent it from happening again.

However players who already had such names may not have been affected, which explains why you can see some, and why you cannot see some others.

lol I was thinking all the time someone with no name just don’t give a name :slight_smile: Korean invisible characters interesting