What is Winter Festival?

Hello from Turkey game I’m playing very nice and fun.

  I made 8,426 points out of the winter festival activity what should I get from you?

Hey @MspeRy, I would suggest getting the Eskimo Cloak, the sword, the ring, and Fritz if you can. If you cannot get all, shoot for Fritz, Sword, Ring. You should be able to get all 3 if you participated every day. Good luck

Definitely the sword if you’re in an alliance

I got something around 8.8k and besides the pickaxe I see nothing I’d really want. Ring is nice but have too many good rings already. Not eager to get yet another pal just to get it either.

Hard to advise when you don’t know what other items someone has and what would be useful to him. Rule of thumb: get items that are stronger than the ones you have and give bonuses you actually make use of (no point getting froster bonuses if you never use frosters).

Sword that have skull perk and ring aura perk if you don’t have any of it in your inventory. If you already have it all that you used daily, you don’t need to buy anything, left the point alone to get gems in the end of the festival.

I purchased the ring to get a unique color. the rest has no value, just like Fritz

On the contrary, Fritz has tons of value. He probably deals the most damage of any pal in the game thus far

not the Kaiser?..

Imho fritz is marginally better because he shoots forward, kaiser has a tendency to hide behind me and be out of range 

right, but I think what @RSLiMe is saying is that Kaiser has more damage, which he does. In my opinion Fritz is more effective though

The Blizzard Aura don’t worth it at all. I have buy it maybe just for make a video. For damage its ridiculous same if you forge it at +20. The Fire Aura Ring have over 2,200 damage per second and Blizzard just a little 400 damage per second. So hope not much have spend their rewards on this ring

Just the Pickaxes worth it for the 5.5% skulls perks. The rest depend of what you do with them. I don’t have participated much to this Winter Festival so I have buy only the Ring and Pickaxes and finish at 4,800. Blizzard in the boots can worth it if you use Blizzard a lot.

Fritz,Ring,Pickaxes and Boot the rest not sure