what is wrong with dragofrosters?

I noticed that they are killed instantly even shielded with a single bomb.

BTW my foster is forged 29 times.

Damage  103.6

Health +473

Magic shield is max

If you read the topic about How to counter Surprise Mummy some said Flaregames nerf them and make them useless. If its the case Flaregames kill is own game. Froster and Dragofroster was my favorite units in this game. 

Few question : Did I miss a topic somewhere where people complain about Froster or Dragroster? I don’t remember to see someone complain about them. Why nerf them in this case?

sorry but i hate Flaregames day after day. What you want Flare? everyone quit? this game don’t be improve its become downgrade

It is us who’s killing the game Warrinator and FG is only obliging. When we complain regading any aspect of the game FG just complice. In the end, we all get left gasping. Now, the Pyromanceer are so good that, people have already started to murmer, before long FG will nerf them too.




Let me tell you that also pyros were nerfed a bit a while ago. But frosters were one of the most important troops a while ago. When a froster was able to hit troops, they were slowed down so much that they became easy beatable targets. In defense they could be a nightmare. Maybe main cause is that we can’t forge their range, so due to their low health they most times are already eliminated before doing any harm.

I would love if we could forge all statistics of troops, so that we could improve range, health, damage, resistance, speed and so on.

That would seriously make the game more attractive and give us more diversity.

+1 for the Jack.

FG should allow all parameters of the troops to be forged and upgraded, not the selective few. 

You realise you’ve just asked flare to make perking more important to the game than it currently is :slight_smile:

When they add 5 new perk slots per unit/defence/magic in the game, we’ll know who to blame…

Yes I know, I realize that. But now due to this selective possible forgings setup by flare, some troops become totally obsolete, while before forging (frosters for example) they were one of the most valuable troops out there.

You can call it a mistake from flare or whatever, fact is that due to lack of range the frosters are now hit first very often and due to lack of health they are gone before being able to do any serious damage. And flare is the one who decided what stats of troops can be forged.

Maybe this would still be an idea and just like perks on hero, we can max select three stats that the troop is using, a perk you don’t wear (or put on a troop) is totally ignored. Let us forge all possible main stats (range for ranged troops, speed, health, damage and the special qualities of a troop), but allow us to use max three stats of choice at the same moment. For frosters I would pick speed, range plus damage, while for cannons I would pick health, damage and range for example.

This would lead to diversity of troops, it also makes the game more interesting. You can work on all kind of stats but have to decide which 3 improved stats you really use.

But let this not be implemented please, we don’t want the game to become even more complex.