What is wrong with Royal Revolt 2 and what Flare can do about it

What is wrong with Royal Revolt 2 and what Flare can do about it_By Mike the Lionman and HuggytheHuge_ Over the past year and a half we have seen our game develop and improve, however, for a large part not always for the better.


Therefore we have taken the time to highlight the current issues with the game and invite the community to add their ideas. Include your own experiences to make Royal Revolt 2 (RR2) worthwhile to play again.

We have categorized the changes we envisage into three categories: Major flaws (for which players are leaving the game), Minor flaws (that annoy/irritate players) and relatively simple improvements to make the game more fun to play. We have also provided some suggestions which would make the game more inclusive and practical.   Major flaws

  • The payment system: payment has evolved from gold and gems to include pearls and vouchers, however, the possibility to use the latter two has not changed. It should be up to players to select payment options to buy in-game items or transactions. Items should be offered in all currencies to allow players to purchase what they would like. In addition, this should also apply to buying bread with pearls and gold.
  • Donating: Limiting the donation amount is geared to force players to buy gems to donate extra. With the number of elite boosts ever increasing, the system of donating needs to be seriously overhauled. Players should be able to donate extra with pearls and vouchers.
  • Granny: The whole concept of granny is fundamentally flawed. We have spent thousands of gems on useless granny spins, always waiting for the luck of the draw. The result is that you either have to spend a huge amount of gems on useless spins, or just bide time in hope of the right items to pop-up. There is a simple solution, make a hero item store. Players should be able to buy items relative to  their king level. In our opinion, remove the system of spinning for items and being offered useless items.
  • Poor releases: Every update, we see the same thing happen. There are a sequence of further server updates to remedy bugs and issues, e.g. nerfing certain towers and troops. This impacts the upgrading strategy of players. It has been a recurrent theme with every release. We believe it is imperative to change the release strategy. We advise to build a testing community out of current key players and fix bugs in beta form before updates are released worldwide.
  • Packages: The manipulation of algorithms to entice players to buy gems is blatantly visible in the way packages are offered. Packages are only offered when someone does not have enough gems to purchase a certain offer within the game. It is abundantly clear that once a certain level of play is reached there are no offers at all. Make all packages transparent, amend them to the level of play and offer packages based on a transparent principle, for example on XP or when reaching a new King level.
  • Online alerts: A serious flaw is the dual function of the player is online message when being attacked. A player can also be raided at that moment. The dual function implies you have to assume someone is not online and start ping-ponging between attack and return to be able to attack. This is often in vain and a lot of time is wasted when a player is online. Why not have two messages: one for online and one for being raided. Why do we have to return to attack again instead of being put on hold in a queue and being told where you are next in line to attack? So a player can make their own decision to wait in turn or go on to another raid.
  • Upgrading farms: bread is required to raid, however, why are farms not productive while being upgraded is beyond us. This forces you either to buy bread, play less, or accept lower level farms. In short, farms should be productive whilst upgrading. The same applies to taverns.
  • War Maps: From the start of the introduction of alliance wars, the game has gone south. The maps were preselected, favoring a few top alliances to build up fiefdoms. Till this day they benefit from their top position, making it easier for them to win wars. Adding insult to injury, war boosts are stacked, like recently was done with healing arblasters being extra boosted in the next war.
  • Transfer of items: RR2 has evolved from a single player game to an alliance war game. However, it is still not possible to help alliance members or friends by transferring obsolete hero items. We see this as a serious shortcoming. Helping others with second hand gear to boost their raiding capabilities will strengthen bonds and do fair justice to the real money with which items are often bought. It would make sense that second hand items are paid for in some form.


Minor flaws

  • Donate button: Having to check whether the cool down for donating has expired is a pain in the neck. It hampers timely donations. The remedy is simple: incorporate a notification alert to the donation system, like the alerts when an upgrade is completed. This way timely donations are facilitated instead of being hampered. Add a donate button in the main screen and have it turn from green to red when the cool down has expired.
  • Release planning: the way Flare releases is often unannounced, unclear or is unwanted and unnecessary. The amount of time wasted on finding out what is new and what is not can easily be remedied with a clear release moment and pre-overview of all the changes. In this way players can plan their own upgrading strategies better and no longer run the risk of choosing an upgrade that is nerfed or useless after the upgrade.
  • Fair winnings: Trophies, medals and gold should be balanced to allow fair distribution between higher and lower level heroes. Higher level players shouldn’t be robbed by 20% raids from low level players. Conversely, higher level players should be able to gain relevant trophies from victorious raids, and not be stuck on 3-5 trophies max.
  • Page layout: some of the screens are poorly designed. Especially the scrolling of the world ranking. The arrows interfere at the top and bottom. The scrolling increment is 10-fold, but the screen only shows 6-8 players. So you always miss 2-4 players. We do not understand why the scrolling is not relative and responsive to the device you play on.
  • Selling items: at present hero items can only be discarded by selling them back to the game for a ridiculously low price in gold (around 10%). We suggest that proper value, like 1/3 of the price, is paid for items being discarded in a currency of own choosing.



  • Female avatars: Many women play the game. Besides a king as an avatar, we suggest the possibility to choose a queen as avatar.
  • Different avatars: in line with a female avatar, we suggest the possibility to change the appearance of the hero to cater for all the different cultures enjoying the game. A game played worldwide could easily benefit from becoming more inclusive to a very diverse fan player base.
  • Number of friends: for leaders and generals we suggest a larger number of friends. The present number is a serious limitation to free communication between alliances.
  • Incentives: more active players should be able to benefit more from playing more. Besides being able to win leagues to gain gems, we suggest additional incentives based on reaching new levels of XP. Incentives could be in some form of payment or in finishing upgrades.


Hallelujah, Amen!


For the large majority of that post that is. Awesome you two have invested the time to collect and type such a post!

I completely agree with most of the points above, one issue that has not been made enough of is the whole alliances and boosts problem. This game is losing players in bulk for a number of reasons, higher level players leaving because ‘new’ ideas like skull in cof, loser bonuses, excessive boost costs and OP defence boosts arriving just before war ensuring scrolls have to be used by most, have made it a total pay to win model. Some top alliances are struggling to meet boost costs, relying on some generous donations daily by those that can, I’m pretty sure it is far harder in the middle to lower alliances. Newer players come and go pretty quickly because they can’t just ‘play’ the game, in order to have any level of success they have to have boosts, to have boosts they have to be in an alliance, to be in an alliance they have to devote specific times over a number of days to fight for that alliance, many newer players just want to come and go in the game, not have the commitment that they are forced to have by the whole alliance set up. If the game is now set up to be a alliance/team only game why not remove the individual leaderboard.

If flares fix as per above,the guys who quitted this game or about to quit will think again before quitting… But the problem is flares turn against us when we suggest something . eg: Female avatar,this was shared long before and still flares is busy making stupid boosts to milk the players …And buying good stuffs will go waste because flares always find a stupid way to ruin everything eg: scream boost,tons of peoples spend tons of gems to collect scream stuffs,but what flares done?They nerfed it and say a stupid reason(balancing shit) and did nothing … On every update flares makes rr2 a shitty game to make us play their other dumbass games(like evolker) … Updates keeps on coming but players keep on quitting… Stop this non-sence flares… Show some respect to your players other than showing your arse to us… Hear your players suggestions atleast one time…

It seems FG just contracted some developers to make the game, and now they have only moderators to activate boosts. There’s nothing but boosts. They werent able neighter to implement the replay of the attacks. C’mon, FG, I think u earn some money to contract more devs.

I have to say that I agree with most of the things OP mentioned in the #1. By the way, something came to my mind:

- Alliance stuffs: This game is changed so much, and it losts its freedom. Alliance stuffs had better be a SHOULD, not a MUST. Not everyone want to depend on other people, they want to play by themselves, but now we actually can’t win a single battle if we are not in an decent alliance.

  • Elite boosts and War boosts are way too strong compared to normal units and buildings. Hey flaregames guys, use an account without any boost and try to attack a base or defend your base at same level as the one who has boost. I bet you will have tough time.

  • The amount of gold reward is enormous. If you want to have around 50% of gold bonus without an decent alliance, you must sacrifice a sheer amount of leadership points, agility or so.


Why can’t we buy and upgrade the elite boost by ourselves? Why do everyone need to join an alliance to be able to play?


- Login mechanism: What if somebody hack/access/… to my computer and get the settings.dat file? What if I lost my device with Royal revolt 2 installed in? I can’t do ANYTHING, even flaregames can’t do ANYTHING to protect my account. Right after someone touch your settings.dat file, your account are dead, flaregames can’t lock it, can’t block the access from the stolen one, and even can’t delete the old account and transfer to a new one. Why not the traditional username/password?


- Game balance : Just ask top ranked player, who should have spent their time to research base design, unit combo, glitch and trick… The idea of balance is everything has its own strength, depend on what they counter and how much they upgraded. Now many player spent a lot of time and gold/gems to upgrade something like Blockade, Bladestorm, Firestorm, Heal… and now they realized that even maxed out Bladestorm can’t handle Elite Barricade, Blockade is weaker than Tough Barricade, even they need arround 16M gold to maxed, compare to 10M gold of Barricade, and another thing is Blockade is higher ranked than Barricade in obstacle category, why so useless now? Unless sometimes when war boost activated, it can spawn mummy after got destroyed, but then it still depend on how strong your mummy is. Heal is overlapped by Shield, both are almost the same, with Shield is actually better. So why do people need to upgrade Heal, when they got Shield?