What is your favourite unit and pal victory dance?

After the interview made by Flaregames - Royal Revolt 2 to Florian/Flothaboss, which is quote by Archimedes in this forum and by Royal Revolt 2 in their facebook site, I decided to ask to the other members of this forum which unit and which pal has got the best victory dance, respectively?

Note well: I don’t know if I wrote this topic in the correct section. 

You forgot to add Ninja, Yeti and Zombie

Thanks, but I don’t know how to add Ninja, Yeti and Zombie (the last two I have not yet faced up to them) in this poll.

Problem solved.

News: Phoebe, Growl and Aska pals are available.

I do not wish to vote!!! You cant force me man it’s free country innit? 

News: Kaiser pal is available.

News: Aput pal is available.

The problem with the pals is, I’ve only ever used 3… (tammy, eldrak, kaiser)… even tho I have more than 3… I’ve never felt the need to try them… I suppose it’s kind of a catch-22: because they are not upgraded, I KNOW my other pals will compare poorly to the three I use, so I simply don’t bother trying them.

I’ve got all the pals except for Aska (I haven’t had the possibility to buy it yet), Phoebe (my throne room is still at level 9) and Aput (for the same reasons as Aska). In addition, I usually use Tammy. You can watch Flothaboss and Pellez’s Youtube videos to find the list of pals, anyway. For Aput, you can click and read the following link.

News 1:  viking unit is ready.

News 2: Eris, Bela and Irmgard pals are available.

News: Ceres pal is available.

Only 10 votes so far??? When 2018 comes round, you should redo this poll… then I can vote again… because obviously my opinion changes with time (and pal & troop unlocks & usage).

Oh yeah: AND VOTE EVERYONE!! Or not, I can’t force you: but it is strange only 10 people on the forum wish to express their opinion!!


And do the dragons have a victory dance??? I’ve been trying my hardest to time a frost dragon to fly over right as the gate falls… so close!!! (Actually I did manage one… but I was standing too far from the gate to see if it was “dancing”. ARGH!!)

The only dragon which have a victory dance are Eldrak and Nidhogg. Unholy paladin, dragofroster and dracomancer are not considered after their transformations.

News: Fritz pal is available.

News: Janus pal is available.

Aput is not a pal, it’s a rumor but it’s not a real pal

@Lisa, @GalaMorgane, does really exist Aput pal?

I don’t know its special ability, it’s not quoted in “Armistice bundle” and in “Winter bundle”, it’s not present in Pellez and Flothaboss’ youtube channels.

If Aput pal doesn’t exist, I will remove it from the possible answers.

all pals good and you must first see enemies base and next use best combo.
pal: imr 
spell: shiled,sword,blade


I’m not talking about your favourite or your best setup when you attack other players, but I’m talking about victory dance: if enemy gate is destroyed, then your king, your pal and your units dance; otherwise, enemy units and beast dance.

@flaretara, does really exist Aput pal? (read here).