What is your favourite unit?

Hello Community,


One of the great things in Royal Revolt 2 is the units’ diversity which allows different combinations for attack and defense. 


What is your favourite unit?

What is the unit you dislike the most?


Vote and comment to share your opinion!





My favorite unit is the arblaster, they shoot pretty fast and are very useful when I need someone distracting enemy’s units over lap, and when they’re boosted they’re deadly! It was hard to me to choose between arbs and cannons, they are my second place, I love how fast they take down the castle gate, better when boosted!

I don’t think I dislike a unit, but I guess the ogre takes the place of the unit I consider the worst, they’re useless in offense, and in defense they usually die before reaching the king thanks to my arbs, when I don’t take arblasters to battle ogres hit my units, but they’re shielded so nothing happens to their HP, the same if an ogre hits the king, he’s shielded so the harm is almost nothing…

My favourite unit is boosted Mummy, because of its ability to spawn knights. Mummy spawns next to your king which is also very nice. The last thing is Mummy’s Stun spell which can save you in difficult situations.


I find Mortar the most useless unit.

Hey is this poll gonna decide which unit going get buff and nerf? :slightly_frowning_face:

I like the most is arblaster and I dislike the most is archer

You might be surprised, but both on defense and offense, ogre is heavily back in business, for high lvl gameplay… 


Anyway, while the nifty blazing knight, the powerful howling wolf, the unique surprising mummy, the suicidal wrecking ball gargoyle (recently found a new home), as well as the healing arblaster and all the others may have their perks, my favourite troop can be nobody else than the unboosted froster - this cool guy was the only reliable constant throughout my whole RR2 life, he was useful a year ago on my early lowbie days, and still is useful at the very top as the only unboosted unit, despite flare discriminates him since the very beginning wih not-working resistances. He accompanied me on countless victorious raids, floating over traps and slowing down hostile troops and towers alike, while both me on my raids and those who attacked my base have cursed them for their powerful slowdown effect, making them very useful on defense as well. He was one of the very first troop types where I reached the “spawn 50k” achievement, way before the oftenly spammed knight in fact… well, now that they finally got a boost as well (as one of the last troop types, except gargoyles and mortars), and with the first frost dragons being unleashed right now, I look back at the journey I have made, and consider making a test of those dragofrosters the last thing that I will do in RR2, right after maxing out the long-time notoriously useless paladins that had their super hero week recently… finishing with the frost dragon seems like the right ending for me… 

My favourites are cannon archer and cool froster let it be defence or offence.And i hate pyromancers they are really most uselless boosted or unboosted doesnt cost damage to anything.Isnt it?

I chose Knight.


Yes Knights because they even boosted become very useful. And i currently use them everywhere when needed, lot of them can protect you from several attacks and if you use the appropriate spells like Shield for example or Heal as alternative if you haven’t a good lvl of shield, they can become the “second shield” for you since they cover you, they hit mainly for you barricades, they destroy fast towers according on how many you spawn,plus they run fast and this make you lose less time to decide what to do. If slowned you need only to use scream and everything will goes for the right way.

What problem you can find with them is that they die very quickly by Skull Tower, instead by other tower there are no problems at all. The only reason to let survive them under skull towers is use your scream boost to move them even more fast than what they are and reach as soon as possible to basement of the skull tower (possibly slowing down it with ice sword first) and let them destroy it !

They are very versatile for many ways, so surely a good choice everytime !

Canons from first i like them… And i first Max them

But mummies when boosted i started using them… But Canons were best from beginning

I’ve chosen warewolves, love their howl :slight_smile: Also like knights, ogres, mummies, even archers. Basically, everything what’s boosted is cool and useful :slight_smile: Even boosted Paladins were cool for a couple of days, lol. R.I.P. to mortars

Frosters is my favorite they are useful from level 1 to 120, in every trophie range, boosted or unboosted.

The only unit I don’t like is mortar. They are useles in almost all levels, and almost all trophy range. By the way, please don’t give mortar a boost.

I like the knights most as they are awesome when boosted, then it comes archers and cannons. mortar is only unit that I dislikes most. I think you should reduce its ice and fire damage, it will make it better, maybe best.

but I also like frenzy frost arblasters, they slow the enemy, give heal after die and it is long range .

Knight and Cannon

I delete my vote,

Maybe this is also why unpopular troops gets boost

And some troops get nerfed


I wish knight have blood anymore!

What level is your knight?

When knight on maxxed level and have its elite boost, knight is somehow the most use troops by player

I go with the humble knight,  boosted or unboosted a true unsung hero who rush’s forth in defence of his king and castle and who will sacrifice himself in defence of a tent and im gona let you all in on a secret .he is not resistant to poison, this worthy soldier does all his fighting while holding his breath.yes folks that’s right he runs a marathon to get to the castle gate threw a slew bloodthirsty monsters numerous boosted troops ,with no armour a standard issue gladius,while holding his breath, And he usually gets there first !  So I vote for  knight of the old code.