What is your opinion of Flare as a Company?

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I’ve been wondering about this community’s view of Flaregames as a company. This is NOT an official poll. I just want to know what people think about how this gaming company listens to us players, how satisfied we are with their work, and how we react to RR2’s pay-to-play aspect.


When I was growing up, I didn’t mind plunking down $60 for a game that satisfied me. But it was a one-time payment and it was a complete game. Pouring in endless amounts of cash is a completely different system, and I wonder how players as a whole react to it.


Keep discussion friendly, to both each other and to Flare!



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Adju the Whimsical!

“I’d pay Flares to stop making the game pay to win” hahaha, good one!  :wink:

  You need this poll why ?  All you have to do is read most topics in general discussions and all your answers are right there of how we feel.  



  short answer : This game is a complete failure at the moment with soon to be hundreds of players leaving or simply going 100% free.  After all, what really are the goals in this game anymore?  Flare ruined them   all.


  Id rather be held up at gun point than to visit this blacksmith that improves nothing but the display numbers of items. 


Mostly just to affirm what I see.


To a lesser extent, I want a data aggregate for Flare, in the event that their current endeavors distributing games from other developers (!) is taking away the focus from their flagship product. Will they notice this poll? Who knows!


Flare still has many opportunities to walk away from Pay-to-Win, which I think is a doomed model in the near future after this generation of games passes. They’re accruing some nice funding in their investment rounds right now, but without building a trustworthy brand, this ‘gaming bubble’ I think will pop soon enough.


That’s sad because Flare does appear to try to make the game fun, with awesome new content every now and then, but the distrust they build in their brand will most certainly hurt them in the long run. Right now, money is pouring in from around the industry, but a shakedown is soon to come. This isn’t a sustainable model.


Yep, this is about as serious as Adju gets. :expressionless:

Hey Adju,


Since it is Christmas soon, I would suggest to let the poll run until January or so, then I will forward the results.

Would it be fine?

You seem to be pretty confident Christmas will improve everything and wil solve all/most of the problems. Can you give some more information Aether?


If you need to, make it a sticky. :slight_smile:




found this on facebook

The Christmas gift is to let us spend more money giving out discount? Wow… LMAO


I don’t think Christmas will improve a lot, it is just a busy time and no feedback may happen before this. :grinning:

Every player gets 20k gems for free to spend on blacksmith, scrolls and CoF!!

To even things out, they increase the gems needed in CoF to 150 and all spells get a x10 increase aswell.

Need more question

Need more option

Hoping for a Christmas miracle :stuck_out_tongue:

Adjudicator, you probably are working with sales or marketing. Your diagnose is very accurate.

I do wish flares would make this reasoning by themselves… But unfortunately they don’t.

Their Marketing strategies are shortsighted with only immediate profit featuring. Flares will not look into developing and maintaining long-term relations and trust with the players community. A community that can bring them tens or hundreds of thousands new users more , given the right strategy.

This game has a huge potential. But it is always dwarfed by shortsighted greed.


Immediate income at any cost is always a wrong strategy for the long run. Unless, you want to hit the jackpot and then to disappear.


Hope somebody in flares can realize their main mistake.


lol, definitely not in sales or marketing, but when I’m not writing I am, like Flare, in high-risk business ventures.

Stacked vs most of the chum stupid apps in the windows store id say they do a great job.


Happy to buy them a pint (in spite oft some of my rants here. I like to argue :grinning:




sorry you realy think december will make up for all stuff flare did wrong ?? this first update is already crap since chests wil get a life time . how do yu think to improve ? you giving each player few 1000 gems for free or what ?

nah flare already did so much wrong i dont think the poll wil change . and i doubt flare wil even do something about . it

i realy hope they get it together again . but i have a verry hard head in it that it wil change for the better . will see but i dont see any reason to nod forward it.

Pretty damning results!!! But no surprise.

You guys forget the overhead cost in development, programming, servers, bandwidth and so on. I get the frustration, I myself want to go to free to play because of the amount I spent for unnoticeable gains, I feel I got very little for the large amounts I’ve spent. Flare needs to get back to satisfying customers, especially their pay to play ones (sorry we pay the bills for Flare).

I’m not a liberal so I wont whine about wanting more free stuff, but I do want a better value for my dollar.

For me its ok but maybe if one members of their team can answer when people ask them a question or can answer about what they can do in the game or not in the future update. What its possible to implement in feature or if its possible one day to have equality between each device : Android,Windows PC,Windows phone,etc…

its not a good idea to stay quiet and never said about update in details or on what they work,etc… In Dino RPG don’t keep secret at all. If they work on new dino or new place or add new feature,new quest. Don’t take all to know all about next update in the future we know all no secret.Motion Twin who do this game reveal all of what they work,what they do,etc… you go on the forum and you have a answer immediately

In this game I think its the first time I met a developer who still quiet,don’t say anything and we don’t know on what they work or what they do,etc…

Maybe more communication can be a lot more appreciate 

in Dawn of Steel the same thing. We don’t know if the team work to fix all the bug in the game,if they work to add feature or something to stop hacker,we don’t know if a new update for the game its in preparation or not.We don’t know nothing and I think its that who can make people angry and frustrated