What item level do you have?

Hey guys,

I wonder what is the trend for getting the better items comparing to the ones you have. At he moment I have 85 level char with the gear set mainly got on level 80. The range of items levels is between 100-114. I wonder when will I start getting better armor, weapon? Do you know by the chance the maximum item level in-game?

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The gold items are max of +19 from your current level, and uber chest items +29.  The level maxes out at 101 for uber, and 111 for gold.  The value of the secondary attributes keeps going up as the king reaches level 130, but 101 should be your first goal to have a stable set, then 111, at which point you can have level 130 uber items, and can perk them to their max stats.

At 101 you may get level 130 unique uber items (+29), but it is a range from +24 to
+29.  So you have only a chance of 1 in 6 to get an item level 130. At level 106 you
are guaranteed a level 130 unique uber item, if you get them from an uber chest.
For legendary items there also is a 5+ level range (top = +19, but i can’t give you the
exact value).

But as the two lower stats increase all the way to king level 130 and forging them is
not affordable for most players, you will hunt for better items until your king is level
130. Then FG will introduce new levels to 140 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Neilr81 and Mogor,

thank you guys for bringing more light on the topic :slight_smile:  I just wonder how long have you been playing and what princes do you have? :grinning:  

I have been playing for 13 months and am at level 107. So my next goal is to reach 111, but it will take some months :slight_smile: