what kind of scam is this???

whenever players ask how to change alliance  name the devs always answer that its not possible to change it anymore… then, how the hell did laughing coffin alliance change their name to league of shadows…??? :open_mouth:

come on, tell us if there is some way to change alliance name… if you guys want, i am willing to spend real money to change my alliance name… 

You need to buy at least 5x 99.9 gems package at once before you can ask for that… Or better, go ask L’Élite Francophone how…

At this point its clear enough, Flare favors certain group of customers over the others. Why? Maybe they fill up flare’s pocket more. Will they ever admit to it? No. We’ve already seen Aether blatantly lie & shut one guy up, who asked to change alliance name. According to her, its not possible in any way, shape or form, whatsoever ,when in actuality I’ve seen it happen sine start of the Alliacne era.

What are you talking about? I still see that alliance with the same name .-.

It’s because that’s what she’s told to say, not completely her fault, but she also plays the game and knows it’s supposed not to be possible, and I support it as I still haven’t seen any proof of an alliance changing its name. She said what is true for her so she wasn’t lying, she also has no proof of a change on an alliance’s name…

Aether is passing the information given to her by Flares. If anyone is lying here it’s flares.

When alliances started, it was indeed possible, but there were issues with war boosts and so on, if I remember well. At that moment was decided to disallow alliance name changes.

I won’t comment on aether, but i want to give info about the bolded sentence. Unfortunately i already deleted all of the screen shot about France Quebec Royale (FQR) turned into L’elite Francophone (LF). But you can ask around to VL/NA/RL/Apoc. They’ll confirm the name changes.

I received a proposal from another alliance to move myself and all my members to an alliance they had created with a similar name to their own. I was told I would remain leader of this new alliance. Maybe they just created one like G&M did to get around the name change ban and moved everyone to the new alliance?

For an alli that don’t care about max level or the previous one is far from max, then yes, it’s possible to start a new alli with similar name. Sofar i have never seen a max (or near max) lvl alli (lvl 55) just be thrown away for a new similar/same one. The owner usually let it just go dormant for a while until someday they ready to revive it again or someone buy it from them. This is regarding my previous comment about FQR and LF btw. I just checked that PK: laughing coffin is still exist, so they didn’t change name into LOS  <_<


to asami (flaregame Administration), my account, why not immediately on return, I already send an email my King of traits, even have already submitted proof of purchase my jewels, package,but no news at all, I already send an email over to flaregame or 50 x to asami but no replies at all… What should I do. … It’s been 4 weeks my account does not immediately return. Why flaregame

Please transfer my account AZ Zahra imoet to the new account AZ Zahra imoet3 With the my email feri9252@gmail.com

Please help me  …








the french had changed their alliance name that is a solid fact, so changing name is possible but how no one knows, 


i am the french money had spoken loader than our normal words.

a lie is a lie no matter if flare games tells you to lie its still a lie…we know feq changed their name…and since aether not only plays but also works for flare she knows she lied…alliance name can be changed just for some a select few…ones with money,…

But you have money too, i saw your alli is on level 59 now. Not as wow as BoA/NA/LF though… well, maybe you can change half of your alli name for now  :stuck_out_tongue:

Pk: laughing did not change their name. They merged with shadows. If you search for pk: laughing you will still be able to find them. Hope this helps.