What level is the level where its time to quit playing this game?

I just wanted to know at what level was it time to quit playing this game? I’m at level 85 and its seems that its getting to the point where I can’t beat anyone my level without scrolling.Now,this was no big deal when it only seemed to be the case against opponents at a higher level than me or with opponete equal to me or just 1 or 2 levels lower than me that had boosts activated out the wazoo.


But now I’ve eached level 85 and it seems that I can no longer even beat unboosted players equal to my level without scrolling either.

My troops have seems to have started to move slower even when not under the effects of frost and almost come to a complete stand still when they are under the effects of frost.My cooldown time granted is faster than a lower level player thats playing without the benifits of scream boost enhanced equipment but no where near what my cooldown time should be to be effective when attacking bases.I dare to say it seems as if though my cooldown time has actually increased over the last few weeks or so dispite the fact that I have the same gear now as i did then.


Long story short(to late).At what level does the improvments a person can make to the defenses of their base out weigh the ability to upgrade attacking troops and equipment able to be purcased to compensate so heavily that playing the game without being Donald Trump becomes usless? I think what ever level  it is I might be more than 75% of the way there. I will continue on but judging from where i started from to where I am with in the game,I doubt my situation shall improve much.At least not with out being adopted by Daddy Warbucks

I wouldn’t base this decision on the level.

The more important question: Is the game still fun and worth playing?


For me it was simple:

As long as the game was fun and I enjoyed it, my time was well invested in it and I kept playing.

When I didn’t enjoy it anymore (undying Arbs and failing spells) and it started feeling more like work (tiring alliance wars) than playing, I had the impression I was wasting my time continuing to play. So I took a break and waited if the next update brings any improvements. When the update came, Flare IMHO stayed true to their recent tradition any delivered another disappointment. I had realized that I didn’t miss the game that much at all, so after reading about the update here and on facebook I didn’t even try it but just wiped the game from my tablet. Still haven’t missed it since.


Note: In case anyone wonders why I’m still here, I don’t know that for sure myself. During the end of my playing RR2 the forum was the most entertaining part of it. It’s kind of a morbid attraction watching Flare go down and watching formerly happy players fighting for their beloved game without much chances of winning…

Well I think imma quit if the next update makes things worse

It depends on your design, if you have one of the common designs, you should never be able to beat your own base which means people at your level.

You can only beat people with bad design (1 spell destroys 3-6 towers, 1 spell destroys 2-3 barricades). Higher level player tend to know how to not have a drunk base so you will have problem winning. 

I am level 77 and have the exact problem. People go in my base and die but they refuse to revive. This give me a lot of trophies and push me to higher level players. I then have problem with these high level players’ base because my offense is not strong enough. 

With the last update introducing more defense-favoring bugs (most prominently froster-perma-stun and general unit slowness / scream nerf) according to what I experienced in the last weeks, I guess I can agree with x01x012013 that any well-built base is nowadays a tough nut to crack, and with strong alliances’ boost levels, many bases feel “invincible”…

Lately, I actually look less at the actual base preview (I only do a quick look at  how many frosters, mummies and non-arblasters there are) or medal/trophy rating of a player, and rather check the fiefdom count of the player’s alliance… if the alliance has a sufficiently high fiefdom lvl and/or is known for having strong-base players, I generally skip even if offered trophies/medals are low (originally indicating easy bases). On the other hand, if the alliance is weaker, I attack even if player preview indicates a strong base. Because at this point, boosts are more important than base design. 

My alliance is (poor) enough to have only 1 boost (tough barricades), I left some gold out this morning and got 150 trophies… 

Non-full-boosted bases could be strong if well designed. 

“Strong” is relative, of course.

For example, if I have boosted troops at my disposal, any base with only barricade boost means an easy win for me - even if it is completely maxed out. And in the top 1000 (maybe also top 3000 or more), everyone has boosted troops. 

On the other hand, raiding a fully boosted weaker base is not necessarily easy.

And without any boosted troops, raiding at high lvl is simply impossible, and without heavily boosted base it’s impossible to stay at high (trophy) lvl.

Btw, yesterday someone with maxed out base fell down by about 2k trophies after he switched to a different alliance with still all boosts, but lower boost levels… To be fair, that player before had been racking up his trophies being “always online” for a week, but still “7k to 5k in a day” is an impressive fall. With only barricades, I’m sure he would have gone down even to 4k or lower. 

What is the requirement of full boost alliances? 500k donation per day? Do the players need to pay to do a big donation from time to time? 

man I still sincerely enjoy this game. sometimes I read posts like these and wonder if we are even playing the same royal revolt 2! :open_mouth:


when my alliance doesn’t have war boosts I fall out of the top 1000. its not the end of the world. I just wait until we can win the boosts again :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously man I am playing this game because of my alliance.they are beautiful funny people and I enjoy chatting with them.this chat system is the only thing which force me to play otherwise I usually do only 2 to three raids daily.

Yes raids are unusual these days and I skip heavily boosted bases but most of the raids in which I failed was because of my fault only…lol…during raid some arnold Schwarzenegger enter in my kings body and he runs alone leaving troops behind to destroy all towers alone

don’t use matchmaker. look for players that are lower trophy than you. work out the level which you can challenge yourself but still win and attack them.

also search by alliance. do not just scroll through leader board. sometimes certain alliances will drop boosts and make then easier or some alliances play more and have more gold in general so worth attacking.


If you haven’t levelled up your spells (SB, Blizz,Shield) this is the biggest game changer. RR2 is so dependent on these atm.

Yes, I have been wondering for a while now if there actually was some kind of nerf to offense. Is it confirmed then that there is a nerf to scream? My troops seem to move so much slower, my wolf seems to do almost nothing, and frosters slowdown looks a lot stronger than it used to be… Bases I used to beat scroll free now sometimes require time warp. Glad to see it isn’t entirely a product of me losing my touch.


It shouldn’t be that tough. Maybe spend time with us in HUNS. We regularly nail our raids with our level 87+ kings. The only time we lose is when it’s clearly our fault or we try way too high on the Leaderboard. No scrolls. 


What are your troop and spell levels and what do you typically use to raid? What boosts do you use? 


I use sonic blast and shield but I rotate depending on what base I’m attacking between Swordrain and Blizzard and Fire Swordrain and Fire spells are both level 10 Sheild is level 10 and I think sonicblast is level 6 as well Blizzard is level 6


When I lose I don’t lose because I die.heck I can’t remember when is the last time I died attacking a base.When I lose its because the clock ran out thats why I made such an issue over cool down periods and offensive troop upgrades and the fact that Frost effect has increased so much in the game my cannon and arblaster is also maxed out in level as well as my big three Ogres etc. I also have a combined screem boost of over 51% Cape helmet and Ring. I’ve ran out of time with an army so large at my back if I (my avi) were to stand in the middle of them instead of ahead of them you wouldn’t even be able to see him.



What level are your knights and do you have them boosted?


Is your Blizzard level 11 or higher? SB needs to be maxed at your level. If your army isn’t being destroyed but you’re still not making it to the gate, it means your damage/per second (DPS) overall is too small. SB and Blizz need to be maxed to increase your DPS. A huge army of cannons, ogres, and arbs, even elite, don’t do enough DPS to both enemies and structures to get through a base in time. You very well may need to switch up your raiding troops. 


Visit HUNS for a bit. I can explain more there. 

Definitely try upgrading your spells.


And maybe try out boosted archers and/or boosted knights, they’re more effective than boosted arblasters or boosted cannons or boosted ogres (let alone the unboosted versions), while at the same time the archer/knight elite boosts are relatively cheap compared to other boosts. 


If you mean “confirmed by flare”, then no, they didn’t say anything relevant at all for weeks (months?)… nonetheless, weakened scream boost, buffed and bugged froster effects, big wolf nerf are all definitely reality and as such can be seen as “confirmed by players” by now. And looking at the bug-nature of some of the changes, probably player confirmation is as much as you will get anytime soon - for all major bugs in the past, confirming and proofing always was the players’ part while flare said “there’s no bug” until tons of proof videos were posted by various players… 

I was looking through posts, and I saw Pete make a comment:

Doesn’t this kind of confirm that there is at least a bug with wolf howl, if not scream in general? Maybe the other bugs we have speculated on exist and will be fixed as well. One can only hope… Lol.

Yeah, I saw that post later, and agree that definitely falls under “confirmed by flare”, and I’m really happy for that post… I just hope this new upcoming update finally greatly improves the situation… 

HOLY SHIT. IMPROVEMENTS FOR WARS? I hope they make royal champions and shields last a  war season instead of a battle!!!