What range would my alliance be in?

I seem to be having a bit of a recruitment crisis with my alliance. Newbs who can’t pull their weight keep trying to join my alliance, but everyone at my level is in better alliances. So, could someone look at how good my alliance is, and tell me which range of players I should be targeting?

  • Lv. 16

  • Currently 16% Gold Boost

  • Ogre boosts at a set time each day.



The issue lies in you using boosts. Dont use boosts this early and use the money to grow alliance. Atleast wait till you have 25 to 30 people in alliance and has a much steady income.

^^What he said. Even top 20 alliances regulate their boosts trying to get maxed member slots. Gold boost is good enough reason to join an alliance. Find a few faithful members who wont jump ship and you will do alright

But I like the boosts ^_^’ I typically activate 1 Ogre boost per day and raid 6M at once.

Also, I donate 500k per day, so I think I can afford it •~•