What reward makes you want to move up to the next War League the most?

For the 4 of us who post here, I just wanted to gauge which of the current league incentives is the most popular. Take your pick. Choose one only. 

Well I guess all 4 of us voted. I’ll leave it open a little longer anyways…

You actually missed out the most important point of all, probably on purpose  - Option F) if the devs actually nerf bugged gear that the majority of titan league players have, would that encourage you enough to gain promotion, as you would now compete on a level playing field? 

Nope. It’s not a poll of what anyone would like (which could have infinite responses), it’s just trying to gauge which of the current, existing rewards are the most popular. So far it’s gems by 2-1. 

The other thread Madlen made is geared towards asking what rewards people would like to see, and there are (were? They may have been merged) multiple rant threads about gear nerfs.  

@Madlen as rewards we want blessings to be accessible to all alliances with the identical assertion of the old system, all alliances must have the opportunity (by winning the wars) to have the best blessings,
what we ask for is a game (even hard) but fair
We are no longer willing to make us steal money and make credit cards for the old elite, I show you 2 videos just made in the first the chaos gate blocks me an entire army making the attack fail in the second gatekeeper with the items bugged that the developers gave the elite destroys a whole army, only 2 cyclops are saved that break through the gate

guys @HOLYDIVINE @Neptune @Philstar @ZuZuu and others here’s what awaits you in the league of the titans, @dumpster we are curious to see the inventory of your Perseus as a whole army does not even a scratch while he at every shot kills 3 cyclops, show us the values of the objects that the developers have given you





Moving to the other thread.

Hi bro, saw your both Vedios they were awesome.

Btw what’s the cd on your cadmus?

You deafeted Dumpster for 95% in first attempt just fall short of four seconds.( yep Chaos gate made a little difficult)

Don’t mind I have no intention spending gems in titan leagues that honor should go to Teams like weed the people, Brazil that have level 131 player with high trophies.

Those pain in the ***** spiked walls

Vote for them!

Box of cursed items, no duplicate unique items :wink: :wink: :wink: , Cheaper high skull odysseys.

Those aren’t current rewards!

what do you like the best of the current rewards?