What’s next?

Hi all,

I’m playing since few months RR2 as “toilette game” but I quite enjoy it and I would like to know what to do first if my priority are correct or not.

Right now this is the situation: 

Level 80 King

Throne - Lv 11

Magic Tower - Lv 11

Treasure Room - Lv 13

Barrack - Lv 11

Blacksmith - Lv 11

Laboratory inventions - Lv 11

Taverns (gold) - Lv 13 

Farms - Lv 14

Silos - Lv 17

Castle Door - Lv 14


Ive got 9 workers, 58.000 black pearls, 75.000 pro crystal, many tickets for pro leagues, 3k vouchers.


I didn’t play really “hard” in the previous months but as I said I would like to improve  from now on.

I focused a lot on main buildings (at least with my guessings) so I upgraded more farms and silos to have more “rounds” when I played and I stopped upgrading others building unfortunately because I wasn’t playing enough.

Basically I didn’t upgrade much my defense  buildings because I wanted to focus on attack first.

I upgraded the Knight (Cost 1) at level 15 because I like it the most and it’s the only normal troop I use till now.

Im now at Underground Level called “ Gold Vein XXIII” but I can’t even dream to do it because I’ve been completely obliterate in few seconds there.



My question is what to do next, what is important mostly in the attack side of the game because not playing “hard” I don’t think I can build decece as well at same time and I prefer to maximize the fun i have  playing in attack, events etc.

Should I EXP only till level 100-110 without doing anything else?

What should I upgrade (buildings and troops)?

Should I invest my pearls builing a full PRO equipment with EXP bonuses?


I know my questions is really big and will requires some time to answer but I hope some good player can guide me better.

Happy new year to all!


I think you need to set goals, based on your goals you need to find out what to do and how to do it.

I didn’t level up farms when I was in the early stages, when I reached level 80 I felt that I need more food for wars (I usually had to fight as champ on three fiefdoms during some wars at the same time, that’s like 45 battles over 23 hours) so I assigned two workers for farms and silo when not in war and invested in food perk (forging legendary items on cape and helmet and collecting farm gears from uber chests), When I reached 95 level, I thought of leveling up faster so I collected xp gear (120%) and gold gear (100% for upgrades) and used them to level up to 110. Once I reached 115,  xp and gold gear are not needed for me so now I dont use gold or xp gear, but right now working on collecting medal gear, and spell gears. It takes time to collect the right set of items it takes a few festivals and many uber chests and or pro crystals for items.

You have 9 workers, you could build a really strong defense with them. Spend pro crystals after you reach level 110 you get the max level (130) items. My suggestion is max all buildings within the castle gate (except may be taverns, do it later) and also farms. Once you maxed Wizard tower and Troops Academy, upgrade spells and troops to max while forging them, and also waves (takes a lot of time).

Most importantly set a goal. Hope this helps. Happy new year.

Hi, first of all thank you for your answer.

It’ll help a lot for sure because playing as “casual” I’m still not into this game’s mechanisms and obviously I wasn’t able to understand what I should do first.

Ive been thinking in the past two days and I think I’ll try to level up as fast as I can upgrading first those buildings in the castle gate as you said.

Fortunately I’ve been playing almost every Pro league till I started and I found into chests something like 7/8 pro items yet, some found with XP bonuses and some I forged them with that bonus so I think I’ll focus to XP at 100-110.

I use to pay quite a lot and I saw in a day I did 4/5 levels yesterday even tho I know the higher is the level the more XP will require to level up but as I said buying food I don’t need to wait hours for new raids.

After I level up I will buy the max pro set like you said and of course meanwhile I’ll do the rest you said too.


Unfortunately I think I’ll wait till then to upgrade my defenses even if I know I’ll be pathetic as high level with a bad defense for sometimes but I don’t think I can farm enough gold to upgrade at same time everything because I don’t really find a lot of raids where I can get a lot of gold and everything now requires 5-15 millions, I can only imagine next levels.


Another question I would like to ask is where I can get more XP, if raids are the only way, if I get more XP raiding an higher level and everything about it.


Happy new year to all again!


If you cant find gold, don’t wait till you reach higher level, just have 7 or 8 of every tower half to max level (it would be easy/moderate to get that many gold for towers till level 9 or 10), so that when you reach high level you already have towers at half level to build upon, instead of starting from scratch. Its up to you to decide how you distribute your workforce, but don’t keep them idle for too long or wait till you reach high level (I made that mistake, as I found finding gold tough while I was in levels 80-100).

One method I used to get more gold is fight high level players just completing anywhere between 30 to 50% of the defense. High level players give more gold, so a player who gives 500,000 gold if I complete 50% of the defense I get about half and with 100% gold bonus I get 500,000 gold. So most times I could get from 200,000 to 500,000 gold per battle, but you have to search a lot for players.

XP there is option to level up with gems but the amount is too pricey, fighting is the only other way. Good Luck.