What should i expected?

Looking at an actuale power of this unique you can see that at the end i get only 50% from speed to my unique. But what should i expect from others two perks which are closed and i can not see them. At the old item they was about 50000. And what now? Will they grow up? And for how much? I ask becouse i do not want to lose my items for nothing.

This is the issue we were talking about in the update chat thread. Refining is very confusing unless you’re indoctrinated into the “secret knowledge”, which is not a great way to model an important game mechanic. 

@Barin there is no way to tell  by looking at the image whether the stats added to that shield will go up or down, as it’s a unique so the stats from the dismantled object are irrelevant. The only defining factor now is your current lvl and how many perks your adding to the unique (1 or 2).

So if i use just a simple titan 5 stars i get speed about 80000. And my level is 133.

And i had used only 4 and 5 stars items to buildt my item. So if i get others perks about 80000 it is ok, otherweis it is only lost of item


I’m guessing you are 133 level. You have a 2/3 chance to get those stats on your shield. I would say around 46-48k if you get lightning, 23-24k if you get demolition and not so sure about loh… it’s a bit different. I would imagine 1,5-1,7k ?

The values are set on your level and your level item. You can’t affect them in anyway. If you are 133, the estimations I gave you should be close, but let us know ? would love to see higher level stats, never seen before on uniques.

Edit: just saw your last post… 133 it is ?

So now it looks like that i get the same powers as i already have at my sword. And after this i also lost a 50% from speed from my unique. And the only win i have it is real great protection at my unique. It is looks for me not so interesting to pay 10m gold for this. It look that i only lost some powers for my own gold.

I would argue that speed isn’t a very important perk, so that unique works as a blank canvas to add other perks onto at a high level. 

Yes @Barin what you need to remember is that you get an inital boost, which will then fade as you lvl up, and once the boost has gone, just normal forging won’t return it to it initial values which Achimedes gives quite accurately above. I tend to think of unique forges as once you forged them they are pretty much useless, and extremely costly to either curse or reforge - I’d try and re-forge an apple as they can be very good - but that item, once its forged once I’d throw away later.

Really? That’s a little extreme.

Your win is 2 perks and physical to last you 7-8 levels on 90%. Here is my perspective. Right now, it’s not good for you to forge this, because you are leveling up fast (probably). I did this on level 131, gave him demo and reflect. Shield is 210k physical. I am still at 90% physical on 135 + perks - they are complimentary for now.

However, I do not regret the refining. You know what I believe speed does? It makes my hero just a bid faster, which Cadmus is slow, thus allowing him to better AP. Yesterday I used a full refection normal shield at 5* titan for him… I saw Cadmus for the first time going back and forth on a path… 2-3 times, which he doesn’t usually do for me. I was testing a different setup, with a full demo wrist weapon and more reflection (just less physical and a bit less damage)… I immediately turned back to the shield. It is good for an other 3-4 levels at least for physical, though other perks will not matter much. Since I AP him all the time, it’s essential to me, and i think speed helps, because I see Helen for example walking back, Perseus does that too… so I can’t trust their AP… Cadmus with that shield I do, much more.

I would strongly suggest not refining uniques any time soon if you are leveling up…

@Philstar, after you do this and in like 8-10 levels, it’s just an other unique laying around. You still need a gold 5* titan to make a new refined one, just pick your perks, same or different. Why throw away? Unless you are pressuring the devs to give them new meaning, or a way to remove perks ? 


In my opinion there are a couple uniques where you really don’t want to water down the main perk – Mirror Shield is probably the best example (unless you had 2 and wanted to play around with the 2nd).

For the others, I really like how the refining process can specialize them, particularly since they became a way to use old refined gear. Like you said, @Archimides, the boost they get is so large on the base stat (and even the perks) that one gold level refining will still be useful for 6-8 ascension levels. That takes a lot of the pain and expense out of it, assuming you refine on useful perks to begin with.

I kinda like the way that works right now, and in general, I like where forging is at.

I would like a reset unique button to original status - as once you have the 2 perks (gold) forge on the unique, to then get that extra initial boost you need to forge it again - now have you considered or seen what you actually have to do …lets say you have an apple with DR and demo - after the boost period has worn off (maybe 8-10 lvls) its then reduced to lets be honest below par status, whereby  normal unique forge would improve it again SLIGHTLY once a lvl…so how then do you reforge it?   IF you make another gold normal item and reforge it will give the ??? over the 2 perks that you already have - so basically you have to add completely different perks to recycle the unique before you can actually add the ones you want in the first place.   

Yes you can add one more perk effectively taking the place of the last perk you added, and then replace again, but just seems a waste of time… I would go to that effort for an apple to recycle, but not the Cadmus shield…  reset button for unique items please @Madlen!!

The reset button is a cool idea, but I think you’re misunderstanding how refining works for the second part. This might be why you’re so down on it.

If you have an apple with DR and demo, and you want to truly upgrade it (to upgrade all 4 perks), you would need to use an item that had DR, Demo and either CD or Potency. That’s all you need to do.  So a cooldown cape of any level refined with demo and DR would be a great item to upgrade your apple and keep the same perks.

And AGAIN! there would be zero confusion about this if it wasn’t for the “Mystery Blobs” making a simple process needlessly cryptic.

Ok so I get exactly what you’re saying @dumpster.   But have you seen proof that the ? actually gives the same perk. As we were led to believe that combining the same perk with one already on the item leads to a random perk for that type of object.   I’m not saying for a moment you’re wrong, but is a very expensive exercise to get random perks.  Would be very nice some clarification on this as I’m sure there are many players looking to reforge some uniques.  

Yes. Chris said it many times.

Jeez, i always wondered why you hated refining so much lol.

I refine quite a lot of silver items, I still find gold forges very expensive - At titan lvl the last forge is 8 million gold + wisdom for just one lvl.  I’ve added one perk to several uniques, and it was my intention to add a 2nd at a later ascension lvl, effectively getting a ‘free’ forge later on the way to gold forge of unique. That way you still get the same result but costs less and is more use able as you lvl up.  

Ive seen that once the unique has the 2 additional perks the last one can be changed with the forging with a silver standard item, effectively making the unique gold standard again, and at less cost. I’d like to know if the matching of one perk already there will also do the same as you suggested above with the 2 perks. So basically you can reforge with just a silver item instead of gold.

i refined this boots when i was lvl 130 now i’im lvl 134 and if ia forge this is the result, and my Perseus still remain weak 

Edit: if i forge whit 5* silver item  it add an other all value decrease 

I haven’t tried that, but I *THINK* it will give an unsatisfactory result. Better than using a bronze item, but not what you want it to do. But then you could probably refine on a 2nd silver item and get the desired result, you just have to be careful with the perks you’re using.

EDIT: And I haven’t done the math, but I don’t know if it’s cost effective or not to use 2 silver star items to make a gold unique vs. using 1 gold item. My gut says no.

We’ve talked about this a lot, but once you refine a unique, you can’t use bronze items to upgrade it anymore. However, because it gets a pretty substantial boost compared to a bronze unique, it should last a few more levels before you need to refine again.

the boost is good ok, but 4 lvl are many, also look what happens if the refine with a silver item … the perks decrease and the expense and time needed are too high