What spells/troops are good against each tower?

So I only have Warriors, archers, ogres, paladins, and frosters (I think they’re called). I have all the way up to firestorm and I of course prefer to not use the diamond spells. I’ve found that archers are good overall due to the crazy dps, but troops like paladins feel sort of lack luster to me. I’d rather throw an ogre in it’s spot and wait out the morale. So I was wondering what I should be looking for to use different troops. Thanks! ~Dew

Paladins are only good in Defense. Their main strength is their resistance to piercing damage.

Ogres are definitely the better choice for offense. I use them all the time. Ogres + Archers + Froster make a great combination. Ogres will attack towers, archers will attack units, and Frosters will slow everything down (:

As for Spells, only focus on Shield. That’s the only one you have unlocked that’s really worth anything late-game. Typically most people use Shield + Blizzard + Sonic or Bladestorm

Frosters always, they slow down the attack rate and the movement of troops and towers so the enemy will be easier to kill.


The very first good combination is Knights, Archer, Frosters, until you have cannons. Paladins are really too slow for offense. Ogres… are silly.


As spells, upgrade firestorm until you can reach Sonic Blast. It’ll be your main spell for dealing with towers. Upgrade Healing until you have Shield, and upgrade Swordrain until you’ll have Blizzard. In the meantime also Hammerstrike is good but only in the very early game. So, as maybe you’ve already understand, one of the best combination of spells is Shield + Blizzard + Sonic Blast.

So when you get cannons is it better to replace knights with them? Also how do you handle the frost towers early. My hero can kind of get them but I usually need Firestorm. And as I’ve scrolled through the forums more I seem to see that gargoyles are only good on defense. Are they worth pushing efforts to get or should I just wait until I have extra builders/resources to get them?

I currently use Elite Knights Cannon and Froster and putting Shield on all of them is like having 2 double shield because you can run with knights around you and you can protect yourself, while your knights are hitted by opposite troops; so they are very good for this purpose ! And also they protect your cannons !

If you meet often frost tower use archers to take down it from far with their range.


Gargoyles are very good in defence but “in group” ! And usually you have to use them when you have many chokepoints in your base design (example: an L design is good for this purpose) But in this type of base in defence i would put also 1 or 2 frosters in each wave with gargoyles so they can slow down on the other side and give time to gargoyles to hit the king ! 

Also Gargoyle level 1-2 do nothing to the king in terms of damage, is better to wait lvl 3-4 so they give the max of their strenght !

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Ah okay so that makes sense, my big issue is that I don’t quite have shield so yeah :confused: So my biggest concern currently is that right now I look at the preattack screen where I can see their layout and troops, I know what they all do in a simple sense but I don’t know what very particular things are. The tower that seems to rapid fire arrows seems to show up and I have no idea what it looks like on the preattack or what to do about it.

Of topic of what oPelle was talking about. I actually don’t have the third spell slot yet since I accidentally used a bunch of gems at the beginning like an idiot so I’m at a huge disadvantage only using two spells. I just got swordrain as well and it doesn’t seem to do much… Am I using it wrong?

A tip: About the little minimap and the towers/troops which are at right: the tower/troops which are more marked are used a lot from the enemy player, instead the others which have high opacity are less used during the raid so you will find less of them. So according to this equip your arsenal basing on what you’ll find !


If you don’t have Shield just use Heal that does a great job !

I suggest you to keep and upgrading your Swordrain because now there are Elite Arblasters that need to be hitted in 1 hit to not lose time during time because their main special ability is to heal everything around them when they die so Swordrain is essential against all of them, from lvl 7 it can already kill them in 1 hit but i suggest you to upgrade at max (12) that help you a lot during raid ! Just think that you lose most of timeduring raids against troops so having swordrain in your arsenal is a great thing !

Then don’t worry we always make mistake at start of new game ^^ I tell you only to do not spend the gems that you find, because they are more than precious ! Now i personally need them for upgrading the last level of alliance tower (4000 gems cost) Then you can spend them on whatever you want

Interesting, so if paladins are more apparent it may be good to bring poison over firestorm?

Also heal comes right after swordrain so don’t quite have that yet :expressionless: but I’ll be there soon!

I typically run what the other base is weakest towards.


Against units, (look in your Troop Academy for unit’s weaknesses) like you said, if there are mostly Paladins, use Mummies or Mortars (I prefer Mummies).

A great resource: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Units


Against towers, (look in your Inventor’s Workshop - it shows towers weaknesses by clicking on the picture) all most all have a blunt weakness. But, you can take it a step further by checking the towers second weakness (Firebolt towers are highly weak towards Fire).

A great resource: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Towers


Have a look around: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki

yes if they are more apparent bring toxic cloud but i suggest you for the early phase to put always hammerstrike in your arsenal and to upgrade it because it can make very beautiful and fast istant shot at max level (18) long way but very good !

Well for right now I’ve been going swordrain/hammerstrike and flamestorm and it’s seemed pretty effective against a lot, but then I lose a lot still so I can’t tell if I’m just picking the wrong battles or just not setting up correctly

Probably you need to level up more your spells =)

One thing is: Try to unlock the 3rd spell slot, it can help a lot. 


Then, paying attention to what a particular base uses as troops/towers and reacting to that with your strategy and combination of troops/spells is important. 


And of course, upgrading your spells and troops. Almost any spell or troop will feel weak when it is at lvl 1 only, but the more you level things up, the stronger they get (yeah, quite obvious, but still true). 


Troop-wise: Probably you don’t have tons of leadership yet, so using relatively cheap troops (or at least 1 cheap troop type) on your raids might be a good idea, to be able to summon enough troops to gather a big army.

Personally, I liked using knights a lot - and currently, with boosted knights, they are still useful at the top - as you can just have a whole swarm of them around you, and they walk relatively quickly. You can use this to protect your king and overwhelm some hostile structures and troops.

Then, you probably want to use some other kind of unit that is more expensive but is used in much lower numbers, e.g. frosters, a few ogres, or cannons. Try to unlock cannons soon, as they have a very long range and deal a lot of damage to towers, so you can concentrate a bit more on troops while cannons take out some towers. 


If you have a 3rd troop slot, you can further differentiate, using one cheap main troop (knights, archers), one secondary troop with either strong ranged attack (e.g. archers, frosters, arblasters, cannons) or a very tanky one (ogre, wolf, some boosted troops), and one support troop (e.g. boosted wolves for buffing your other troops, frosters to slow down the hostile troops and towers) or a unit that is especially effective against some specialty of the currently attacked base (e.g. many paladins and/or arblasters in a base? bring mummies or mortars; many firebolts? bring pyromancers; …).