what still to do after hero lvl 130?

hi guys, i guess there was once already a thread like this but i couldn’t find it anymore.

with version 4.0 flaregames said it will take months til top alliances have maxed out everything…well cromka prooved VL is through again with alliancebuildings


but whats more interesting - why should any lvl130 hero keep playing til game at the moment?!?

i have no idea why it should make any sense besides ninja every month now to b in high tier.so it is enough to play 2 days in around 1,5 months?!?

i see no other goal at the moment as conquest mode is 24/7 which is totally uninteresting


so what shouldkeep lvl130 keep playing here?

Win gold crown in pro league 


Better spent some time with your Family and I am sure that you will not regret it…

It’s been 18 months since I’m at level 130. I’ve just passed the 5,700,000,000 XP and I was waiting for new and 4.0 impatiently. Flaregames would need to raise the level cap (150? 200?) So that level 130 players can continue their progression.

Flaregames, when are you going to increase the levels?


You can join my team that I started from scratch 2 years ago ? It’s a big challenge! (“Guerriers de Diddy7”) ?

at Level 130 congratulation you beat the game and its over. Delete it and pass more time with your family,your friends and why not travel around the world. you will not regret it

Aww, stop it! You’re making it sound like real life is more fun than RR2…(jk, btw)