what the FUCK flare?

What are you developing flare? Is this a game?? Is this a way to relax and enjoy your time?? Or is this a frustrating and obsesive game?

What is this bullcrap? Enter after exact 2 hours during day and night or you will get a crappy reward? Tryhard or you get a crappy reward?

What is your MANAGER doing? Does he even use his BRAIN? Did he think before saying “yeah i bet they gonna love to login every 2 hours even if they are on a holiday with limited internet connection or they have something else to do”.

The solution is simple: if you make something, make it fun. Your players come and need to have fun in order to enjoy the game. This is the reason why no one likes war season as well. You tryhard 4-5 days and “in the end it doesn’t even matter”, you end up on 3rd/4th place… THINK about why you had success in the begining? There was a lower competition between the players, they wasn’t loosing their hard worked kingdom like in other crapy games. They could get attacked and loose some gold… That’s it. But now, no… Login every 2 hours, don’t loose any battle, get every chest to win. This is bullshit… it was supposed to be something new, inovative and fun. You could have simply left it with unlimited attacks, but a single attack per insland and attack when you want not every 2 hours… Eventually in the first day you unlock first 10 and you can login in the afternoon or when you have time and get all 10 attacks.

Read all the opened topics… FULL of FRUSTRATED players who does not enjoy this event… getting stucked at 10-20-28 or really 29 attacked islands… And many of them because they attacked and your “perfect” client crashed. Rethink your decisions and next time try a brainstorming before getting a decision.

What the fuck Flare?

I actually agree…  As it turns this Ninja “season” I was working at stupid job in the middle of no where so it took 0 effort.  And I fought literally every battle the moment it was available.  And after sleeping 8 hour per night like a normal person will only barely be able to get all the rewards… this is asking way too much of the users! 

Plus: All I really got was a pencil (for a sword).  Funny, but…



I've Got a Pencil.jpg

And the most pathetic is all guys use gems and complete 30/30 with 100% RAID n COF and suddenly one got more then others n now he is in top…

Flare u really a bad programmer…


I think participate in this ninja event is waste of every ones time…No one happy with this event …what are you doing flare…plz use brains while programming a game like this