What the heck? Community survey thing pops up in game

So I had this community survey thing pop up when I logged in just now, and I took it. There were 3 questions lol, Favorite PvE event and Favorite pal collector event and then my favorite question of all of them: What is your IGN :lol:

Tell me if you guys got this survey and what your thoughts are on it

I got the survey me too and if those are only the things they want to know about for the community event, then it will be a bad community event. First of all why a PVE should be relevant for the community event? Second why they chose Pal collector event which one of the most pay-to-win and flat event? Bah… -_-

I don’t got this survey. There is a requirement needed for it? like a level 80+

Really? what your favorite PVE? its not like if RR2 giving a lots of PVE lol. You have choice I guess between Ninja Event and Pro League. Alliance Wars is a PVP mode. Also Pal collector is far the best event of them all. Why players should answer about Pal collector. Non sense Flare.

If the survey was about What your best PVE?

  1. Ninja Event

2.Pro League


and after your best events

1.Alliance Party

2.Pal Collector

3.Blacksmith Meltdown

and so on… that was a survey

little weird they ask this PVE and Pal collector?

They even give the wrong name (Aska) for Aki pal. We’ve never had Aska pal collector event.

It was a silly question … favourite one.

Well my favourite is an event for the pal I don’t have lol.

if I have all the stuff there nothing to favour?

My survey didn’t have the error you’re reporting. Everything was ok.

It seems this was corrected later.

Still a very useless survey by the Guardians of Joy.

Strange its not the same survey I have receive right now. For me that about which Favorite Ninja? between brute,fire,ice,toxic,etc…Hope to receive the other one soon…

We did 2 surveys. One asking about the PVE event and about the Pal.

People massively voted for Ninjas, so now we are asking which ninjas you would like to get :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


They did? If I remember well, most liked zombies, but I can be wrong on this.

A fire zombie would be nice :wacko:??? 

Silly survey, I agree. Though, at least 10 guys will get gems so good for them :wink:

I’m also surprised. I have voted for the zombies too. Thought that they’re more popular than the ninjas. Yetis are the least popular imo. Maybe a lot of beginners who never saw them voted

Same here. My vote was for Zombies… 

Maybe the survey should be checked for correctness. We get Ninjas all the time.

Just a suggestion: Next time just do a poll in the forums. This will at least prevent bugs and should be a lot less time consuming.

I did not receive any polls

Me neither. 

Nope, nothing here either.

Unless i clicked it away too fast thinking it was an ad for one of their other games…  :rolleyes:

My vote would’ve gone to Zombies if flare had kept the Zombie bug in the game. I voted for yetis cause we don’t get them for more than just 2 or 3 times a year, and also I love the monster ability. 2nd best behind Zombies (in terms of ability), but I like the look of the yetis better

Where are those questions?

Is it mandatory to answer all 3 questions?