What the heck? FIX THE TROPHY SYSTEM!!!

Seriously flaregames, if you were serious about your game and more importantly about your jobs, you’d listen to us on the forums. It ticks me off how you never respond to our suggestions and when you do reply it is always Flothaboss saying that it’ll be considered to be added in a later version which VERY rarely happens. Even with ideas that’d make the game SO much more appealing. So to the point, what makes you think that you should lose 33 trophies on an attack if you get to right before the gate (so, not 2 stars) and then die. I would get 3 trophies…3! 

Do you seriously think that makes any sense at all? I don’t see it. If you attack a base that you get 17 trophies for winning 16 trophies for losing makes sense, but 3 to 33? What the heck? In not ANY world does that make sense. Nobody would EVER EVER EVER say that if you win against a hard base you get 3 trophies but if you lose you get 33 taken off your hard earned trophies on the day.

On average, a player will get about 4-5 trophies per attack. And an average player attacks 5-10 times a day. Take that to 10 attacks a day, that makes 40-50 trophies (to make things look better for flaregames I’ll say 50). If we take off one attack, the player now has 45 trophies on the day. He attacks a player that gives good gold but only 3 trophies. He loses the battle. Now he has 12 trophies on the day. Now, to do more math, each attack will take around 2 minutes 15 seconds (135 seconds), if you attack safely and don’t make botches. Now lets say that his last attack, the one that he lost, took 1 min 45 seconds, as he got to right before the gate. That means that in 22 minutes of attacking (probably 2 hours overall, because of waiting for farms), he only gained 12 trophies. That’s 0.55 trophies per minute attacking. AWFUL! No game has that preposterous of a trophy system. Hopefully you pay attention from now on and fix this awful system, thank you for your time


P.S. I apologize for acting so out of place, but seriously, this really does need to be fixed

100% agree with you @AwesomestKnightest

This has happened to me multiple times. I want to understand the logic behind the trophy system because right now it does not make sense.

Playing a castle that gets you X trophies and getting docked multiple times more for not making it through is ridiculous. Understand that trophies should be taken away - but not 3 or 4 times more than the castle trophy worth. 

FG: How does this inspire players to keep playing? 

According to the algorithm, you should not be losing to the guy giving only 3 trophies.
that you did lose to him means your trophy count is too high relative to your offensive strength, so the system is helping re-adjust you back to your proper range by making you lose lots of trophies.

ie, the system is helping you so you get easier raids in the future if the current ones are too hard.

Thanks for the explanation, but I attacked @Fii Nami, and it was an easy base. I botched in the attack, but it’s no reason to lose 33 trophies 

In this case, 11x the trophies lol

System obviously doesn’t take into account if you made ■■■■■■ errors, wearing gold / xp / luck gear etc.

But if it is an easy base, you should be able to make many mistakes and still win. Either way, it is moving your trophy to a level where you can botch the attack and still win.

And as has been mentioned many times, don’t use matchmaker and you won’t lose so many trophies.

whats more broken is that if i use matchmaker, my targets give me 50+ trophies for a win, and i don’t lose any if I lose 0% :grinning:

Yo who are you ? You might lose huge amount to me cuz my base float between 4000-4900 on weekly basis, making the system confuse of my real trophy range and therefore I gain and lose many trophies…

if you are 4k+, wonder who awesomest actually attacked then, can’t see how he would think your base would be easy.

My base almost unboosted now but yeah I think he confuse me with a random fan of mine lol theres someone who use my old IGN but with a different i, Fíí Namí…

Anyway trophies seems to depend on both the base you attack and your own base’s average trophy gain/loss…and you only lose 15+ trophies if you raid via matchmaker…

haha thats pretty cool got your own fan club. 

By this system’s logic I should be expected to beat the #1 ranked player no problem as I’d get 0 trophies for that. :grinning:

The trophy algorithm is a moron, it takes nothing into account really. If I should get more trophies for beating a strong base (i.e. higher ranked according to this system) then why am I getting less? I may get an easy base or a real difficult base and the trophy/medal yield will be exactly the same. You can’t know beforehand how strong a base you’re about to raid really is and it would seem the game doesn’t know this either, from how it rewards you.

LOL, yep that’s the guy

How about this. Just attacked a guy that’d give me 5 trophies for 100%. I miss one tower and get 98% and I get 2 trophies. MAKES NO SENSE

Not long ago people were throwing fits about losing trophies for getting 100%. This is headed in the same direction, it would seem. Good system, game, legit. ^_^

are you saying there’s something wrong with that?

No, the system was also set up to prevent trophy stripping from low ranked players (hackers)


It expected you to be able to get 100%, that you didn’t meant it didn’t means you probably shouldn’t go too much higher.

That was a bug they tried to or have fixed

Yes, there is something wrong with losing trophies when you win. Same as with getting a tiny fraction of what you should be getting when you make a small mistake. Nothing wrong with being vocal about it lol. :lol:

It’s turning out as if it’s easier to have trophies dumped on you when you don’t want them than to actually earn them yourself. If the system is so “playable” maybe there should be some other determinant for events and things, instead of basing them off of trophy position (as I keep suggesting like a broken record).

The trophy system by itself is not that bad, its quite common and similar to other games.

The issue is that there are players manipulating the trophy system to take advantage of getting rewards they are after. The issue is that it is / can be rewarding to have lower trophies, but the trophy system itself is mostly ok.

When you don’t provide a viable alternative or suggest something that won’t work, you can repeat all you like, (hopefully) it won’t be implemented.
I have not seen a good alternative to the trophy system, and there is good reason why many games use a similar system.

For difficulty setting purposes I suggested a system based on player’s actual strength (spell/troop levels & forges). There is already something like that in the game, from what I hear, for dungeon medals. That would be even better for getting to “know your place”, so to speak. :grinning: Oh, and that’s a call to disconnect certain things from trophies for the very reason it disturbs things too much (fine if you want to play a different tier and dump trophies but what if you’re knocked into a tier too high for you because you had trophies dumped on you?). The fact that the trophy system is so abusable is evidence enough it needs work instead of blaming everybody else for misuse.