WHAT THE HELL? Chest problem

In the picture below, the red circle shows the chest I should’ve received last night and the black circle shows the chest that it gave me. The whole month started over for me and that’s a huge problem. That last week is very important for gems, especially for a free player like me. Fix this NOW! Why are there so many bugs in this game? This is the main reason people are leaving

Did you skip some days in the past month ? 

If you don’t collect your chests daily, but miss 2-3 days, the final chests won’t be available to collect anymore.

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Just like @Stay0Puft said, if you are missing multiple days in a month, then you go back to the first day of the rewards calendar.

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It doesn’t matter if I collect them the night they are unlocked. I collected them the next day before the next ones were. This is an extremely unfair bug! I thought I had put something in my description about collecting the chests the next day, but I guess not. Now you know though