What the link between RR2 and Survey of PC Games?

I just go in RR2 and got a survey on Simcity,Tropico,Age of Empire and more if you like them,play them,or if you want they be implemented into mobile games,etc… Ok what the link between this and RR2? 

Flare try to know what kind of game we like to find idea from those games?

(My video don’t have work :()



Hope they take any idea from those games they are real bore 

If that can help them to improve RR2 for further update. I don’t see any problem they take all idea from others game. If that give them inspiration.However i don’t see what those games can offer into RR2?

  • Simcity is a building game. Totally a another categorie

  • Anno is a ship game. Totally a another categorie

  • Age of Empire (Maybe this one) is a tower defense game

  • Tropico is a building game. Totally a another categorie

  • Heart of iron I have no clue what is this

  • I think the other one was something like Crusader Knight who probably is a 3rd person platform like Assassin Creed

  • I don’t remember the 7th one

No clue what idea they can get from them?

And at the beginning of the survey they ask if we know others publisher :

  • Ubisoft

  • 2K games

  • Blizzard

  • Paradox

and others

So i have no clue what that means all of this. I’m sorry my video don’t have work I have forget when you switch game to Firefox the program capture background so still record RR2.

others PC gamer got this?

Been playing age of empires for long time and it is lacking anything that would keep me interested no wars no competitions boring 

Flare is a publisher. It has nothing to do with RR2, they are surveying gamers for their opinions on gaming.

^ this

I know Flare is only a publisher and not a developer. Still i don’t see the link between this survey and RR2? i don’t have hear they have do the same survey in OR,Nonstop knight,etc… why in RR2 specifically? Nevermind maybe no one here have the answer :slightly_frowning_face:  

not that was necessary to know why but i was curious and wanted to know what they do with the result of this kind of survey. if no one know really the answer. its not the end of the world. I just asking.

forget it then. Thanks for your time and answer.

If no one have answer. If some PC users want to discuss about what they have answer can be cool

I have answer that I know game series:

Anno,Age of Empire,Tropico,civilization simcity

I know the publisher :

2K games,Blizzard,Paradox. Maybe others I don’t remember

Which games I have play :

Anno,Age of Empire and civilization

Which games I wanted to be mobile :

I said I would play them for all if they would be on Ipad

I suspect they will do the survey with their other games too, but who knows.

Cool I got it too on my Ipad. So everyone who are curious about what I am talking about in this topic. I will show you screenshot. Strange on ipad the survey is more complete. Huge choice is insane. On PC i got just few choice. On Ipad like double choice. Weird. Not totally the same. They ask seperate question for each games. More complex and more longer

You have the website (in my screenshot) if you want to answer the survey