What to Buff next ?

Tell me what would you like to see improvements in following Spells and which one ?

I alredy have lists of Ideas for every spells and I would like to make a topic about Improvement according to which spell you want first to improve.

Please Help !

I think it’s a little too early to tell if anything needs a buff quite yet. We should give this update a week or two to settle in before asking these polls

i am tempting to say none need a buff. Pal are a buff (kind of) if you need extra Sonic Blast power you use Kaiser. If you need extra Stun you use Howl,etc… So no spell need any buff. Plus I can add with all spells perk really easy to find now with Pro items. I don’t see which spells are still weak. Seem all fine to me

I know that most of the spells works well for now.

But as a matter of fact, I’m not even interested to make buff on Firestorm or SonicBlast.

But spell especially Heal Spell is the one which is least used I guess.

That’s why it is on top.

So maybe we can make it better.

i dont see why Flare should buff Heal spell. For all this reason : Heal aura ring,Tammy,Phoebe,Monk,irmguard,paladin boost, heal tower and many more. I dont see your point

Well Flare increased the damage of Firestorm and made it more effective especially against FireBolt towers just because it wasn’t being used much overall. Even in this you can say that we had Eldrak, Dracomancers, and now even there is Goruc & Sultan.

So that’s my point, that you don’t use every time a healing pal/troop/guardian/boost in your offence. So to have more combinations and variety according to battle(defence), I think it will be a good step to improve Heal Spell.

Not now, or soon but after a certain time(in few months), it will do better.

Heal is a popular spell at the top. Lots of players with 5000+ trophies raid with Heal. 

They prefer  Shield  over  Heal  as I know.

Because I’ve asked many of them and even you could have seen some great players like @FTB and Pellez videos also.

Some top combos work better with Heal while others work better with Shield.

Some players prefer Heal to beat top10 defenses and others prefer Shield.


All I’m saying is that Heal is a popular spell right now. It’s not a weak spell.

FTB and Pellez are not a reference anymore. they have stop playing and producing video. Their channel are out of date. So you should not believe what you see. Speak to the current top members who still play today with game updated at version 4.5.0 with all the changes

I just took names of FTB and Pellez just because they had made videos as proof to show.

But still major good top players(5000+) I talked which are in my alliance and friend do usd Shield much more than Heal. Be’cuz Heal just heals(yes, in large amount) but Shield does both shielding and Healing in small amount.

lol at least can make a good topic. Heal vs Shield in 2019. i am curious to see in a poll which spells are the most used

Once above lvl 65 or so, heal is practically useless. When you have a gaurdian, why not use damage spells and health forged shield? If it was buffed a bit, it would make it more useful for mid to very high lvl players

I have no clue why people here said Heal Spell is weak. Maybe you don’t use it correctly. I check the wiki and up this spells until level 6 is pretty easy and at level 50-70 you should have heal spell at around level 8.

Level 6 give 1,106 for 5 seconds = over 5K HP recover. Did I remind you at this level the player have only 10k HP or around. So 1 or 2 Heal spell and they are totally full. Plus at this step of the game I think the majority use Tammy. Heal + Tammy is a overpowering combo already

Did I remind you too if someone is lucky to have irmguard at the beginning. You are OP and heal don’t matter. With irmguard you can beat base +10 or +20 level easy. Taht was before guardians. Now a new player who have irmguard + Heal + guardian. OP until level 90

I have make a video and I think I have upload it on my channel. How do solo raid without troops and without use of spells is so much easy in this game and specially around level 50. Just with Kaiser I think I have beat base totally full boosted with Pro boost,etc… Soloing with just a pal. So if someone use Heal. the player is OP automatically.

So I don’t see any problem with Heal Spell. Did I remind you at level 8 you can forge Heal Spell. at +30 you have +2,337 HP + 1,646 at level 8 = over 4K HP for 5 seconds = 20k HP

So at level 50-70 1 Heal totally restore 100% of your life. Of course at the moment someone is smart to forge it at +30 the Regeneration

Each spells,units or else is all about forging. of course if you talk about Heal Spell with 0 forge of course but forge is a feature since version 2.5.0 and people should use it and if a low or medium don’t use it. its not a proof heal spell is weak.

find me a level 50-60 who have Heal Spell at +30 with Tammy who can die non stop. You will find no one.

I have do this game 3 time over 5 years. So I know how Heal is far far far to be weak

If the majority in top player use Heal its for a reason over Shield or else. Maxed Heal do 7.919 did I remind you the 5 seconds duration. 7,919 + the forge at 2,337 = over 10k. So 10k x 5 seconds = over 50k HP. 1 Heal you are 100% full. I forget plus add the Heal Perk you can find on items

So how can you say Heal is weak? 1 shot you are totally full. Heal is better maxed than Monk maxed and forged with no boost. So at the moment i have it maxed and forged. Monk will take dust.

If you don’t remember why Heal overpass Shield. take 2 minutes and watch again the video of Flothaboss (same if this video is 4 years old) Heal Vs Shield and you will have the answer

in general same without Heal. This game have no challenge level 1 until 90. Just with a pal you can destroy all base totally full boosted. So just Pal + guardian player are OP level 1 until 90. There is no real challenge at low and medium. Spells are useless anyway until 90. The gameplay is dead there anyway.

with version 4.0 the game has become totally broken in range of level 1-90. Just alone with the King you can destroy all. Level 1 until around 70 for sure. that was before guardian so imagine today how really super easy this game have become at low and mid level with Donkey or Sultan. Glad Phoebe is the only thing who left in low and mid level to have challenge because the rest is totally broken

if by example tomorrow I decide ( not any chance) to restart. Trust me I will make quit over 60% of player in this game by defeating them with just the king without spells or else like I did 6 month ago. Sorry about that by the way. The one who have receive attack with empty stuffs by me

I think I made a lots of video about this. How broken this game have become.

While yes, Shield is better than Heal in most parts of the game, when you get into tougher bases you’ll need more damage, and since you can’t really have a good mix of both, the Heal Spell is a good spell to use, while using, damage troops, Hammerstrike, Sonic Blast, or maybe Firestorm or Bladestorm. As ARREBIMBA said earlier, top players use the Heal Spell a lot, for this reason

My point is, Heal is freaking expensive, and shield is about the same. So why not use shield WITH health forged on rather than fritter away millions on a spell some 110+ lvl players use?

At the mid levels, no one uses it because it is so expensive. If flare made the upgrades cheaper, i might consider using it.

I am sorry. But i am seeing top players are using heal over shield now. On facebook group they are sharing videos. Heal is everywhere trust me. 

Expensive? just up Heal to level 8 is really easy. Just up your taverns at level 13 or better and accumulate the gold. Nothing else to do. Its just 2 or 3 millions. Watch 1 or 2 video and you have the gold. If you want the price is cheaper then do it during a Boost your Offense who reduce the price of spells. if you struggle to get just 1,2 or 3 millions. There is a problem in your gameplay.

How to make gold?

1.Tavern. Upgrade 4 taverns maxed. They are cheaper to upgrades and can be maxed easy. just collect

2.Watch Free video at level 60. Each chest give between (depending your level the rewards can be good or bad) 500k and 1.5 Millions

  1. Build a really hard base and take your time to accumulate gold. Don’t stress. Take 3 or 4 days if its necessary

4.During Event like Ninja Event check the list. You can find player at 400k and more

5.During Conquest or War Season. use Gold Perk and attack the one who give 300k,400k and 500k or more 3 times

  1. Gold Perk at 200% + Farm Perk + Farm Tolken = 10 millions and more in 2 hours

and overs 10 more tricks you can use and find. If you find gold hard at mid level. A problem somewhere

You can up your trophy until see opponent at 700k and 800k gold

I have up my toxic cloud at level 15 in mid level wih over 9 millions cost. The gold is not a problem. Maybe via matchmaking but there is huge number of way to make gold

Heal expensive is not really a good excuse for not using it. for me its like if you said every spells are too much expensive

I get a max of 40,000 gold witha regular attack. I am trying to gain trophies, but 2000+ trophey players take me out every night. Max of like +10 every 24 hour because I lose 9-15, but only gain 4 to 5 for a win. The monthly festival will help A LOT!

Thx for the advice, I appreciate it ?.

I’ve these days before haha. I think the reason players lose 9-15 trophies in defense and gain 4 to 5 for an offensive victory is because, if you think about, active players will attack 2 to 3 times as much as their base gets attacked, so it’s a fair system. You can attack more, get more gold, upgrade your defenses to be strong, and then destroy your attackers who try to beat your base!