What to do about alliance repeatedly attacking me?

Me and my wife (same alliance, similar IGN) have been attacked 60 times each by the same alliance in the past 48 hrs.  I don’t think they are getting gold, as they attack me even when I have a gold shield up, and I think I’ve only lost a total of 200k in all those attacks.  They seem to be dead set on just reducing my trophy count. 

Is there any way to counter this?  I’m lvl 73, and they are all lvl 77-87, so they don’t have much trouble with my base.

It’s not really that big of a deal, since they aren’t taking any gold, but it means I’ll be playing in a weak tier for the ninja event.  We had attacked one of their members a few times because he was always worth 600k for us, and apparently they took exception to that.

Short term counter: join a stronger alliance, that has more/better defensive boosts.

Long term counter: just ignore them, play smarter than them and be more active than them. Eventually they’ll lose interest or your defense will surpass them (since they get no gold from you, they can’t upgrade their stuff). Meanwhile just focus on getting gold for your upgrades and XP to level up your king at the highest pace you can.


Do your best to get into the ninja tier of your preference. Really give it a try… but if you can’t get there, don’t stress too much about it for now, you’ll get it next time.


If he’s worth 600k gold and you need the gold, keep attacking him.

Many solutions are available for you (depending your level and donation) If you are medium or high player let’s say Level 70-90 between 150k-500k donations

1.Join a alliance who offer you : Frost Trap,Range Bomber,Raging Werewolf,Stunning Ogre and Storm Cannon

2.Planify well your gold. Try to raid and get gold during you are online. So if you need 8 Million then raid for 8 Million and spend them before be offline.Offline you risk to lose all if you don’t have the defense. So you will be what I call a ‘‘Bank Player’’ so the opponent will always attack you. So try to be always empty. The opponent will find no interest in you and will look somebody else

the best way to achieve gold and in fast way. Gold Perk + Farm Perk. With 200% Gold Perk plus 50% Farm Perk and if you have a lots of voucher you can do easily 20 raids or more at 300k+

If you are level 100+ with 750k-1M+

1.Join a alliance who offer you : Frost Trap,Mad Monk,Raging Werewolf,Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon,Tempest Tower and Watch Doctor

in defense Necromancer with forged cooldown plus Mad Monk forged HP will make fail your opponent. If you have Phoebe,Lightning Tower and all forged at +30 or more. Then you can risk to take your time and accumulate your gold. No one will take much they all fail at 30-35%

2.Be smarter than them. Don’t let’s them any gold however try to stole them the much gold possible. After a while they will stop attacking you. No one like lose time on a opponent who offer nothing.

Normally this should work. For me that work. You can try

I’d gotten to 1550 trophies for that ninja tier, but they are hitting me for 200 trophies a day, I just don’t have enough time to play to make that up.  

They aren’t taking my gold, but being down at 1200-1300 trophies seems to give me nothing but low level bases in the matchmaker, so I also can’t get gold now unless I raid my Favorites list.

Join my Alliance and you will get a Phoebe beast which will stop their attacks immediately or else they will have to pay plenty of gems.

They will lose interest very quickly when they see Phoebe is protecting you.

Our Alliance is Tiger Army 2017 and we would be happy to have you join us (and your wife).

We also offer 5 permanent Elite Boosts. Archer, Cannon, Bomb Tower, Frost Trap & Ogre.

All we ask is that you are active in all team events.

Moving this to players helping players.

That’s the mid game. Unless you’re always at very high trophies (for your level) the matchmaking won’t give you any meaningful gold.

You’ll have to search manually (which is time consuming) and resort to your favorites list every single day, unfortunately.

I guess so, but 3 days ago I could hit the button 20 times and eventually get someone over 400k.  Now I’m lucky to see someone over 150k, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Thanks for your offer, but your clan only has 1 open spot, and I have 5 other RL friends who are in my current alliance (plus me and my wife).

There is certainly something you can do. Don’t use matchmaker, if you need gold. What stops you to search for players in a trophy range that gives you gold or to search for possible targets in alliances nearby.

If you want both trophies and gold, sorry to say but when you lost a lot of trophies by those players raiding you, matchmaker won’t give you gold very often. 

Concerning your problem, a good team protects their members. When someone keeps raiding members of my team, we take care of those raiders, not only by raiding them, but by contacting the leader to ask him to stop. That most times will do the trick. And otherwise, ask to temporary join a stronger team and take care of business. When they are still too strong, just mention it in the chat of that strong team. They will take care of it for sure.