What to do and what not to do in Olympus Rising - A Wiki Guide by Archimides

Hey guys! I had some time yesterday and today, so I thought of making a topic with some tips. It is mostly for new players, but there is a detailed section in a later post, which I am pretty sure other players can appreciate and perhaps add some of their own tips! I will start simple, and then work my way into more advance “plays” or strategies. All of which are personal opinions, backed by facts, but still possible usage in many ways.

You can follow a small “topic map” just before the guide, to head to the post you are mostly interested.

Under @Snajper001 's suggestion, we have a topic for all comments, questions and answers, that anyone can participate and help. Here it is: Q&A - Please try and don’t post in this guide, to keep it clean. We will monitor the Q&A with the same importance!

I will try to make the topic “shorter” by using some general terms that might not be known to all (especially new users). If you aren’t sure about something mentioned in the guide, you can help make the guide better. Just ask below the posts or send me a message. Having said that. the topic is LONG, but or now, I don’t want to add more, because it will be so much longer… If I start explaining each term, it will need more and more posts, so maybe we can add those only if really needed.

Here are some terms and if you need more details, like I said, ask away:

OP - over powered
AP - Auto play mode/hero
VP = Victory Points (war raids)
Max Forge – Using 4*-5* dismantles in forging
Refining – Adding a new perk on your item
Colours – On items (power order: green-blue-purple-gold-titan)
Invocations – invos are gem powers, other than your hero regular power slots
Upgrade uniques – Use 5* to bring it to your level (uniques – rare titan items)
GK – GateKeeper (statue in defence)
CD – Cool down
DR – Damage reflection
AS – Attack Speed
LOH – Life on hit
Resistances – Physical/Fire/Poison/Lightning/Ice
Halt level - The level you either decided to park/stay (before max level possible), or need to do some long upgrades which will not level you up fast or soon.

Enjoy the read!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= GUIDE Contents =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


Starting Fresh - For when you start the game: Post 1, after the introduction
Gearing up - Critical information for beginners Post 2
Getting Serious - For more active players¨¨ Post 3
Being able to compete - Post 4
Top tips - Post 5
Top tips - General tips - Post 6

Original guide creation date: Mid-May 2019
Became wiki: Mid-September 2019
Current status: Not updated fully, with new game info (18/09/2019)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= GUIDE STARTS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

This first post, starts from the beginning of the game, up to a certain ascension level, say 100 or a bit later. It is basic stuff, feel free to skip, however, for new or low experience players to read it, you confirm a few things, maybe understand something better, or really get to learn something new!

A lot of points gathered here, are related or depend on each other. So if you wan’t to follow a specific tactic, make sure that anything related to it, is also followed or adjusted to your plan. Ask if you aren’t sure!

Starting fresh

1) Ascend fast

One of the most important things to do, is raise your ascension level really fast, and this is the only time in the game where you want to do this, and have minimum consequences. The game is relatively easy in the beginning, and you will not notice much difference in opponents.
Therefore, don’t neglect your big structures but do all relative to those structures upgrades. Raid islands to get resources, it should not be hard. You should try to raid just enough to always have your workers working (leave no workers sitting around), play long enough to start the next “longer” upgrades, so you can rest and then come back, and everything finished. Always smart to do major buildings first, to allow you to use resources for upgrades withing those buildings (units/powers/waves). That way you max out on resources less frequent (or if you plan well, never).
This plan, saves you a lot of time. Usually everyone in the game want’s to max out, to get better heroes, better gear and so on. Or at least get to a high level. Keeping all your workers busy, and planning out big upgrades when away is key.

Trust me on this, it’s not that you don’t have fun on lower levels, you do. However, while you are trying to built yourself, you constantly level up, just by simple upgrades. Even if you don’t want to level up, doing structures, pretty much will level you up, you don’t even notice it so much. So if you don’t plan this, or you are in a “ride along” situation, it will catch you off-guard. As you ascend, your % stats get lower. Your requirements for perk values, gets higher. So in essence, it’s wiser to just rise a lot of levels at the same time, and then get into a rhythm, which is slower or planned leveling up, and easy to cope with. The level up is so fast in the beginning, there is literally no reason to waste your time or try to built your heroes (which is why you should follow tip 3 just after the next one).

When you finally level up, you can still use old items, to forge better gears for your heroes. Therefore while you are leveling up, try to stack up some items, on all colors if possible, but don’t use them, until you reach a halt level (a level on which you will spend some time - so that your forging will be much more worth it)

2) Unlock heroes

Get a few heroes activated, that will require the some amount of time, but it’s easy enough to do so, and worth it. You can pretty much get the first 2-3 heroes unlock within the first day(s). My advice when logging out, place them on the highest dominance possible, this will help you unlock more heroes, and also help with gathering resources.
If you raid a lot, or you know the game, naturally sitting on ambrosia is better. But be efficient, if you are not raiding, or will not raid, change your strategy. Play smart, if you aren’t going to be around for a whole day, park heroes on gold/wisdom, and log in often enough (7-8 hours at least) to collect the resources (because when they are maxed, you don’t get more, unless you collect to reset them). Also start upgrades and move on (possibly also forging). As you raise your level, you can start parking some heroes on high gold/wisdom resources, always keep in mind dominance (it will help you get new heroes/island packs faster).

You can literally progress in the game, by logging 3 times a day, for 5 minutes. But it’s important to follow the above steps, parking-resources-upgrades-forging, repeat. So do not worry, if you are not actively playing much. You are still moving forward!

3) Use a primary hero

For the very beginning, just forge items for 1 hero (usually Hercules or Perseus) and raid with him only. Use the other heroes to raid very very easy islands for now, and raid islands close to those heroes, so you do not waste ambrosia (especially if you fail to conquer an island). The reason is because Hercules is already strong to begin with, and he can get you started, with minimum effort. All heroes can be good at it, but for a beginner, it is smart to learn the game with one hero, and work slowly towards everyone else. You can always test your defense to learn you heroes in the mean time.

This also aligns with the fast level up. It’s part of the same logic, it’s best if you combine tactics and tips for bigger efficiency. Build your raider, level up, build him again, raid more and get to a halt level, so you can start following the later steps. For your other heroes, just replenish better items, without forging them. As soon as you level up, you get better items, if you see a better cape or a better sword for Prometheus, switch it… so you are making them at least a bit better, effortless. It will help you raid with them, on close easy islands.

One more reason to raid with one hero: When you raid, there is a bigger chance to get items in the raid chests, for that hero which you are raiding with. This means you built him up easier, and if like we said you are leveling up fast, you will need those better items. Forge them with 1* dismantles, raid, and do it over and over again, until you reach a halt level. In the mean time, you are not raiding so much with your other heroes, but you will get items for them from the raids anyway or some chests. So not many consequences (fails of raids - or use of gems), and slowly building them up. You might get an item 10 levels later, and so much more powerful. If you haven’t use that hero, then it didn’t matter, and now that item is good for him! No time lost, no resources lost, no problem.

And also, do not max resources, do not waste your time… Especially gold, just buy items chests with it (you need them anyway). You can also buy treasure chests, but paying gold for them, and opening to get less gold from them, is not logical. So if you do that, make sure when you open them, you are full with gold at least. Filling ambrosia/wisdom as well, and then opening them, will yield you gems more frequently. It is however, for heavy raiders and players that have this sort of time and planning.

Important: If your hero leveled up to 20, stop using him/her for raids (but take hero to wars). It’s not max efficient anymore. Use the experience from raids, to level up a different hero. Assuming you used Hercules (who has an easy built), I suggest Perseus who can be a great war hero and GK. Ariadne is also a good choice, and of course Cadmus. Ariadne/Cadmus/Helen are good choices, to prepare them later for AP (tip will follow)

4) Do not over-forge

Forge only basic stuff up to blue colour for the non-used heroes, maybe purple, but not above purple 1*. Items are scarce in the beginning unless you raid a lot. I would also focus on LOH, AS for weapons and rings, and slowly start finding good CD rings and capes for all your heroes. Learn to spot the high values for your level, as you level up, that will get easier, but pay attention or right them down (take notes).

Chests of items, can be very cheap and worth it. If you have time, and you don’t need the gold for upgrades, buy items, This way you are making your heroes stronger painless. All items not used, can be forged to make higher color items. Then you can use them for your primary raid hero, and so on and so forth. Do not max-forge for now!

And like mentioned earlier, don’t max your gold. Assuming upgrades are done or workers are all busy, then just buy the item chests, they are worth it, even more in the beginning. You don’t get items easy. Make sure your inventory can hold the items (it’s worth to increase it - you can only do it with gems, but you have to for sure).

5) Using gems

If you are going to buy gems , my advice is to use them wisely. Do not spend on speeding up buildings and forging. Buy:

  • Workers
  • Spell slots for heroes
  • Celestial boost levels and prolonging
  • Making your inventory bigger to hold items and dismantles

If you have more to spare, build your alliance hall - it comes in handy when looking for good alliance (your trade off, is good blessings for your offense/defence). Use gems on raids until you learn the game better (Pyrphoros is a great one to start - brakes barricades easy, so just head for the gate). Trophies don’t matter so much but they do help in the long run. Raiding close to 100% will allow you to get more resources, open more chests and start getting more resources with higher trophies (mainly gold). I also don’t recommend “unit” slots for the beginning… you can do that later.

The offers that come up, with workers, or power slots, are dead cheap and they also give you some nice chests. They are always a bargain, which you will eventually buy anyway, so getting additional items from a deal, is always good. You could wait for those, they are ideal. (the color of the chests and hence the items in them, depend on your level. One more reason to level up, is so you can find more frequent higher color items. From all sources, it always matters.

6) Defense path

When you are building your defense path, make sure you expand the path. Its a simple click and drag to make it longer, and turn it around. A lot of new players, fail to see/understand that. And also, always start building barricades first and then towers… barricades slow hero down, and allow towers to do more damage over time, it makes sense. Always focus on this tactic, everytime you level up. If a new barricade is available, place it and start upgrading it, forget the other upgrades.
Test your defense with your heroes, there are some good tips here, but we will cover them in a later part. So by testing, you learn how to efficiently use your heroes, and how to build a defense. And if you find a hard opponent, study his layout… if his path is not leveled up more than yours, it means its the way he is using the towers/barricades or even wave units.

This is for the first 50 levels, possibly 70 levels. You can reach this in a few days… or 1-2 weeks. Depending on how much time you spend on the game.


Gearing up

1) Upgrading (level up) more efficiently

This is probably one of the best piece of information you can get, for when leveling up. It has to be done slowly and with patience. We briefly mentioned that when you start the game, you can level up as fast as you want. Later on, it gets harder to level up, because of longer time that upgrades require. But also, leveling up as we mentioned lower your % stats, so it will be harder to raid as successful as before (even vs the same guy, will be harder, if you are 2 levels higher than before, and he is the same - higher level, doesn’t mean stronger, it actually means weaker unless you forge your items again).

In the defense aspect, only the GK is affected, so just check him out frequently to upgrade his gear too.

So one of the most important things to level up efficiently is to finish most upgrades, before moving on to building upgrades. Building upgrades, will level you up a lot and fast with the above mentioned consequences, and if you are not upgrading everything else, you will notice the difficulty much more. A good rule of thump is to finish all or most upgrades of a main building, before leveling it up again (the building). So:

  • All unit upgrades, before a War Academy building upgrade
  • All unit waves, before a Guardhouse of Thanatos building upgrade
  • All powers, before Shrine of Power building upgrade
  • All towers/barricades and units, before Chaos Gate building upgrade
  • All the above, available before the Heroes Temple, main building upgrade.

As you get more experienced, you can omit some units/powers, and decide gradually when to upgrade waves/towers. For example, you can chose not to upgrade certain towers, which you will never use, same for units and powers. But you have to know what you are doing. At the same time, some buildings for resource storage or resource generating, can be delayed (the resources you get from every island in the game is far greater - not to mention if you park heroes on high value islands - these buildings will just level you up, without any meaningful advantage, unless they are required to level up, which the game will warn you).

This element, is a real key aspect, of being a strong defender, getting a lot of free trophies, but also be very strong, and beating much higher level players, who are making this mistake. You will encounter of course difficulties with higher level players than you, but that means they are also upgrading efficiently and correctly, naturally if they are +10 levels above you, they are stronger. You can only fight them better, if you forge better.

2) Halt your level

As soon as you do big buildings (like heroes’ hall or the wall/gate), you should start upgrading all barricades (first) and then towers. When you start doing this with all your workers, you will be holding that level much longer, so your are at a halt level, as these upgrades aren’t yielding too much worshipers (for leveling up). This is a good time to forge yourself some good items, perhaps if you have important uniques to upgrade them, and also possibly start doing some max forging with 4* items, up to purple, maybe gold. The reason is because you are staying on a same level for a longer period of time, which means your good items will help you for a longer period of time, and will not be outdated or obsolete. It is important to build these items, the investment for them is going to pay off or “depreciate” at a much better rate.

When you level up fast, you find better items instantly (base power/value of colored items). It is a shame to use 4* blues/purples to get to a good gold item, and then suddenly get a better gold item from a chest, because you leveled up. If you forge with 1* more frequently, then that gold item can be immediately used as a dismantle. No investment was done on that (no items/gold lost to max forge it), therefore no loss, none at all. By max forging, you waste a lot of gold/time/items, only to actually not need what you are building or have build. The exception in my opinion, are CD rings.

3) Defense layout

Once you get the hang of leveling up, you should start focusing on your defense. Its wiser to build a good defense path, before you start doing any main buildings as we have mentioned multiple times. Which means finish the path upgrades (barricades/towers/units), before upgrading main buildings for the “second/third time” in a row.
A good defense, will get you trophies (raise you up for bigger gold raids), get you in a good alliance (sadly bad defenses aren’t welcomed usually) and also get you gems from opponent raids. Not much, but these definitely make you feel nice.

There are more details on how to built smart defense layouts, further below,

4) Start forging more seriously

Once you finish the fast leveling up, which is over 70-80 level, you can start forging a bit more seriously, and built more heroes. Along with doing Odysseys, which will help you get items which are badly needed, and also some defense/offense boost. I would choose defense, but you can get into that discussion later. By forging, I still mean use 1* items on most forges. If you know what you are doing, you can max forge a few items (use 4* dismantles), like rings, or important items.

Like we already mentioned, you should start this, when you are at halt levels of your choosing. If you know you are about to level up a few levels, do not forge. It is not worth it. Pay attention to your general plan, of the game you play. Be careful and efficient.

5) Raid efficiently (for beginners)

When you start raiding players, you have to be able to spot the various setups and difficulties. Obviously several level above you, should be avoided. Several blessings, can be tough. Difficult setups with Nyx, or tough corners, can be a problem but can be dealt with certain units/powers. If you raid often, you can see several people all the same, avoid the tough ones. Try them with Zeus/Hades, or your best hero. Certainly avoid them with your weak, low level heroes.

Most important tip: JOIN AN ALLIANCE

Your gold raiding, depends from your trophy count + your alliance raid bonus. The more high trophy players in an alliance, the more gold you can raid, however top alliances, or high ranked alliances in higher leagues have demands from players (donating, war performance, good defense), and also get into tough wars… so you might not be able to compete, and ultimately not benefit from them (chests from wars + blessings).

a) Raiding lower level players, can be tough. You also have to compete against time, and there can be smart maxed out bases, with only few barricades/towers. Just because they are 10 levels lower than you, doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy.

b) If the GK is not loosing any health, just avoid him. It doesn’t make any sense to fail or lose your time. Some players are really experienced and good at building a strong GK, it’s just not worth it… at war, well talk to your alliance, spot the weak bases… if you have to try for GK, do it with cautious so you at least get the wall/gate.

c) there is no harm in using invocations, or leaving behind a couple of towers/units. If you feel its too tough, use a Pyro invo, go through the barricades and head for the wall (try to use it when barricades are concentrated and no other barricades are found later). If the barricades are really stronger than you can take down solo, you will probably need a second invo, but it has to CD.

d) if your CD isn’t high enough, then some powers have to be strategically used. Having full CD, means for most powers, you just use them on anything you find ahead of you, as it takes seconds to CD… low CD, means you can’t use your talos for a barricade, if right after it there is a Nyx. No matter how well you are build, or how many units you have, do not waste time with Nyx, turning your units against you. Some good defenses, will get you into a vicious circle over that. Suck it up, take down the barricade, and use Talos on it.

e) You have to be able to spot the possible priority in fighting multiple structures/units. A reason I pack my self with physical, is to not worry about half the units of the waves. Especially in early levels, you get those units a lot. You can hit the towers, and then go for units. While you are hitting towers, CD is in effect and a power can take out most units.

f) Focus on towers that do a lot of damage to you, check your resistances. You can avoid sometimes Iapetus, move fast to avoid Apollo and take down Charon’s fast, so they don’t keep spawning a whole army, especially in tough situations, making things even worst. Use your powers in corner situations, to take out a lot of structures together. Using a power on a Hydra, will hide it, that’s not a bad thing… deal with the rest of the surrounding structures, then head back to Hydra tower. It actually can work to your advantage.

g) There is a different approach to parking your heroes, using ambrosia, and gathering resources from the game, especially when offline. On early levels, when you are low on trophies, the gold raiding is considerably low. At the same time, wisdom is not needed so much, when you start with… it becomes gradually more important as you level up. So early in the game, it is WORTH to move your heroes to high resource islands, before going offline. Spending 200 ambrosia to get 400k gold in 6-7 hours, might be better than raiding 2-3 islands (which will require 200 ambrosia with no deaths, if islands are close to you)

h) More info on some path/defenses in the next segment of the post!


Getting serious

1) Autoplay Heroes

You are now getting more into the game, the most important move to make, is build yourself an AP hero, to raid most bases, easy, fast and with less fails. This will free your hands, make a raid faster (using the faster mode in AP) and also be able to do other and more interesting stuff in the game. The fast mode, really speeds up your daily raids, you can really speed up most raids, full AP and finish up much faster.
Capture The usual candidates for AP, are Cadmus/Ariadne/Helen, in that order in my opinion.
I hugely prefer Cadmus, but if you aren’t there yet (haven’t unlocked him), you can start with Ariadne.

a) Ariadne, doesn’t need a lot of stuff, she is built that way with her unique power. I personally like keeping heroes alive, so I would focus on having some physical resistance on her, and then fire/lightning. Loh can help you, but because she doesn’t have too much damage, you might want to start with AS too… 2 CD rings with loh or AS, cape with CD, and two weapons with loh/AS… that should be a good start, try her out on your base, preferably use BIA to boost all those troops. I would also start with physical and fire/lightning on resistances. Depends what bases you encounter, when is she vulnerable. Alternative to damage/AS is of course good units, leveled up (max) or with blessings (so find an alliance that offers what you need for your type of play)

b) Helen, a good hero, with not much need of resistances, as she gets rid of most opponent troops with her unique power. Other than that, her natural CD boost makes it easier, if you have her unique, she is the easiest to get max on CD (75%). A lot of power slots, not too powerful, but you can work with AS, since you are more flexible on resistance (no loh needed).

c) Cadmus, probably the easiest to a non-failing AP hero… the best thing about Cadmus, is that AP takes care of bases. If you equip BIA and Asclepius (or pheme at a later stage), there is no wrong timing for these powers (as other heroes/powers), therefore AP is at max efficiency and full advantage in a raid. Similarly, with Helen, his CD boost and unique will make you reach max CD easy (75%). I think it’s the best and easy AP efficient hero. AP doesn’t work the same on all heroes…

It’s not that you can’t AP other heroes, like I can AP a lot of those at lower levels, but in higher levels, it gets tough. Like Perseus will leave behind towers, Athena will literally not use her powers and so it makes her slow to break defenses… and there are lot more examples. Start with the above 3 candidates, and then you can expirament your self. For me the key, is if they use their powers (a lot and on time), and be efficient in their style of raid. Like Cadmus and Ariadne, with all that spawning, they just cover everything, Helen can also do the same with her power… but can be tricky.

2) GK and path

– GK –

Setting up a good GK, will get you a second raid hero (possibly if you work smart), but also help your defense, gems and benefits as mentioned before. The easiest steps to follow, is to set up a GK with a shield. Most people select Perseus, he is fit for the job.

a) The easiest GOOD setup for GK, is max forge the shield with fire/poison preferably in the beginning and you will probably need 1 more slot of physical (you can avoid the extra slot of physical if you refine the shield and add a second resistance btw).
b) Then LOH in cape/weapon/wrists/rings and resistances if you can add on vest/boots. If you get a cursed ring with resistance(s), I would max forge that and use it, for as long as it is worth it. If you are into refining forges, follow up on some tips later.
c) Most important perk for GK after physical is DR. You have to max physical (75%) and then try to max (63%) or put as much DR as possible. Either his unique or a cursed item can give you this, but its pretty hard to get both, not to mention a DR item on the hero himself. Therefore, if you do find one not on your selected GK hero, MAX forge it immediately, and even refine it (on his shield 100% better than anything else - if you do not have his unique)
d) Try not to have useless perks on GK. I would never use a fire ring, if the perk next to it is regeneration or potency or demo.

For making this hero also a war/raid hero, then you just need to replace the rings with the good CD rings we mentioned before, and add some demo. He is pretty much ready, then you can work with him even more. For example remove excessive physical, change a weapon to AS instead of LOH and so on. So basically (assuming you already have 2 CD rings) - if you have the luxury to make a new set of CD cape and weapons with AS instead of loh, or any cursed perk (like demo/frostbite) then it will be much more helpful for your raids.

– PATH –

When you are setting up your defense path, there are some very important things to know. These help you both as a defender, and as an attacker.

Most important rule

Put your defenses (towers/barricades) at the beginning of the path. Like right after the 2 restriction squares. Putting your defenses at the end of the path, will almost certainly (99%) allow the hero to build a big army, because all he/she has to counter, are some units, which he/she can take on alone most of the time. So running half the path “unobstructed” allows him/her to reach the end of your path, put on defense mode and just demolish everything with his army. It also allows him to CD his powers at the right moment, while in the beginning of the path, he/she is just vulnerable as soon as he/she uses them.

a) Towers, can be placed to face the road, but wont be in direct contact for a hero or a unit, when they encounter its damage. A long range unit may reach it of course, but it is a good way to make your path harder. Always.
Capture This Iapetos tower (fire), is facing the north part of the path,
but it’s circle of damage reaches the west path, which your hero has to run by initially, before reaching the tower, and wont be able to touch the tower at that point (some units can). So basically, these towers, are facing a different part of the path, which the attacker will encounter later, but still gets to deal damage to anyone in its range.

b) Iapetos and a combination of Iapetos, is quite hard to achieve. There is a 70% approximate range of its fire, and you might place it in a way, which wont hurt your hero or troops. Or wont, most of the time. I’ve also noticed that trying to place 2 or 3, may change that direction… it still needs some more indication. The basic point from here, is to test your path, and see that it is indeed getting fire in your way, at the right moment

c) Artemis towers, do physical damage (and when blessed ice). I do not use them at all. If you noticed, I always say keep physical high, so it aligns with that logic, most players I believe do not neglect physical, and with shielded heroes it’s unavoidable… any bad shield is minimum 60% physical, most of the time over 80%, refined are 90% for sure. Its not even powerful enough, though some may use it in very smart paths. Be aware of it, because its also one of the easiest to take down, and early levels are filled with these… So just think about it, then decide. I see most top players not using them.

d) Prometheus tower, just be careful not to make his attack buff from Odyssey too big. When you throw the ball back at the tower, it will take down tower health faster… I would pick health over damage in this case, or at least prioritize in a way that you aren’t harming your tower…

e) Charon towers, can be very smartly positioned, to spawn a lot of skulls/troops along an entire path, making it very difficult to get out of (especially with healing sirens).
Capture This Charon tower, is reachable only when you raid most part of the map, but its range is right at the beginning of our path. It is actually facing both north and west path, but north path, is the only way to destroy it with your hero damage. It will spawn units, the entire time (which is a lot), unless you deal with it, probably with some smart Pandora power or by using Trebuchets for example. Sometimes its even worth spending 2-3 rounds of powers to destroy it (similarly as you can do with Nyx or other towers).

f) I love Nyx towers, and there are 2-3 ways to use them. In early levels, new players can’t face them much. They are vulnerable to a good Damocles used, and Talos. Which is why I normally equip Talos to all my heroes, as they take Nyx and barricades out, while doing good damage to other towers, the gate, and many times the GK

g) It goes without saying, that for Nyx, and generally any path, HELIOS tower is a MUST. You can neglect Nyx if you want, though you get easy wins and fails in a bigger % in my opinion. Helios extends the range of towers, and does not work on barricades. Turn it’s power (4 ways) and place your towers smartly. An other deadly combination, can be Charon towers.

h) Barricades, if placed close to each other, are vulnerable to Pyrphoros invo and other powers. Now I am not against getting some gems, but sometimes, its making it to easy. What’s worst is corner barricades, where you have 2 or 3 barricades adjacent. Pyro does damage to all 3 right in the joining point of those barricades and YOUR hero powers, can also do damage to all 3.
5 In this triple adjacent barricade, the red dot, is the perfect spot.
But a small portion to the left, will not reach all 3 barricades. Just drive your hero to the far right side of that first barricade, and hit your Talos, and see the barricades health go down.

i) At the same time, when you go to the corner of the barricade (left or right), you can hit a power, and reach the tower which is behind it. If you notice which towers have weakness to which powers, then you can use the proper power against them, but also to which of the two corners to hit it with. So if there is a barricade, with an Artemis tower on the left side (after barricade) and a Charon tower on the right side, then I would hit Talos on the left side, in the corner, which will deal damage to that tower too. If I have Pandora, I will hit the barricade on the left side, so I can do a lot of damage to the Charon tower.
6 This case, is a classic example of hitting Pandora.
Again, slightly to the left, will not do any damage at all to the tower. So, just go to the corner, until your hero is not moving any more, and hit it.

j) There is a sweet spot, in path corners/turns, which a hero power can do damage to 2-3 towers, and the barricade. Its almost in the middle of the path, from the corner to the barricade. It makes sense, as for example Talos does a circle of damage, if your circle is reaching the towers, and the barricade, it affects them all. Also, a power can affect both a tower before the barricade, and after the barricade at the same time. Again you have to neglect the first tower you see, go to the corner of the barricade, cast the spell, and it will affect the tower you just left behind, the barricade, and the tower after the barricade.6 So this is a good reference point. The red circle is the sweat spot.
You can probably hit the Hydra, Apollo and Prometheus tower, along with the barricade, if you hit a power there (depends on power). It’s can be tricky to get the Apollo in the corner, but doable. It is more reliable if you go to the above blue circle, and hit the Apollo, the Prometheus and the barricade, or if your choice would be like we said before, the corner barricade, which will hit the Prometheus, the barricade and the Apollo after the barricade.
There are literally dozen of combinations and tactics. For example, I do not have to hit all those 3 towers, Hydra will hide it’s self, and Prometheus is resistance to fire. But if I had 3 Artemis, Talos power would be ideal. So it matters what towers you encounter and what powers you have equipped. The picture here, is only to show you, the spots and how to place yourself to do more damage.

k) Basically having a lot of towers/barricades concentrated, is not ideal. Although there are good choke points, and they bring the most deaths or regeneration time and delay, it has to be planned. You have to think what you want. You can get a good concentrated damage from a lot of towers, and defended with barricades, but also be vulnerable to Pheme power, a strong multi-power hero and an easy invo. It can be a death trap, but also yield some gems with no real hero delay. The perfect setup, is really really hard… luckily you can copy successful setups.

l) Having said that, do not place 1 barricade and 1 tower, every 2-3 road path segments… those aren’t good layouts.

m) Pheme is good power against Nyx, and all other defenses too… spend the extra second to either go a bit backwards on the path to cast it, or a bit further up the path to cast it, to freeze more towers/units. Pheme can replace your need for loh/resistances, but you have to work and learn how to build your heroes. Plus you need high CD to make that setup work.

To conclude: You can’t have a path with just fails, that’s not easy. People will use gems, and just cruise. Besides, if you are getting gems, that’s it, job done. It doesn’t mean you path isn’t good, it’s just the way it is. Also if you are getting a lot of 95%, job done, your GK is doing good.

So basically, if you setup a path, which is giving you either deaths, gems or fails, you are doing good. It doesn’t have to be all the above. But the higher you ascend, the more important it is to make the attacker slow or fail (gems/deaths do not matter). Slow to not be able to get your GK, fail for obvious reasons.


If you are indeed getting serious, you should consider, visiting the game often.

a) Resources fill at around 7 hours (there are celestial boosts depended on them). So even if you can’t play, just log on and collect resources. It goes without saying, that you have already planned your busy day, by not parking heroes on ambrosia, there is no need for it usually in long pauses. I also value wisdom much more, but there can be 2-3 heroes on gold resources, if you have all the 2k+ wisdom covered (without war, and no ambrosia park, this is better than a 1200 wisdom island for sure).

b) You should also consider to check in every 2 hours or so, to collect advertising video chests. These can be very helpful for raids, or some free gems if you fill up your resources

c) If you are resourcing correctly, then finished structures can be a nice reminder or wake up call, to log in, and start the next one. All you do is click to finish, gather resources, park any heroes which return to your base, and start the new upgrades!

d) Similarly as above, I like to login to check the forging items. Not the dismantle items, but mostly my important hero items… especially the refining items which take a lot of time… If something will finish at say 30 minutes after midnight, and I usually go to bed as midnight, I either wait 30 minutes, or gem it so I can start the next forge. (you can do this with buildings, but not so important for me). If there is a very important forge that finishes at 4 a.m. , well bring your wife a glass of water, she will appreciate it, and then you can start the next forge, collect resources and sleep with no worries

e) If you are sleeping for over 7-8 hours… well you are losing resources… haha. Just wake at 5-6 hours. I am of course kidding, but sometimes it is needed. Example, if you haven’t finished your Odysseys (last one), war starts soon (Thursday) and your honored hero is a war hero… well on Wednesday night, I am going to make sure I collect that wisdom, because I need to make sure I finish that odyssey, before war starts :slight_smile:

4) Demolition perk

If I find a good demolition perk, I usually take my best or 2nd best CD ring, and I refine it on that. Demo is a pretty important perk, especially in the beginning, when there aren’t many around. On a ring, you lose like 10% of your perks, so its not a big loss, but giving this sort of demo to all your heroes, or even your important 3-4 is a major boost. It is important to max forge both the initial item with DEMO, and your ring with CD, before and after the refining. If you find a DEMO ring, hopefully the perk next to it will be good, and then you can add a good CD perk to that ring (from a cape is safer if you aren’t familiar on how this works - ask if you need info). In short, its better to have 85-90% of demo perk on a ring for all heroes, than to 1 hero on his weapon. I think that makes sense.

5) Level up your heroes

You should by now, start leveling up your favorite or stronger heroes. I say favorite, because if you can use a hero pretty well, beating bases… means he/she is good for you, even if not for most people (like Prometheus or Artemis). I suggest start with shielded heroes, less aggravation due to deaths, loss of raids or ambrosia, time to back up for regeneration and so on. It’s important to get your heroes to level 20 for wars, to save time for fury regeneration. This means more fury, more raids, more resources picked up, more experience (if below 20) and more loot from chests. The “end game” is all about getting titan items, and you can struggle with that in the beginning… Simply put, the more titans, the better it is for you in the long run. Its all about the titans!

6) Odysseys + Masteries

To pick up from those chests, Odysseys are also important for the same reason. If you can do level 8 and above, it will mean more items in general, but also titan items (remember you can always make titans from simple gold forging). You have to try and do the Odysseys with the honored hero, which is why you should at least forge to purple with 1* dismantles. However, you should always renew these items. Its also important to try and get as many “fame” as possible, so plan your way to have gold/wisdom for the adventures.

Masteries… typically when you start, you should really help yourself, so picking important perks for all your heroes, and setups is crucial. I usually advise CD, loh and resistances, in that order. But be sure to build around them, if you are adding enough loh, then don’t add loh on your weapons (exception GK).

At later stages, try to do max Odysseys with all heroes, and you will need better setups (at least titan items 1* all around for your heroes). Specific masteries that help both GK and your heroes. I pick 2 x LOH, 2 x health and DR if not maxed on GK, otherwise Damage or AS.

7) Celestial boosts

All of them are pretty helpful, but I would say as you compete, the most important ones are the 3rd war hero, and the extra chest in the vault. Both of which help you enormously to be able to compete at a high level. These are levels 19 and 20 I think. You should work your way to get there… for sure. And having celestial active 24/7 is the best thing you can do in the game. You lose far more if you don’t prolong, unless you are going on vacation and not logging in for week(s).

Be smart about it, prestige is rare… maxing out resources for the war chests, might be a good way. Some of the high end chests may have 500 prestige at least. But work your way around things. For example, prolonging the celestial has a cost (gem cost). However, if you are close to level up celestial, you can do so with a structure, sometimes at a smaller cost. Yes, those also cost gems… but if they give you enough prestige to level up celestial, then leveling up will also prolong your celestial.

And besides that, its worth to invest in those structures… and level up celestial. It’s better in the long run, always. If you want to play this game and compete, it’s a necessity. Especially if your workers are waiting for something… just do some of them. If you start from the really expensive ones (those are the most efficient in comparing gems to prestige ration), you will see how your game will get much easier. Like I said, get it to at least 20, as soon as possible.

8) Plan your game

The developers have done a good job, in making the experience endless if you want it to be. This means you can raid non-stop, and on the side have something else to do too. Here are a few things, to keep you organized, and adjust to your week or day.

I will start you during the weekend, just before the war season starts (which is 6 weeks long - 4 war weekends), and you will see why.

a) The weekend is a nice time to relax, perhaps not play the game (if you can - hahaha). My favorite part of it, is gathering wisdom, for the coming week. I raid to fill also my gold and be ready to spend both. If you can have both maxed at Sunday night, then on Monday morning, you can immediately use it, “collect all” resources from the previous night and use them again. It will give you a head start.

b) You start your week with Odysseys. They are important, as they give out items (titan the most important for sure) and boosts/buffs to your defense/offense. These can also “force” you in a polite way to learn how to use all your heroes. They help leveling up your heroes in early stages, but also keep you alert in building items for all your heroes (otherwise there would be no-real need). The point of having full resources on Monday morning, is to assist you in planning your Odysseys before the war, in case you run into some problems and can’t make it in time (especially when the war starts Thursday).

If you can do max Odysseys or as high skull as possible its really good. Unfortunately it’s not easy, so I wont lie to you. Odysseys are hard, and a really good test of your abilities. One important thing to note, is that you do not need to destroy every single building there… just barricades and gate… how you get to the gate is a different story.

c) Depending on what skull you choose, you can finish Odysseys in a day, or 4-5 days. Just in time for war to start. Honored heroes, can’t do Odysseys (which yield more fame), so its a good idea to plan this out. By doing the first 4 as soon as possible, you can see the 5th Odyssey hero, which will possibly allow you to extend that last adventure, even after the war starts and of course before the deadline.

d) Once the Odysseys finish, you have the war. A war is 2 or 3 days long, but depending on your alliance requirements, you can spend a couple of hours per day (or once a day) and still use all your fury for max efficiency and prizes. It may require some planning, so always count the fury before maxing out, so you know when to log. Wars are also important for the same reason as Odysseys, your items for better heroes. There are also great prizes associated with them, so be loyal to your alliance and perform well.

e) As soon as war finishes on Sunday, I start my refining or my forges… this gives me time for those war heroes to be ready by next war. Longer projects, can possibly be done during the break, with almost 2 weeks without a war to built those items. At the same time, during the war I am trying to gather resources or Sunday night, and start the week again, from point (b)

f) During all the steps, you should monitor your upgrades, and try to have the resources or the workers ready, to continue the bigger picture. You can see when they finish, and you can see how many resources the next upgrades need.

Making dismantles (the expensive ones) are not so important. I power you don’t use so much, is not important. A tower outside your regular path, is not so important… a barricade is a priority, a unit you use in both offense and defense is important… A 4* titan refining requires a lot of wisdom to be maxed, not important. The gold or wisdom reserve, not important. Additionally, if you are not going to raid (outside war), then the ambrosia temple is a perfect upgrade (it wont generate ambrosia, but you wont need it as you wont be raiding much).

Going on a trip, not login in? Do long upgrades, that do not require your attention, or those buildings that produce resources, which you wont need… Play smart!

9) Longer brakes (weeks?)

If you are talking longer or a longer brake, do try to place all your heroes on the high resources, both cash and wisdom, no ambrosia (or just one). Log in, every 3-4 days or once a week, and upgrade stuff. Mostly defenses, you won’t regret it.

It takes such a long time to upgrade, even if you don’t want to level up, upgrading defenses is a must. Take the time to log on, and use your resources to do that. If you don’t have enough resources to do an upgrade, make a different one. Try to have all your workers busy on more upgrades, rather than 1 worker on an expensive upgrade. It takes days for upgrades, it doesn’t matter if you leave behind a type of upgrade.


Being able to compete

There a few things, that we now take for granted if you are here. You should be part of a good competing alliance: helps your gold raid, have good blessings for your attack/defense, and optimally help you get better in the game.
You should be now over 100 level at least and you know how most things work. You got your heroes lined up, you take your strongest heroes to war (and usually max (20) or high level) and start to build them even more (forge).
Last but not least, you are now getting to a point, where you have to raid even more. Following the next step which is forging up really good your heroes, or doing refinings… means a lot of raiding. It also means that by level 100, you need to spend wiser your ambrosia… no unecessary travels… you can make 200k in a raid, so there is no need to spend ambrosia to park on a 400-600k gold island. Save your ambrosia.

In any case, if you are really active, you can start max forging those heroes, with items you find. Green items, can usually be your best bet to get the ultimate max items. Blue do come strong too, and rarely purple. This is not to say that colors aren’t good as you go upwards, it’s just that you are missing max forging, and thus reaching less potential. Max forging a green will usually be better than a blue, max forging a blue will usually be better than a purple, and there is no way a good green, max forged, will be worst than any type of gold/titian…

Here are some small tips for fine forging:

  1. For vest/boots, health perk doesn’t really matter so much, especially on early stages… Yes, more health means you die less often or stay alive, but it’s more important that the resistance perk is high to get you that % of resistance high (90% max for heroes). Resistance kicks in, then health takes a hit, if you get my point. That should be your priority: “Resistance over Health” If you have 2 same perks or want to choose which of vest/boots to max forge, do the vest. It has more health, which can also help you if you have masteries (with loh - which depends on your health). Also remember that the “range of health” is very similar on same color, while the range of the perk (all perks), can be considerably higher thus a wrong choice can really be a bad result. In short, its harder to spot the good perk value.

  2. For weapon/wrists, the main power is more important than the perk (unless a good rare cursed perk). For raw damage, which is probably one of the most important powers/perks, it is only gained by the main power, and by AS. Starting up, I usually go for AS on my heroes. It helps generally everywhere, while if you go for other perks, circumstances apply and depend on a lot of things. You are free to test some setups, I just find it more important to get as high damage as possible, especially for weak heroes. When you familiarize with the game, you can experiment more and make other choices. The AS is a very safe choice (and LOH on weapons as we said before - if you hero needs it, e.g. if he dies frequently)

  3. Shield. Shield should always be your best item in my opinion (along with main weapon). It raises up your physical and one more resistance automatically, which makes it better than your vest and boots. Physical usually helps you in the early stages of the game, but it’s nice to always keep it over 50%.

  4. Capes: It is rare to use anything else than CD. You can have some AS which is good, or a cursed potency cape, frostbite… but to be honest, the majority of heroes require CD. Use CD capes, until you are sure that you can use something else…

  5. Rings. Again, usually worth to have CD on them, maybe a few hero can have exceptions, but CD is probably the most useful and must have perk in the game, overall. It’s better to have some useful perk next to the ring, but in times of need, any perk will do. 2 good CD rings, are used by usually all your heroes, therefore a CD cape on all your heroes, assures a good level of spell cool down… The more spells on a hero, the more important CD gets (or more efficient to have it).

After the above, if you are going to do refining’s, you have to pick your refining’s wisely. First of all, you can’t do too many at the same time, until you are certain that you have enough items and wisdom. If you are still leveling up fast or don’t have the items, your refined items become weaker, or not strong enough to be used, instead of a maxed out 5* bronze titan. Your refining, have to reach at least 1* silver titan to be worth as much as the previous 5* bronze titan item you had… anything below that may well be not worth it. Especially if you do not max forge the refining, the total gain of the item can be worst than what you had before.

Important points for refining:

  • Slow leveling up. Find your halt level points, on which you are going to sit until you build up both defenses and your heroes. It helps a lot to start gaining levels, after your defense is maxed, and your heroes are pretty solid builds. Start with your war heroes, the GK and 1-2 more. The rest, slowly and only if the new item(s) you will build will be MUCH better than existing ones. Don’t fuss for 1-2% better items.
  • Do refinings on those mentioned heroes. Again, war heroes and GK… possibly 1 more… there is no need to spend so much items and resources on a hero you do not use.
  • Learn to spot the good values of both main powers and perks. And also, the things that are important for your heroes. I’ve mentioned a few things I do (especially at lower levels), but then again, by now, you have developed an understanding, therefore you have to choose wisely. Each hero is different and is efficient with different setups.
  • When you are done your upgrades of defense, and you are about to level up again, I suggest you strategically time your main structures together. Stop refining and max forging, until you are up those 3-4 levels (or more). In the mean time, build 4* dismantles, gather up your items/resources, spend on masteries or other upgrades. When you are at your new halt level, start finding items again. You should raid a lot and buy green chests for gold… if you buy 15-20 green items in 3-4 days you will get what you need and start those builds again. Each time you are a new halt level, you have even MORE time to build, but the time to build is the same. (New levels/upgrades take longer, your forging time takes the same time after a certain point).
  • For this reason, OP & max forge just your AP hero… your raid hero… you don’t need too much, and you dont need to do so for other heroes. He/She will do the raiding for you, and then you will start building the rest good war heroes and the remaining heroes.


Okay, so this segment for me is the most important, and I feel I have the most experience out of my game. But I have a lot of things to say and I need to gather them, so it makes some sense where to start and where to go. There are a lot of things NOT to do, so we have to start with the basics.

  1. You have to start buying the gold deal chests. They are for 595 gems, and offer 5 chests. On high level they are 1 titan and 4 golds. If you are forging a lot, these gold items are badly needed, for max forging gold level (4* gold dismantles). You don’t have to do it for all your heroes, but just imagine, 3-4 heroes, 5-6 items each. You need around 300 gold items, just to forge some proper titan 1* items.
  2. When you reach this point, you will realize that wisdom is more important than gold. Therefore, you have to find ways to keep your wisdom up, so you can refine.
  3. You have to gather, as many titan items as possible. The whole game, will depend on your titans. You don’t clearly understand this part in the beginning. It’s not as important as you level up (you can play with 1* titans), but as you max out or reach your desired max level, you need to max all your items, and then refine them and max them.

More to come in this section.


Top tips

These are some highly detailed tips. They are not rules, but simply a read will give you an understanding, how to save time, resources and even your temper :slight_smile:

At this point, lets say over 115-120 level, you should be pretty good at the game. Either you followed some tips mentioned above, or made it your way. If you are feeling good offensively and defensively, then kudos. I will mention a few efficient ways, you can use. Like I said, highly detailed, but effective and fun to take advantage of… feel free to add yours! Even top players may want to use or add to these!


The first tip, is for heavy raiders. If you do not raid heavy, it’s too detailed and might not help you. But if you spend even 1 day heavy raiding, or plan to raid a lot during some days, it can help you. If you are collecting resources, doing 10-20 raids max a day, move on to tip (2)

1) Raiding smart / Usage of or collecting resources

It’s good to have several raid heroes. When you are leveling up, that might not be so easy. It’s generally hard, so definitely start and perfect at least ONE! Again, CD is king, so building 2 good rings, makes it easy to setup any AP heroes. Naturally 2 AP heroes can be enough for efficient raiding, but I am going to give some tips for having just 1 AP hero. You do not need to build a GK killer, if you want the gold… but a 4th chest really helps generally in the game.

a) Hero parking

In my situation, I value wisdom, but you can work around the same system in any type of resource gathering you want. The parking positions of the “moving heroes” are set for all strategies. Which means most pack of islands, have all resources and you can park them where you most need them for your strategy.

Having said that, I park all heroes on over 2k wisdom islands, I think 2,6k is the lowest, on which I have someone parked on 100% of the time. These are usually my best heroes, that I do NOT use for raiding, except occasionally same pack of island raid (and then go back to wisdom island). The are the Librarians as someone here mentioned. They return to your base/mountain much less frequent, which is less ambrosia costing. So their level is also a factor when you select Librarians.

The remaining weaker heroes, are on a few islands from 1,9k to 2,6k wisdom or ambrosia, depending on needs. I rarely park heroes on gold islands. So your best hero is on a 4k wisdom, your worst hero can be on a 2k or 2,6k wisdom island. Those weak heroes (like Artemis), are on a closer to base - ambrosia island. So when she is send back to base, I just clear that island or find the nearest 200+ ambrosia to park her. She then immediately helps “funding” my raids.

Following, I will show you how to efficiently use and where to park your 3 best heroes (war heroes) and a fourth raiding hero during war. One of my war heroes, is my raid hero, it’s ideal if you use your “fourth” best for raids (then you do not take him/her to wars). However, good raiders, tend to help in war (which is in my opinion more important than raiding). These 3-4 heroes are parked on strategic spots, usually on ambrosia. So when they go to war, my wisdom resource is not affected, and I don’t need the ambrosia much, as I do less raiding. That’s also where they return after war (so no other hero is allowed to occupy those spots).

*** My best raiding hero, is moving a lot of course. I try to clear the map with him (it’s Cadmus), and I try to clear island packs or follow a circle path, with efficient ambrosia spending. I always keep in mind where to park him, if taking a break or using a different hero. It’s usually On ambrosia if I am not maxed or as high-wisdom as i can find (usually 2k). There is always the chance you forget to get back to raiding (work, family, sleep), so it’s important not to come back to a 50k gold resource, as opposed to 1k wisdom or 150 ambrosia (both low resource examples, but hugely better than any amount of gold).

Think about 20-30 ambrosia or even 50-70 ambrosia can yield at least 200-300k gold. So why park on gold? I can get 1 million in 10 minutes and 200 ambrosia (depending on location, proximity of traveling). The highest gold resource is like 700-800k in 7 hours, that’s 2 raids and change.

However DO NOT, spend 200 ambrosia just to move a hero and park him/her on a good resource… PLAN your raids, to finish on a good resource, raid towards your park location, you will be surprised how often a nice island gets occupied at that moment. If you want to stop raiding, ignore low resource islands, take a cheap road, and park on your desired location.

*** Your second-best hero, should be on the South part of the map, with the 2 big ambrosia islands (plus gold & wisdom islands). My 2nd best in easy raids Perseus, the yellow circle is gold, the red one is a permanent park, not used for raids hero.
1 Make sure your selected a hero who is capable of making 100% often (for 4 chests).
The raid chests are usually good, so 1 chest more can make a difference. I always move that hero from ambrosia to ambrosia, so if the gold island is occupied, I don’t take it until the 2nd ambrosia island is also occupied. If my map is empty, and I do not get islands near my AP hero, I might go for the gold. (Wisdom is always occupied by some other hero). But parking on gold, as we said, is not ideal.

*** Have a third hero in the far upper corner North-West 3 island pack. He/She can easily move to the East (right) and down (south) if needed, with some ambrosia islands to cover “expenses”. But can mostly stay on the ambrosia island.
2 Athena is a good raider for me. She can do most 100%, but mostly manual.
I have Hades there, because its a valuable resource (never gets returned to base), because it’s expensive to travel there, and he can occasionally raid the ambrosia island with ease and go back to wisdom, if desperate. Again if I am empty on islands, I raid the gold island… it’s sometimes even better, because if the ambrosia island gets occupied, you gain some ambrosia and possibly more with chests. If my AP hero is very far, I use this hero to raid the island packs in that part of the map, 95% (3 raid chests) is acceptable in this case.

*** And a fourth hero on the far right corner (South East) lower pack of islands.
3 Nice movement with good resources. Easily and often repopulated.
You can park also on the lower wisdom island, and wait for ambrosia island to be occupied, to gain some resources. Again, hero on wisdom, is parked permanently… occasionally he can raid easy targets (you take a look of the level/fame and layout).

Some more details:

I) The second (Perseus) and fourth (Helen) heroes, have to stay on those packs of islands. It is too expensive (ambrosia) to move. But be smart about it. If you are leaving the game for long enough (over 2-3 hours) move them to ambrosia or wisdom. One tactic is to sit them on ambrosia, other tactic is to get the ambrosia and then raid a nearby island, to make the ambrosia island available for ambrosia loot again… it depends. Sometimes those islands spawn fast, other times it can take hours of them to get occupied.

II) Your third hero (Athena in my case), costs less ambrosia to move around, and the top center North ambrosia (on the pack of 5 islands) is a really good park if needed. So now your AP hero, is moving around most islands, with minimum ambrosia, in a circle around your base island/mountain, and not those other areas we mentioned.

I will explain a bit more in this situation. My Athena, can sometimes AP… it’s more difficult. So I chose her in this situation, to move around. The ambrosia is surprising quite cheap, and the ambrosia islands help, so she can move along those packs with not much cost. It is ideal, when my raider is far away from any of those targets, but also it sort of brakes the map in 2 (or 3 parts). Which makes it seem I have 2 raid heroes. If you can do that, then this would be the plan for it.

So like we said, several ambrosia islands to save on travelling, a good park of ambrosia on the north pack, and a wisdom good island on the far east, make this a good efficient movement.

III) If you are running out of targets, use the 3 heroes to raid some nearby islands. If there aren’t any, I always use my AP hero, to raid islands in the same pack. 3 islands concentrated, even if I spend some more ambrosia to get there, will cause occupation to 3 new islands, with more chances to have nearby island, to the AP hero, or the other 3 heroes.

IV) Always raid islands in the same pack, with your heroes, instead of using a different hero to jump to another pack of islands. Finish all the raids, in the same pack, then finish islands in the pack your other parked heroes are, and finally travel to new packs.

You give your self more chances for spawn occupied islands to appear next to your 3-4 heroes, instead of using ambrosia to jump to another pack (most of the time much more expensive). Also, if a pack of 4 islands, is completely occupied, clear that first! Nothing else will appear in that pack, clear those islands, then clear other packs. Surprise, you might spawn again those original 4 islands! Less moving cost! Efficient!

v) When you are going to raid a pack, I would suggest to raid first the ambrosia island, if you have room for ambrosia. Do you math, around 300 ambrosia less than max, is a good angle, you use some to travel, some from boxes at the end of the raid, and then the island reward. Always try not to get full otherwise you waste ambrosia. So if you are not close to max, raid first the ambrosia island, by the time you raid the rest of the pack, it might spawn again, and you take advantage of the extra ambrosia with minimum cost.
Alternatively, if you are full, you could go for the wisdom island. It might also get respawn, and you get more wisdom again if it spawns before you leave the pack of islands.

vi) When don’t have any islands close to you, just take a 5-10 minute brake, or even 30 minutes. The islands will spawn close to you, and one island per pack, can help you get from one side of the map, to the other side, which might have a good ambrosia island, or 3-4 islands occupied close to each other.
At the same time, when you are far away from occupied islands, you can do some forging, check your cursed items, check your heroes, defense check and usually Odyssey quests, to give that extra time for the islands to spawn. (You can do this with war as well, if you raid during wars, do a few raids, then war raids, then regular raids and so on - although you have to try to be full gold/ambrosia for war raids usually).

It’s a shame to use 400-500 ambrosia just to travel away on the map for a few islands…

vii) Avoid corners, because there is no way to go back without spending ambrosia. Go there, if it’s worth it. Or if it will be your final park place. Starting from a corner (say the next day, is GOOD).

4 For example, the west south corner, is not the best place to be.
There are small resources (wisdom is 2k max, which is border line, might want to keep hero on ambrosia depending on situation), and its expensive to travel there. The bottom south islands are covered by your number 2 hero (and again expensive to go there), so you are going go down to get to the corner, and then up again to the west islands of the map. If in this pack of islands, aren’t at leas 2-3 occupied islands which you can raid, don’t go… not worth it. If one of at least two islands is the ambrosia, you can try it. And do not move your 2nd hero to raid… its too expensive to go and come back, unless there are 4 islands occupied (including ambrosia) and you are desperate for new island regeneration.

Extra good stuff

This tips are really deep. Depends on your style of play, hours of play, logins, time separating raids, heroes you use and so on. Use with caution, do your math.

i) Lets assume you don’t care about ambrosia, and you desperately need wisdom. And, you are currently at the end of your raids, say you will have a break for 1-2 hours. You are sitting on a 2k wisdom island with your hero, and you see a spawn occupied wisdom island. It’s a bit far, but yields 300 wisdom on conquering it, and 1k wisdom on park. If you are sure you will be back in a couple of hours, it is wise to spend the ambrosia, conquer it, possibly get more ambrosia from the chests, gold, trophies and park on wisdom again. The amount of wisdom gathered in 1-2 hours, from a 2k and a 1k wisdom island, is negligible compared to the 100% raid, plus anything from the chests of raid. Play smart. This goes for most resources (although gold is not a problem usually, ambrosia is a better example)

ii) If you are rather low on ambrosia, and you parked your raid hero on ambrosia, make sure that when you come back on, you gather that resource first, because if you get everything else, then you lose it if you start raiding with that hero and your ambrosia is full. On the other hand, it could be beneficial if you can do one more raid, to an other ambrosia island, especially if the ambrosia yield is similar. Your trip should mostly be covered by the ambrosia conquer, then you have raided one more time, and less ambrosia to when you are back online. It’s a win win, because you would raid that island when you came back anyway. If it fits your raid path, it’s better you do it now than later.

iii) If you are finishing your raids, always try to finish on a resource you want to gather when you will later log on. As I said, wisdom is usually preferred, and avoid ambrosia, unless you are prepared for how to gather it when you log on. But lets say in the pack of island you finished your raids, there was no occupied ambrosia/wisdom island. You are sitting on a gold island, and everything else is pretty far (otherwise you could raid once more closer to that, to end up and park on a better resource island). Well, consider how much time you will be away and calculate if its worth it to travel on an ambrosia/wisdom island. If you don’t care about ambrosia, just go and park on a wisdom island. I would do that for 100-200 ambrosia. Even if I will be back in 1 hour, it’s possibly worth it, especially if you end up login on, after 4 hours… resources gathered.
But at the same time, spending ambrosia, for getting back on after a very short period of time, is not worth it. I’d rather sit on a gold island, if I am going to be on in 30 minutes, rather than spending ambrosia for 100-200 wisdom or less.

b) Resource management

When you “wake up” or start playing the game, after a long hour wait/pause… your resources will probably be full… I suggest you don’t collect all. What I do is check the map, and see what islands are occupied. I try to collect ambrosia, from the 2nd / 4th hero, to free them up to raid if needed. Then collect all, and start to AP. Your AP hero, should not be parked on ambrosia island, or if he is, then collect that ambrosia FIRST, ALWAYS.

When you AP a while, and ambrosia is getting lower, don’t fill it up. Because when you are close to max ambrosia, you can possibly lose ambrosia from the raid chests. If you are maxed ambrosia, and use 80 to travel, you might get like 200-300 ambrosia from chests, and actually waste all but the 80 ambrosia… not good.
When you are lower than close to max ambrosia, you need to collect those heroes on ambrosia islands, to get them lower than max. This will help “ambrosia regeneration” to start again. If your hero is sitting on 300/300 ambrosia, you are losing ambrosia by the minute. But follow this advice, combined with the rest. Collect that 300, as long as you do not max out your ambrosia.

Specific situation: You are 100 ambrosia from maxing out and about to use your AP hero, to move to a far away island… say for 300 ambrosia. If I have a hero on a max out ambrosia island, I collect the 100. I am now max but that hero is now 100 less than max on the islands, which means “ambrosia regeneration” starts again. I travel for 300 and therefore have a 300 ambrosia space, not to worry about getting full and losing on ambrosia from chests.

c) Smart usage of gold raiding (when maxed)

Naturally if you raid a lot, you know that gold isn’t so important. You can get loads of it in minutes. Well, you can still make it so, that you do not waste this resource. When you are max of gold, the raid chests or daily chests, are not filled with gold. Also, when you are maxed of gold, your “advertise chests” do not contain gold. This is key, because gold is worthless from ALL chests in the game. The advertise chests help you get that needed ambrosia to keep raiding.

However: You can use gold to forge, and leave a small window of raiding 90% of the cash. So if your gold raid is say 200k, then forge around 170-180k. You raid, and get 200k, 180k is used to max you out before you open raid chests, 20k is wasted. As you are now maxed on gold, no gold on the raid chests, repeat. This way, you get more of ambrosia, wisdom or even gems. You can possibly max wisdom, but like I said, I want to get wisdom from raids.

Additionally, you can spot out the “good” resource islands. High yield resources, are usually the good resources islands, and their chests contain usually better resources. For example the first pack of islands you start the game (just immediately south west your base), have probably the lowest turn outs of resources. The easiest way to confirm this, is gem resource. You get 1 to 4 gems max… few rare incidents with more. So all other resources follow the same pattern. Which means in this case, there Is no need to be maxed out for gold. So you can buy either a item green chest (usually worth 1,5 times your raid gold), or a green treasure chest (usually worth a bit more than 2 raids worth of gold). So you do not waste gold, you get some valuable items or, max out and use those chests for either ambrosia, wisdom or both or gems (depends on your choice)

A step further: When you raid and max out on gold, you may be sitting on a gold island, with 40-50k worth of gold (good island). This means you can forge something to the extent of 220k, then click on the island, and go to 170-180k from maxing again, and raid to max out before raid chests. Be careful, if you do not click on the island is stays there. Sometimes it gets lost. Similarly, you can raid like 3-4 of these gold islands, leave them… buy a chests and hit “collect all” and your gold resource will fill up by those gold islands. Be smart!

d) Taking a break

When you are going to stop raiding, essentially you have to park your AP hero on wisdom… avoid ambrosia… UNLESS you remember when you log in, to collect that island ambrosia, and THEN “collect all” or follow the tip mentioned above (do not collect all). If you have your AP hero on a full ambrosia island of 200-300, you wont be able to use it, if your ambrosia is full… you eventually lose it if you move that hero, or you need to make up some other kind of move (efficient).

Plan your path of raids, to end up in a good resource island. And like we said, if you go to a corner, it’s ideal when you start raiding after. There is a clear path to start your raids next time you are on,

e) Using gems to open chests.

—> I have to point out, that to maximize your potential to get gems, you have to have everything max out. This means your hero is level 20 (no experience from chest), and your dominance and/or prestige is max. If ambrosia/wisdom/gold are max, then all you get from chests are gems, items and VP (for war). Anything that is not maxed, can be in chests (so ambrosia during regular raids will not be max).

War raid chests

The chests are usually all high level. I usually open ALL chests, when there is 1 gold and 1 purple at least (after I have opened the 4 chests), but keeping in mind that VP spoil chest (always gold) has already been opened. If not, it means that if 1 gold is left, its the VP. If 2 golds are left, one is VP, the other is something else, but that reduces your chances to make “a profit”. If you want the VP, its a win-win anyway. Remember than in war chests, you can avoid ambrosia if your ambrosia is full and of course if you do not die :innocent:

If you are maxed on gold/ambrosia, you can get a gold item, wisdom or gems. Wisdom, at least on my level (but I think for all levels), can be anywhere between 800 to 1300. For 25 gems, that’s a minimum cost of 32 wisdom for 1 gem. The best price for 1 gem you can get by wisdom refill, is around 40-44 by filling out your wisdom storage (best offer). I think similarly to use wisdom that you do not have for structure/forge (the game will offer you wisdom for a similar price as above to use wisdom you do not have - as anything else in the game)… So in worst case scenario, you overpay slightly for some wisdom for ONE chest. However, if you get 2 wisdom chests, then it is at worst 1600 wisdom for 25 gems… which is better than any wisdom deal you can get. Best case scenario is 2500 wisdom for 25 gems (1 gem = 100 wisdom, more than double the best offer in the game)
If you get one of the chests with gems, it will be usually more than 15 gems, so you drop your wisdom purchase by a lot. But usually gems are more than 20-25, so its like getting the wisdom for free… if you get 30-50 gems, you are in for a profit of gems, and free wisdom or item.

Basic rules - war chests
I) Resources not wanted, have to be maxed
II) Remaining chests, after you opened 3 or 4 => At least 1 gold and 1 purple
III) VP takes a gold chest

Regular raid chests,

Its much harder to make the right move. Not only because ambrosia can never be full, but mostly because chests depend on the opponent, the island and some random luck. But here is an easy way to spot good chest opportunities. Unlike war chests, raid chests can be gold, and have really bad resources. The positive side, you won’t get any VP in the chests of course…
You have to see the green/blue/purple yields out of the 3-4 that you will open. If they are high enough values, then gold chests will also be high yield resources. All the vault chests, have the same “quality” bu also depend on their color.

So if you spot a good number of ambrosia/wisdom/gem on the chests you open, then the last 2 chests will also have good resources. If you have 1 gold at least, with a purple not opened, it might be worth to buy those chests. Getting ambrosia, is not necessarily bad at the right price (1 gem is 11-12 ambrosia), however if you aren’t raiding much, you may want to rethink when you use this strategy. If you get gems/wisdom it will be a good purchase, if there is a gold item, it is still not so bad, gold items are rare, and actually worth more than 25 gems each.

*** How to recognize those good resourced chests

Good values to make sure the gold chests are heavy on yield (ambrosia 30-50 on green, 50-120 on blue, 120-170 on purple – wisdom 120-200 on green, 250-500 on blue, 600-800 on purple). If you get these values, I guarantee your gold chests will have over 180-200 ambrosia, or over 800-900 wisdom, close to 1300… gems too are going to be high value (over 20).
Start noticing the values of the un-opened chests and think if you would have opened or not the chests with gems. If you start doing that, you will start learning more, when to open (buy) or not. So test this, before you use gems to actually do it!

Here are some examples, the first two cases are from relatively low resource islands, and then low resource chests. The next two, are better islands and better chests. It’s not always the case, but it does help like I said, if the island is a good resource island.



I can see that the green ambrosia is 10, and the purple wisdom is 174, it is clear to be that the chests will not have so good resources. If I paid 25 gems, I would have gotten 14 gems back and 5-6 gems worth of ambrosia, not bad, but not “profit”.



Same situation as above, slightly better green and blues than before. End result, again 21 gems and item. You could try this, but making your odds better, I would go with the following 2 examples.



In this situation, the green is 36 ambrosia and 141 wisdom, thats high. The purple ambrosia is probably as max as you can get… that can be found on a good but low gold chest. So we made the investment, 1174 wisdom and an item. That is a 47 wisdom per gem, which is better than the best price you can get for wisdom. If you had wisdom max, that would be 250 ambrosia or gems worth 30-50



And here, having 2 gold chests to open, it’s easier. Lower risk to start with, really good ambrosia greens, and a really max out wisdom blue… you can get that value in a purple, and still be a good indication about the gold chests. Result, a profit of 17 gems and 1241 wisdom.

Those 4 examples, were gotten out of 5-6 raids, within half an hour. Of course if you are raiding small islands, you should not “gamble”. But practically ALL the external islands, except the ones next to your upper north hero (to the east - right), have good value resources. Thats where you gamble. Nothing is a sure bet, but I guarantee you, if you notice the “chest opportunities”, worst case scenarios you will get gold items, or high wisdom/ambrosia which is worth your gems anyway. For me, its a win win (just make sure you can take in the ambrosia, 2x250 = 500 ambrosia. If you don’t have space, it’s wasted.)

As I have mentioned, you get ambrosia out of raid chests (as opposed to war chests). If you aren’t raiding as much and you don’t need it, then it’s a riskier business. So use this, when you on a raiding spree and you have run out of advertising video chests (or down to 2-3 which I tend to always keep around).

Basic rules - raid chests
I) Resources not wanted, have to be maxed
II) Remaining chests, after you opened 3 or 4 => At least 1 gold and 1 purple
III) Check values of opened chests - spot if it’s a good chance to buy chests
iV) Check that your ambrosia is missing at least 400-500 to be 100% sure.

Since the new forging system (refining), I find wisdom to be scarce, or badly needed. Therefore, I have stopped filling that up for raids. Either regular raids or war raids. Any wisdom I get, is welcomed. So when I open daily chests, raid chests, war raid chests, war chests, odyssey chests – I don’t mind if my wisdom is not full. I can get a good amount of wisdom this way. Of course gold is always maxed in these cases.

f) Raiding without dying

Yes, I am looking at you dumpster :slight_smile: Ok, it’s perfectly fine to die, especially if its just one time, which is usually the case, at a tough corner, or a very strong GK. You actually should die, and not try to avoid, to save time. However, we are looking at the efficient raid aspect. When you die you lose ambrosia, and it multiplies every time after that… so it only makes sense, not to die!

You have to watch your deaths with heroes, when raiding. If you die a lot, its a loss of ambrosia, which is a clear loss of raiding, or gems. Either way, its way costly, for no important reason actually. An AP hero, can be pretty good for just 95%. You don’t need to make a killer out of him. In fact, you can have 2 setups. One for safe and fast raiding no deaths, and perhaps a stronger one for wars.

At the same time, even if it costs 130 ambrosia to use a random hero, raid a 200 ambrosia island, its not worth it if you are going to die just once (120 ambrosia for my level - 80-100 for lower levels). You have already wasted that ambrosia, for using a weak hero. It can be devastating to lose 800 ambrosia for one raid… ruins your plan, makes you use advertising chests or buy ambrosia. Either way, not efficient. Your choice :slight_smile:


2) Forging smart

This is before maxing out your level or getting to your LAST halt level (if you have chosen not to max). After you max your level, you should simply find the best value combination of main perk and perk, max forge all your items, but start with War Heroes, GK and then the rest heroes, in the order you use them, or if they are too weak to use (e.g. Odysseys).

a) I constantly forge 4*, I have like 12-16 of each color if possible. I don’t usually make golds from purple (unless really needed), and even less times titan from gold. You really need them, you have to manage them. However, if you are maxing an item, there is no need of 12 x 4* gold items, if you do not have any titan items left. Just make 4x4* into 4 titans and use the titans. Now you have 8 x 4* golds, and no titans again…

b) I use 4* greens and 4* blues 90%, for all heroes. I find the best values and I forge them, to always make better 1* titans for all my heroes. I stopped maxing 5* titans for other heroes (non war heroes). Not sure if I will do it at max level, or any refining for them… it depends. It’s not needed when not maxed. Basic setups are enough.

In any case, this way, you take advantage of a good green value, max forge it a bit, and make a pretty good 1* titan. You replace the previous 1* titan, and now you also have a titan to use for other forgings. It works out nicely. It’s a cycle thing.

c) I do not upgrade uniques often. There is always the chance you will get a new one, possibly a refining is better than unique, or I could do it for heroes I use all the time, if the unique is really useful to me (like demo). But not all the time, maybe on halt levels, or when leveling up, I pre-determine 2 times until max. On max level, yes, possibly will be a good idea if I can spare those 5* titans. The exception can be Perseus unique shield, which helps so much on the GK.

d) When you refine, here are some rules to follow, for better efficiency.

I. During the refine process, its good to have an alternative item. Preferably an old 5* titan, is probably better than anything else you might have below 1* titan. Keep it on your most used heroes. Again, I don’t recommend you refine all your heroes before maxing, so having 4-5 items on each of your best 3-4 heroes, is not so much. This cant work if you are refining 12 heroes, you raise your inventory by too much, and there is no point if you do not use those heroes.

II. When you refine a weapon, you lose too much damage. When you refine a shield, you lose too much resistances. These two options are incremental, which you can fast forge (by being online in the game) to 1 purple and possible gem them to 1* titan. Or just make the use the previous tip (use other items), until your new item is better.
When you refine vest/boots and cape, it’s not a big deal… for me at least. So you have the option to slowly do those. Of course you wont have a resistance, or leadership… which might be needed. I am just saying, you can possibly work around it.
However, if you are about to refine something, I would start from the main weapon, the wrists weapon, and then the shield, for the same reason as above, these are really good items for your battles. Naturally cape is important for some heroes too, that need the extra leadership, so again, customize with your tactic.

III. When you are going to refine a rare perk… just use the highest value you can find (which is not currently used by a hero). Save ALL of these items if you can. Measure all colors, to find the best possible outcome of the same perk. As you level up, you will always get better cursed items. Don’t save them. And use the best on your GK/war heroes. But I stress, to calculate those perks and compare their end value if you max forge them. Then choose which one is better to refine.

IV. DR on GK is hugely important, if you do not get or have a lot of these items, just max forge it, even with 5* titans… just as long as it’s a good value. Always better to put it on a ring, last longer, has higher value than any other item.

V. If you are refining two weapons (same hero), pick the one with the higher damage as base. Same for all items. If you are refining two perks, you can always see one of them (their green value). I tend to keep in sight, the important one. Lets say I want to refine two shields, one with damage and one with poison. If the physical is the same, use damage as base… it’s safer, avoid mistakes, know the green value, and work your way up. It’s better than to cry after a mistake refine… trust me, it happens more often than you can imagine. Unless you are an expert, don’t do any experiments, they are costly.

VI. For the same reason, avoid using rings on items… unless you know what you are doing. Remember, that the same perk gets ignored, but having 2 different new perks, will transfer one of them at 50% chance. Same perk refining, means that will not be transferred, and therefore you will get a random perk.

VII. When you get 5* titans, try to use them as part of your refining process. You save 4 titan items, which in my opinion, is MUCH better, than getting a 2% better forge on your forging… So if I get a 5* fire vest… well, I try to see if any of my heroes, need that fire… and I refine it. It wont be a max value, but the titan savings, in this game is huge… at all levels in my opinion. This is a big deal.

3) War raiding

Simple things, but not so obvious to a lot of people

a) If you have no possible targets, or very few, just raid them again. Its better than failing or not using your fury. Each time you raid someone, you get around 10% less VP, its not so bad!

b) Its better to get 100% of a lower VP, than 95% of a higher VP. Usually in an alliance, most players yield similar VP, within a range… so lets give an example, the 30th player might be 40-50 less VP than the top guys, but a certain 100% will get you more VP than a 95% of the top guys

c) If you want to be EFFICIENT, you have to hit the BEST guys, with your BEST heroes, and try to get 100% from everyone. If you want to be CERTAIN, use your best heroes to get as many 100% on easy bases, and use your “weaker” heroes, to get those 95% at least. You have to learn how to judge the situation. If you can’t beat someone for 100%, then why use your strong hero on him again? On the other hand, you should not have any problem to get 95% with your weak hero, otherwise an 85% is not worth it. Judge the situation.

d) Lower level players, aren’t always the easiest, especially as you progress in the higher leagues, or the higher levels. This is also more important, and more relative when you levels are introduced. A fast level up player, has to do amazing things to keep up with his base/GK. It’s not that easy, but some can do it pretty well. Once things are more stable/stagnant, then you may use the level as an indication. Its always better however, to take notes, and your alliance to keep records of the opponents.

e) You can always check trophies, but mostly Odyssey buffs. You can’t know, what that guy has chosen for buffs, but its your only original indication. Then, make notes, especially the really hard bases or GK. Your alliance should keep a good record of these players, but also inform on current situation within a war…

4) General tips

a) Faster raiding/breaking structures

When you are raiding, and attacking structures, especially barricades that take longer, it might be helpful to move along the line of the barricade (left to right and vise-versa). If you have seen videos with raids, a lot of players do this. This might be helping your attacks, or better yet your hits. It seems to proc, demo for example more frequent. One thing for sure I notice, is that LOH is more efficiently collected. Which makes manual mode ALWAYS better than AP mode in these situations.

Also AS affects this by a lot (and so does BIA). It should not be neglected, and why I think it’s more valuable than other offensive perks. You can of course have a setup of petrify or stun, but it has to fit the hero. Nowadays, stun is used for GK, but if you are not going to be caring about 100%, then don’t add it, add AS instead. It will help your loh (which enables other features), demo (which makes raiding easier) and of course all other perks. It makes hits faster, which means all perks will work at a higher rate of hitting, thus providing a larger amount of “proc chances” if % based (like demo), or more times used (like LOH or damage).

b) Fast troop spawn

This trick was by @Creepin so full credit to him. He is the one that told me, if someone told him, credit is due. This tip will work with regular troop calling, or Ariadne’s spindle.


You can’t directly see the finger (touch) action in the gif that I made from a video, but basically this is what you do: Press on the troop (in this case warrior), then slide your finger down to the troop morale bar. Click and drag down. Do not lift your finger. While on the morale bar, it will be spawning troops until its empty, if you raise your finger, it will stop spawning. This is perfect for low morale units, like Spearmen, Archers, Warriors, or even Sirens/Medusa. Enjoy.

c) Opening chests

When you receive a chest, it’s contents are always based on your level. This mostly affects items, and unique items. So here are a few guidelines, on how to use this info to your advantage.

I) Gathering a lot of chests (e.g. titans) and opening them after 10 levels, will not yield you any items on your level you currently are. In fact, they will have items based on your previous levels, and the items will now be much lower value than what you can find. I would open them, regularly. There is no need to wait actually. The only reason you would want to wait, is to fill up resources, like we mentioned earlier.

II) So daily chests are gathered based on your level, when you receive them. If you raise your level and then click on the daily chest, that chest will be for the level you are at the time you receive it (not confirmed 100%)

III) Titan chests, from titan points are also in the same way as daily chests (not confirmed 100%)

IV) WAR chests. War chests are considered “received” as soon as you get the VP for the chest. So waiting will not effect its contents. Leveling up, and then raiding at war, will get you better war chest level (and items). Confirmed 100%, as lets say you don’t click on the VP score, hence you don’t receive the chests… when you get them later or at the end of the war automatically, the time remaining on the chests, will reflect when you reached the VP, not on Sunday, but from Thursday/Friday (each chest will have different time too).

V) Odyssey chests, are received at the end of your adventures. Those chests do depend on your current level, so you could wait and do that LAST island, on the last adventure, right after you level up. Receiving all chests on a higher level. Confirmed 100%, as unique items were in chests, that were valued on current level, and not previous level.

d) Raiding constantly

You can raid constantly. The islands always get repopulated. At any time, there should be at least 5-7 islands for you to raid. The key is to have them close to your heroes. If you can raid with ALL your heroes, the better it is for you, just make sure you park those heroes well. Other than that, the tips above will help you be efficient in it.

This means the game can be enjoyed for long periods of time. Plus you have to look at various aspects, as planning, gathering items, forging and making the right moves. It’s a great game and worth the time.

Plus you can just spend gems and fill your ambrosia (30-90 depending on your ambrosia building). I guarantee you, you can make that back if you follow some of the raid and chest opening tips :slight_smile:

e) Odysseys & Masteries

My suggestion here, is to always do max if possible, with the honored hero. I brake my rule when I have Artemis as honored, but I always do max skull regardless of that fact. It’s simple guys, the enhancements are permanent (you benefit forever), and you can’t buy them out. There is no turning back, you can always upgrade later, forge later and level up later… Do them!

At the end of the day, or should I say end of levels, everyone is equal. The way the system even works, you can actually have the exact same defense setup, and the exact same hero. Yes hero setups can change hugely, but you get my point. The only real difference, will be the enhancements and the masteries, both of which depend on your completion of high skull/honored, and fame points for the latter.

If you have do avoid some heroes, try to do always get all chests, but at the same time, all the bonus enhancements of 0,1%. A note to point out, that 0,1% is not just for the first adventure, it’s for all the rest adventures… you can miss that bonus on the first adventure, get it on the second adventure and lose the 2nd bonus, but at some point, you might lose the 0,5% on both the 4th and the 5th adventure.

Consider this: If you get barricades on the 4th adventure, you are going to lose the 0,5% on barricades, because you didn’t get enough points on the first 3 adventures. Don’t think that its smart to do a lower skull adventure, because you got a bad/weak hero, or because you had 3 Artemis spells to choose an enhancement from… everything adds up…

f) AP heroes

The AP heroes, will help you evolve your game. You can do a lot of other things while raiding AP. I am actually bored of raiding. If I am not doing anything else, its really annoying.

It can be improved by the devs, but for now, that’s just it. The less you fail raids or die, the less involvement you can have. That’s why it’s important to UBER forge a non-dying hero for raids.

A PC at work, is ideal… you can do other things, and just keep an eye on the screen… that’s 8-10 hours. You can raid 300 times, or 100 times… it’s still a lot more than nothing.


Above all guys, play your game at the pace you want. No one says, you have to play a lot, or a particular way. Just helps when you know some basics, and some tips… saves time, frustration… probably makes it more enjoyable.

May the GODS be with you ! Thank you, and enjoy!


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