What to do and what not to do in Olympus Rising - A Wiki Guide by Archimides

Unfortunately “leveling up” a silver unique is not possible, as a refinement will add a new perk. A normal forge with bronze will just upgrade a bit the main perks (depends when you do it actually) and lower the demo, for sure not worth it.

“Leveling up” a gold unique, is a different issue. Theoretically it is possible to do it, but I have not seen anyone trying it, and its expensive. I promised to do it on level 150, but well after I finish my main focus.

This is something the devs should check into. Silver level up should be possible, and gold level up, is not showing correctly the perks of the end product. Elimination doesn’t work, the new “unhidden” perks do not work either (I assume because it disregards existing perks completely). @CaptainMorgan

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do you have screens when it failed what you wanted to do with a gold unique?
i just tried it once (but not excecuted) and it shows the perks correctly (see above) but in this case BOTH perks are replaced and not the same again, so maybe different to what you like to do. if we would take the same perks, the maybe the forge says: ok these perks already apear on the item, so you cant transferr and you get a random choice and „?“… this would also explain what i observe when „trying“ to use a silver for a gold unique refine.:thinking: i am also curious about an answer from CM to this.

@Archimides but we are now kind of highjacking your topic which should not be. sorry for that. one last question: have you thought about writing a guide that explains different perks, items (and their differences to each other), defines names for thems (like cursed item, rare perks, why are some like base perks other %. what happens when item drop, the internal level and color steps, value ranges, what happens when levelling up, caps (visual and hidden one and why they are needed) what really happens to them when you forge them differently, how the transfer happens, also chain usage, and so on and so on.
i am thinking about to write such a guide by my own, but it will take a lot of time. if i find this time, i will try to write one but i am absolute sure that other would do better and have deeper knowledge then i have and will do it also more pointed as i tend to write more technically - (and for sure have not found out everything). (i also have no idea how you did that content menue - i really like your well structured and written guide!). dont get me wrong: i dont want to do a step by step guide of what to do and use or combine to make effective gear. i would like to write down more some base knowledge how the gear works, what are differences, what someone have to think about or might occur. some like we started in the discussion “knowledge through insight” but in a more structured way with a defined vocabulary for names and actions.

i feel like… :joy:


Well its similar to what you have there, mine just shows that elimination doesn’t work on uniques. And this can only happen on “gold unique”, as a silver unique can only be simple forged or refined to add a perk, there is no middle solution.

Basically here, the DR should be there. But what the game actually does its just reseting the whole thing and you will get 2/3 of those perks with random 33% to get each.

Now you can work around a gold one. If I want my shield to be “upgraded” or leveled up, all I need is to get an item with speed/demo/DR like I did the first time, and then I make a new improved one.

I also get “wrong” results if I refine with silver item. For some strange reason, the perk that gets replaced is random (demo or DR should be replaced, since a refinement always adds a perk). In fact when I use a silver with DR to eliminate it, it actually leaves demo, and there is a random (?) on the other perk which essentially replaces DR, and then has 50% to be DR or the other perk on my silver.
We discussed this with @dumpster last year… its crazy, not working as it should I believe. But not so often to raise it up and ask for a fix. We had bigger issues.

Yes, I have thought of such a guide, and also a complete forging guide. But, It really has to be at the right time, and I am disappointed by the community here on some of the issues we have, which just held me back.

P.S. in this small forum, if its constructive, I believe off topics are fine. Even at a guide topic. If anyone can benefit, its better than staying quiet


Okay, base on the discussion above, I guess it would be better to just keep leveling the unique items up with 5* bronze until I no longer want to level up or reach lvl 150…

Although I feel ashamed to say so since it feels like stealing wisdom from you guys, I think it would be terrific if one of you guys can write a thorough forging guide as it’s perhaps the biggest difference between normal to good players and great players. I recognize your names and know that you guys are top players in Titan league (being beaten by you guys quite regularly and also via your arguments (?) in other threads:sweat_smile:) so you probably see knowing about forging a normal thing, but in a lower-level league, not really many players know (or have never thought about) how the forging system works. Take myself as an example, I’m in an alliance in demi-god league, and top players in my alliance (know it’s pretty normal or even low in TL, but having more than 10000 trophies is what I consider a top player in demi-god league) don’t really know about forging other than super-forging (that’s why I’m here in the forum). Tbf my alliance is fighting to avoid relegation most of the time so I’m not sure about other dm alliances, but I guess most players in even lower leagues also have the same questions. Therefore, I think many of us would really appreciate your effort if one of you (or of course some of you) is willing to write a guide regarding forging and refining.:pray:

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Yeap! You got it. It’s not a rule, its efficient. And soon you will realize, that uniques are overvalued at max level or at a halt point you want to get and stop leveling up. They are an easy way to keep up with leveling, that;s their best feature, they become obsolete later on (most of them)

We all offer help about forging, just open up a topic, and you will get answers. It’s unfortunate, that some people are disrespectful or ungrateful for work being done in those areas. It’s also sad for me to promote some things (such as forging), and then people call it a bug and complain, forcing devs to change things… I mean, what’s the point ?

If you check the guide above (unfortunately you have to read all of the first steps), you will see where imho I reference when to forge, how much to forge and what not to do while leveling up. It is one of the most important things to measure and control. Leveling up and forging the correct stuff.


Okay, then I skip through some important parts since I thought I already know some of them and have made some of the mistakes:sweat_smile: Will go back and check them again later, thanks for reminding!

This reminds me that I have some other questions about the getting serious part. You say there’s no wrong timing for placing pheme in AP, yet my Cadmus always uses it when he encounters the first defense troops, which is a pretty inefficient way of using it. I suppose when you mean later stage you mean when Cadmus is closed to max on CD? Because I don’t dare to equip pheme on my heros when AP, even on my 50% CD Cadmus…
Another question is about Talos, I believe Talos can’t reach nyx towers in most of the defenses nowadays, so I guess what you do is you have your heros run much faster than your troops to the place where talos can work on nyx tower?

Hmm, I get your concern, sorry I did not realize that as I was reading other forging thread by skimming through them.

You could do that. Or use Damocles, pheme, and/or trebuchets.

Yeah, I know and am doing this, although trebuchets are pretty stupid in choosing what to attack.
Just wondering when I see Talos in the thread, cuz it’s still hard for me to believe heros like Ariande could do so…

Trebs are only stupid if you let them be.

Would you mind explaining more about using trebuchets? I believe I’ve read somewhere in this forum that by using defensive mode, we could somewhat force trebuchets into the fortification mode, but I still don’t get it and also don’t know how to alter their target.

When the treb gets to the place you want him to stop and shoot smth you turn def mode on and he will turn. Same for Griffin jumping to other side of path, srchers/hydra shooting other side of path or Phoenix hitting a barricade on other side of path.
For cadmus just use bia and asclepius and you’ll be good

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That’s one thing, but the more important thing is that trebs will prioritize close targets over distant targets, so give them room to work. Clear out waves of enemies or run ahead to stop the next wave from getting in the way of your trebs. Take down close towers you don’t want them attacking. And protect them from fire and Artemis towers.


It depends. I don’t use Asclepius with my Cadmus.

Once you get 75% cd on Ariande she will start destroying bases on autoplay same goes for cadmus :sweat_smile:

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this is so true.

yes they do, but you cannot active choose their targets. but use what dumpster already said.
defense mode is also good s.t. trebs wont get burned all at once ofc.
and you can also try to save some moral and then spam a few of them s.t. at least one or two focus on towers as not all focus one/same target. if a prometheus tower is around you can also play soccer with your hero if you want to.

edit: you might also consider timing of spamming trebs - if you are able to clear their threats (they are weak to fire and phys.damage) they can clear your future path while you have to do other stuff to do.

but all depends on layout and hero choice.


Trebuchets are the most powerful unit in the game, but probably the hardest to use. They synergize very well with pheme and shielding spells, though.


Though I’m currently just at 55% CDR on Cadmus (still leveling up, so not try hard forging right now), I get that probably having 75% CDR on him is gonna be massive. What I don’t get is Ariande, since she’s so weak and has no shield, I don’t know how she could survive without manually dodging damages:sweat_smile:

She has even more troops than cadmus since she summons all of them right next to her every time and has bonus leadership. They protect her from a lot of the damage.
You also have bia 100% uptime and either pheme or asclepius spam
You should get her some reflect too tho

Ariadne is one of the best heroes of the game.
You can use her or cadmus for raids.


I’m in this game for 3+ years. I hate Ariadne, yes I acknowledge she is one of the best, and also does AP. I have tried setups, she just fails me. She is the first one I will start building, outside my 4 heroes I currently use.