What to do to get RR2 back to the top

Right now, only 250k - 300k people play this game and it’s sad to go to the Microsoft Store and see that it had “Millions of Downloads” when it came out. So here’s the thing, how does flaregames put RR2 back to where it was? Well, how do other games do it? The most played game right now, is Fornite: Battle Royale. Almost everybody in the world plays it and they (Epic Games) keep up with the players. They don’t bore them, they make sure they stay interested in the game, giving them new places to visit, new challenges, new suits, new weapons! How do they do this so quickly to keep the players interested? They have updates every week. Not big updates, but updates that take maybe 15-30 minutes to download. A minor inconvenience. If flaregames could something similar to this, maye an update every month or something, players would get interested. It would show that they care about the game and its players, not just about money

I hope this helps and I also hope that you seriously take this into account. This game is getting old really quickly and I’m losing interest in it, as the only thing keeping me going is the friends I have in the game

Maybe they could do something on the problems the game have.  Today in war in 12 fights : the game freeze 3x in same fight, on 4 other battles the control buttons didn’t work as it should.  Lost too many gems on something that was not my cause.  I totally understand lot people loose interesting playing this game when flare don’t do anything on the most essential problems of the game

1.First never start a Pro League or a event when every members of the staffs of RR2 go in vacation. If a problem come like right now with Easter Cup they should be able to fix the problem soon and not 1,2 or 3 days after when they return in vacation its too late or like last time do a inappropriate action and give a ■■■■■■ additional 25 minutes without announcing it and everyone have miss it. We have say it in I don’t know many time. to be more professional

2.Many years we told them. Respect us and we will respect them. Its not ignoring 95% of the post and not answer any of them, people will like them or like Archimedes do receive tag and ignore them

3.About update. Flare must learn its better to do small update each week or each 2 week then a big update each 2,3 or 4 month. give something for top 200 players. Keep interest

4.Like all the game you can try on store. if a bug happen rewards is welcome and not cheap rewards but huge rewards if its a major bug or else. give gems or pearls for each server maintenance. I have told them in the past all the game I try give rewards for each server maintenance and take time to write : ‘‘we are sorry for this inconvenience. Here some rewards and sorry again for this’’ you feel they care and you forget them for this

5.In the past we have said Developer must take part of the discussion on the forum like Olympus Rising do with CaptainMorgan. They know better than us what to answer to someone who need help. Its not always ours responsibility to answer to someone when we don’t know what to answer first

in short is close that for 2018 to improve their company

* Pass 5-10% answering topic to 70-80%

* Stop ignoring topic who need help. At least if one employee of Flare is tagged he must answer

* Stop to be greedy and give appropriate rewards when a problem come and be there to fix it

* the most important of them all don’t remove Free contain or you will kill your own game Flare. People counting on Festival to get Gold and buy interesting items. Now you have decided without speak with us to remove Festival and change that in Pay-To-Win contain in One offer time at 5.49$

I don’t think I have forget anything

to be honest same with the worst poll you have receive in end 2017 you seem don’t have learn from your mistake. The poll of 2018 will be the same or worst who know

I think one of the main problem RR2 has is it takes up a lot of time - huge load of it. The management needs to sit down with the developers and based from the feedbacks of the community, design more features that saves up a lot of the player’s time by allowing automation of certain mundane tasks or make certain resources easier to obtain. Good examples of automation that saves up a lot of the player’s time are like the multiple selection of items to be melted, instant melt of items straight from COF, one button to instant select all produce from farms + taverns + blacksmith. 

Some suggestions to further save up the player’s time:

(1) Make gold plentiful in all bases at all levels when raiding - it can be very time consuming to search for a player’s base that has enough gold to raid successfully. Flare needs to change the algorithm and increase gold a lot when raiding. Otherwise, unable to get a sufficient gold to upgrade after raiding for some time, a player will leave the game.

(2) Create auto-combat button. Auto-combat will resolve the fight in 1 sec. Saved time against weak bases. Against strong bases chances to fail using auto-combat is very high so better back to manual fight. Limit each player to say 10 auto-combat per day. Once quota is used up, auto-combat button will change to a timer button which will indicate the time till next refresh. Fix daily refresh at say 12.00am CET. Can use gems to reset timer and get fresh 10 auto-combats.    

(3) In war, bring back the unlimited fights but only the top three skull fights counts. This means each battle, a busy player only needs to do minimum of three fights but each fight must be against different opponents. And max a player can be raided is still capped at three ie can have three tries to get a 100%. Declaring a champion merely adds additional skull bonus not additional fights so that it will not be too time taxing for champions. The additional skull bonus for a champion should be higher than current, say starts at 20% and additional champion will add say 2% each. The unlimited fights are for those who has plenty of time. Give incentive in war to fight like make it permanently costs 25% less food and players get 25% gold boost.

(4) Slot in all the pearl forgings including spells, units, towers, barriers, items in a time calendar. This makes monitoring easier instead of having to go to each to check how much time is left. Once upgraded, all one needs to do is to click the completed button and the player will be transported to the spells, units, towers, barriers, items to decide the next step.

(5) Add in a new button when forging named as “Instant Forged”. Clicking this button will instantly forge the spells, units, towers, barriers, items. The pearl required for this “Instant Forged” button is extra 50% of the normal forge button. Example if the normal forge button costs 500 pearls to forge, then the “Instant Forged” button costs 750 pearls. The player is free to use the normal forge button and waste some time waiting for the spinning to complete. For many forges, the spinning will take up a lot of time.

Reason many quit is after some time, things get tedious. Make it easier for players and you will bring back the fun to RR2. What say you Flare?

250~300 k single accounts, or is it counted with the multiple accounts?

I notice that more and more people got inactive.

Flare encourages the multiple accounts by the hughe difference in rewards in pro league between top 10 and the rest.

And when now some top alliances are intended to leave the game, what exiting is in future be expected.

I guess update 4.0, if  it comes, has to be a real changer,  or more people will be disencouraged.

Update with only leveling up stuff, not good : disappointed for the “old” players,  new players need now ages to reach a level they can get a decent base.

If, as mentioned, other games can do exiting things to keep their game more interesting, why can flare not doing that with this game.


in reality its less than 80k players now. When I have started my game few weeks ago I was at 110k at 0 trophy but on this you must remove all inactives one, all multi accounts, some players have 10 account just for themselves,fake account for Pro tickets,fake account for Uber Friend Chest,etc… at the end now after 4 years still maybe less than 50k players. So maybe that why Flare don’t care of RR2 anymore or of the rest of the players. They don’t try to change anything its very sad :slightly_frowning_face:

At least RR2 have again the potential if they want. Just listen us, add content, change stuffs and at least change the demanding time to keep new players. I see it I am now at level 46 and many stop below level 33. Too much demanding in time its crazy. 4 Alliance I try all the same problem inactives,dead,no chemistry and stop all after 1 week of try. The War Season is boring like hell : No actions, nothing some won with 5K skulls. Many don’t try and stay at 0

the main reason is there is no tutorial in the game who explain each stuffs. Workers what they do and why you need to unlock more, Alliance Tower is crazy how players who still at 1K and 2K donation. They don’t know what to do with Alliance Tower and don’t know how its important

If Flare want a tiny chance to survive

* Invest time in a real tutorial of 20 minutes or more detailed. The main tutorial is ok for basic but should have a Advanced tutorial. Maybe sound ■■■■■■ for Flare but some players are just a kid and they want to play a easy game and fun game. Stop think we have all 30+ years old. Some need easy game. RR2 is really easy but for some person its can be the most difficult game they never have touch.

* Reduce and this will determinate if Flare survive or not this year. Reduce at all cost the time demanding. Others game I have try can have building who demand 24 hours or 1 week but the majority have a very long time construction because they are short. RR2 is very long so short construction time needed.The most of all. Please I beg please Flare add a double wave construction at the same time or add it in Boost your Defense event.

* Also should be interesting if they can add in a package : Time Package for 750 gems. Reduce -50% time constructions, Reduce cost of Tower -40% for 30 days

there is so much you can do to make this game alive again

That’s including multiple accounts, so as WN said, it may be only around 100k-150k playing and that’s sad, cause this game has a lot of potential. Flare just isn’t using it

Interesting…I read all the topic I didn’t not read during my 2 month absence in bugs and problem section. Ok I see the main problem of why RR2 is dead now.

Flare cannot fix any bugs and they don’t have the competence to fix them. Their lack of knowledge have kill RR2. I have read Insta troops bug on Windows 10 still there, dungeon still crash (this bug is from day 1 in 2014) huge disconnection problem. I have read maybe over 20 topic of connection problem in just 2 pages around February. I have read the bug about elimination message who spawn 1 million time still there (this bug is there since 2 years or more) and so much more…I don’t have finish to read but I understand more why RR2 is dead

Players want to play a game stable. RR2 is so much unstable he can be unplayable by moment. Probably combine with lack of support from Flare. Don’t search more further. The bugs and problem in RR2 have kill the game and the lack of support. The number of bugs and problem have stack over years and now I don’t think Flare can fix them.

I’m afraid its too late to save the game now. The number of bugs and problem in RR2 right now probably will make number of player drop again and again. Its just a question of time before we reach the bar of under 40k players or less if its not already the case.

Flaregames should hire people from OpenBSD to fix bugs.

Quick answer, nothing they can do. I’m pretty amazed to see many changes after several months resting from the game though… it seems they really need money flow from big spender too keep on playing by fulfilling many wishes… and yet players keep on dropping like dead flies.

its too late for save this game. RR2 is dead now however if Flare want a little chance to make it survive many month again here what they must do :

3 thing they must change

1.Announce on what they work,what they fix,etc… like Olympus Rising. Be profressional a little for change :

2.Like Olympus Rising the developer must come on the forum and answer question and be active day after day

3.In worst case fired the entire RR2 team and hire the entire Olympus Rising team who can fix all the bugs in RR2

I have never see a company who have many team who act different for each games.

Let’s see why OR is a success and still a success same after version 4.0 VS RR2 after 4 years who is dead now. Where was the problem?

Let’s see point by point each of them

Olympus Rising  VS  Royal Revolt 2

1.Developer who talk VS Absense total of developer (1-0 for OR)

2.The Team of OR can fix all bugs VS Absense total of knowledge and cannot fix day 1 bugs and accumulate them years after years (2-0 OR)

3.Suggestion made by players are all added in OR VS Only 2% of the suggestion added over 4 years (3-0 OR)

4.Customers Support care about customers and like them and resolve their problems VS No support,nothing,no help (4-0 OR)

5.No events VS Events (oh wow 4-1 RR2)

6.Time needed in OR is only 6 month for a free player to reach Ascension 100+ and max all VS over 1 year+ (5-1 OR)

7.In OR we can buy package with gems at any moment when they appear and they appear same if you have 5000,10000 or 20000 gems VS package appear only under 500 or 750 and its rarely possible to buy them same if you keep your quest gems (6-1 OR)

8.In OR Quest are insane they give 100 gems,200 gems and 500 gems. You can get over 20k gems for free. This game is 100% Free VS RR2 who is greedy and cheap with quest at 5 gems,10 gems or 25 gems max (7-1 OR)

the list can go more further but I will stop here. You see why RR2 have lost 700k players over 4 years. RR2 has been neglected by the developer and still neglected today.

until Flare change OR will still a success and RR2 will drop and continue to die week after week

I have a little feeling the thing will go worst after their new game Flick Arena coming soon… RR2 will be totally died because we all know they focus on new game and neglect previous one. Maybe already too late. they focus too much on Flick Arena now



yep, OR is actually better and probably managed to get as many active players as rr2 now, too bad it came after rr2…