What to expect when opening lots of rewards chests at once?

I have collected lots of chests since they were introduced. I opened only 5-10 so far, so I have more than 260 chests waiting to be opened, and they will be only more with time. I plan to open them at Christmas to have lots of presents :slight_smile:


Calculating with 3-4 rewards per chests, it would give around 800-850 rewards.

To avoid food and gold rewards I plan to open the chests with full silo and treasure chamber.

Let’s see what rewards can be there.


  1. In case of gems, pearls and vouchers - I believe there is no upper limit, so I should not worry


  1. But in case of hero items, there is a limitation of inventory slots. If only 1 of every 10 rewards would be a hero item, that is still more than 80 of them. Will the inventory space be increased with additional slots? Or there will be no more hero items in the chests when inventory is full?


  1. Can there be any other rewards in the chests?


Furthermore, as there are no more pearl scrolls, how can I spend the pearls? Only at Granny?


Thanks for anybody who can clear the questions for me.


  1. There will be items even if inventory full. You must choose if u want to buy a new inventory slot  or sell the item for 0 gold ( since your chamber is full)


  1. Pearls, vouchers, gems items.


You can spend gems on blacksmith

WHAT?! You saved alot, I wouldn’t have trusted Flare enough to not get rid of them in an update so I collect them all then open them after the war. I got a couple of items of gear, gems, vouchers and around 300 pearls as I did it with full chamber and silo. You will fill your chamber again no doubt so you may want to upgrade some stuff first if you aren’t that bothered by gems, pearls and vouchers as I didn’t really get any gear in 17 chests. And the ones I did get wernt great


In this case maybe it’s not a good idea to open them at once if I have to spend gems on extra inventory slots :slight_smile:

check this out:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/ybmdjswky7o?feature=oembed … btw you should have an empty silo and do raids when its close to full and then keep going and repeat

I don’t get what I was looking at. And what did you mean by having an empty silo when the video has a clear one?

When your inventory is full you can press get it, and when you do you can press X and get out so you can get a chance to sell or smelt an item…and the food thing was my tip for balazs…

I got confused but thanks for clearing it up. I found out that inventory thing by accident when my slots got full. I thought I was going to lose it but it stayed

well atleast I was the first to point it out  ^_^

Thanks for the advices, but it is still not clear why should I have an empty silo, that way I would get food rewards which I don’t need. Or did I misunderstand something?


Anyway, I opened ~70 chests just to see what they contain, with full silo and some gold in the chamber (not full to avoid 0 gold items). I only opened from the common ones, no enchanted, rare or epic, so no big magic was expected. I got ~100 gems, ~100 pearls, ~150 vouchers, gold and items worth above 10 million golds, so I could start some big upgrade J

I only kept 1 items of the ~50 that were in the chests.

I am really curious about the magic chests, what items they would contain.

:blink: 260 chests and more really? what before its was possible to stack them with no time limit? I did not know that because I have play solo like 6 month and don’t have do War Season for chests

wow imagine today with War Season + Daily chest + Free Chest gonna make this game so easy to upgrade stuffs 

maybe its a good thing they remove unlimited time