what troops do you use in offense

was just curiouse what people use these days for attacking other bases boost troops and non boosted boosted bases and non bases im maby tell your spells too and trophys i think it would be interesting to see what people use at different stages in the game  example: i have about 3k trophys and i mostly use froster/arblaster/mummy  if froster is buffed if not i use pyro/arblaster/mummy

2,800 trophies

Blazing knight

Power archer

Frenzy frost blaster for fun

I have around 2800 trophies.

I usually always have:

-Cannons (for the buildings)

-Mummy (it helps because they spawn next to you)


the third is for fun, right now I’m using knights. depends slightly on opponent, for example if they have a lot of ogres, you may want to use archers/arblasters


My alliance also has knights boosted at max 24/7 and cannon boost most of the time which helps =)

Dasor, ~4500 normal trophies


  • Blazing knight

  • Power archer

  • Froster/cannon/Arblaster, or even Mummy, depends what is on boost


My Alliance is still growing, so we can’t afford “expensive” boosts like Warewolf, so I’ll try that once available.


But Knight+Archer+Shield+Blizzard+Sonic is a really good combo for me. I can often beat 600+ medals players with many boosts.

3K trophy range am i,

always blazing knights, then arbs, frosters, pyros, mummy,

depends what war boosts we have, and also what kind of base am i attacking to.

sometimes we also use boosted archers, they work kind of like little cannons.

depends on situation of course.

I have more than 4k trophies and I use:

-Blazing Knights

-Power Archers/Frenzy Frost Arblasters


~5k trophies

Blazing Knight, Stunning Ogre, Raging Wolf.


And when we have Dragofroster I use it with Blazing Knight and Raging Wolf.

wow interesting combinations very surpised to see the knights/archers at such high lvls i knew this would be a fun thread keep it up :slight_smile: