What were you really looking forward to in the update?

I was mostly looking forward to:

•Female avatar to make it more equal for the female players such as the leader in my alliance

•Different ethnicities for the hero

•Better way to invite people or even a separate list you can have for those not in alliances

•Better loot in chests (since the update I’m getting less gold in the 2nd chest than the first)

•The ability to have more favourites and more friends

•A new position in between leader and captain

•Better matchmaking

Basically anything but the Blacksmith. Even one of those things in the list would have made me like the game again.

What about you? When you saw the update what were you excited for?

Sincerely I gave up to always suggest, and suggest, and see many suggesting the same to FG, and they do nothing. They didnt put a global chat, didnt put the replays of the attacks, didnt put a fair war challenge… Anyway, this thread here will be one more…

I was excited about the Blacksmith until I tried it out.

It’s almost exclusively for paying players. I really wish people would stop paying Flare.

What if everyone makes a campaign and stop buying gems until FG respond the severals askings?

i used to get  about 250k gold in the third chest, now only 100k.

And yeah, the blacksmith suck.

Same here, third chest in CoF most of the time gives only half of the bread it used to give. Is that a bug? Or is Flares tricking us again?

I was mostly looking forward to just get my hands on the update but it hasn’t shown up on the windows store for me :slightly_frowning_face:

My hope that something of the list: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/ 

will be realized, it’s decreased during all the time i play this game to almost 0%. It’s more than year we would like to see some good and simple improvements but they have that list to follow and there is no way to change it. It’s like when you are unemployed and you subscribe to find a job: they put you in queue…a long queue.


For Blacksmith i said, wow finally after all this time the game exist, they created a new buildings, i was excited like a child who has received his first toy…But they ruined also this thing, where you have to pay enormous big amount of pearls or gems to get in exchange a fail upgrade or a stupid perk…

And again Blacksmith is a slot machine, it will consume your pocket.

It happens to a lot of my team members. Third chest reward seems to be reduced by around 50% if rewards are food, vouchers or bread. Maybe gem and pearl rewards are increased, but what’s the point of reducing other rewards without informing us (again)?


I thought we would be notified about relevant changes. Reducing rewards in chamber of fortune should be included as info. We don’t have to like it, but at least inform us.

opelle deserved a hug. :slight_smile:

Now lets wait until next month, when granny will offer stuff for diamonds that ll make all the hard earned ubers you re getting now useless

But then, people will maybe buy gems to get those new granny items, that will then give them pearls they can bring again to smithie

Whatever happens , just remember : free tweety

And not only me deserve a hug but also all the other 90% of people out there.

I wasnt execting a building that required 25k gems to be efficient atleast  and even more gems to remove the totally useless perks (which there are many of)

You re counting yourself for 10 procent ?

Or are there 9 procent evil minds that don t deserve the hug

What don’t you understand from my sentence :huh:

Ok, ora ho’m completamente confuso…

Btw the hug was for the blacksmith slot machine comparisation… :slight_smile:

Wrong Italian i’m sorry… :stuck_out_tongue: