What What What? How to get aska in the festival?

Hey Flare. Any answer? From the first day, I planed I will take aska as pal. See, what happened. Continuously fighting from the first day. Now, I cannot fight any more fights. Is this the festival you made?

You can buy a festival chest 300gem

Please click on the festival chest

Its random. Some can get her and other don’t. Its a casino gambling. I got just enough at 7100 and got her right now. I was lucky my chest have give me twice Uber at 261. Its all based on luck like each festival. In the chest I got bad luck for items I got twice the Denim Romper one at 8,000 and a another at 9,000

We should have gems even!


the only hope for you its spend 300 gems and buy a Festival chest

Maybe they did adjust the rewards from the chest to the trophy range you play in? I did not drop trophies for the event, that’s my result, and I had 5 items in the chests:



Don’t have enough gems. Why we cannot fight any battles anymore? Is this a bug? Is this happening only with me? Then, What should I buy now?

The brain;;;(( it was 3 messages what you should do.

Please. I don’t want to be indulged in any discussion now. No one was ready to say, what should I buy? You are a good player, you only say!

You don’t need to buy anything if you don’t want to, just let the festival currency turn into gems

HOW MUCH I can get? Not more than 300, I bet. Aska is many times more valuable than those gems.

Push the chest icon in the left.

buy 1 chest for 300 gems

Buy aska after

More then 100 balls for sure. Will be enough for u to get aska

the ratio is 42:1 so its 153 gems. Exactly worst than Aska

Stated above. No gems please. I have 285 now.

sorry double post…

I will better get Irmgard.

Try to get 15 gems. Tapjoy