What will be fixed by next ninja event?


Which of the following will be fixed by next ninja event?

  1. Chamber of Fortune crash

  2. Disconnects

  3. Excessively high cooldown

I hope it’s all. I have little reason to want to even try because I will get at least 1 crash.


Hopefully all of them, this event can be very cool if everything goes smoothly.

_ None of these above… Nothing… _ :wink: :ph34r:

I hope they fix all of them also, I like the ninja event to break up the monotony.

Unfortunately with the way the servers bugged out at the beginning of this war season and a lot of disconnects last night, Im not expecting anything to be fixed :slightly_frowning_face:  

Don’t be so down hearted.

Ofcourse the admin will stop making typing mistakes till the next event. :lol:

1 -> More info beginning of next week

2 -> Team will investigate this starting on Monday

3 -> More detailed info before the next Ninja event, but you can count on it :grinning:

Awesome! Thanks, Alysea! Hoping we get a stable game soon.


1 -> The new version 2.5.3 should have fixed these crashes :slight_smile:

New update when it will be available?

okk ?

Can we get the enemy to be purple i really like the purple enemies in the dungeon and it just feels odd to fight red enemies that arent real peoples bases


kinda a fix

I already answered in the bugs forum - so just a quickie here: 2.5.3 seems to have fewer CoF crashes, but I did suffer one last night with the same Exception thrown as in previous versions. Please make sure to fix this before the Ninja event.


PS: Just had another… that’s 2 in around 30 raids.

@Alysea  I’d like to strongly suggest to remove Ninja coins from CoF for this event. The chances of FG successfully fixing the CoF bug prior to the event seem very slim, especially given that the disconnects probably have a much higher priority - as they should.

The financial gain from the CoF in the Ninja league for FG is likely to be minuscule compared to the losses incurred by more and more paying players choosing to leave the game or not spend money anymore. By removing CoF coins for one Ninja league, you’re buying a week in which to fix the bug in time for the next war season.

As a paying player, the CoF mechanism is in my favor - but I will be  extremly  disappointed if I place badly in another Ninja league because of a bug in the game, as opposed to my ability to play. So I’d much prefer to loose the small advantage of having gems to pay for CoF for a fair shot at winning the league in the face of CoF crashes.

Please consider this - it would be a huge step in the right direction.


I like that idea. With 2.5.3 I actually experience more CoF crashes than before. I will be very disappointed  if these crashes prevent me from doing well in the next ninja event

Some people have said that crashes persist even on version 2.5.3, I think removing those ninja coins (and hopefully war skulls) from CoF is something to be done.

Keep dreaming. This is one of many source of revenue for Flare.


You really hate them know.

I did not say - and not mean - to remove them permanently. I suggest to remove them for the next Ninja event to give FG a little more time to track down and fix the CoF bug (or more CoF bugs, as they say they fixed something in 2.5.3).

CoF skulls in war are not terrible - I really like the mechanic of being rewarded for attacking higher players. Clearly this could also be achieved in a different way, but I very much understand that FG needs to make a living. And I  very much  prefer predictable ways of spending gems, as opposed to the various lottery aspects that have been added to the game this year (how many gems to spend to find a skull perk? Some people spend next to nothing, some spend tens of thousands of gems … and some have spent a LOT and still have nothing to show for it).

Anyways - CoF being an essential aspect of wars or Ninja events on works on a level playing field - i.e., without CoF crashes. So, whilst I am in favor of the mechanic overall, it needs to be removed from the equation until all CoF bugs have been fixed.

Yes, still getting the crashes on CoF. Please fix. Better yet, allow CoF before the summary screen since the summary screen crashes, not the CoF.