What will happen if this continues?

What is happening. Before, I was losing maximum 7 trophies per attack. Now there is a huge increase in trophies that we lose. If this will happen, we will soon be on zero trophies. -20 is a huge loss in trophies.

That depends on the player raiding you compared to your amount of trophies (and some other factors).

On average, your amount of trophies will balance itself around the trophy-level your defences are worth.

Now you’ve lost some, after some fights you’ll have someone failing your base and giving you +30 for example.

He is on more trophies than me. This means that he will always get low trophies on my base as I USUALLY GET.

i noticed that too. Random attack button used to give me bases of 4-7 trophies, ~15 max but was really really rare. Was really annoying when trying to go to higher ninja tier. 

But yesterday I did tons of raids for 30+ trophies.
Went from ~4400 to 4700+ in one day!
Hello TOP 1000 ?

That’s why I also said “various other factors”. The forumula’s used are not known to players, but for example a recent trophy change of either the attacker or defender might also influence the result (very likely with extra boosts and defence buffs everywhere).

Speaking about other factors, You are in a stronger alliance so your elite troops are stronger and probably your defense gives him more trophies.

Only Jesus knows how it really works. Everything else is mere speculations. Have faith in heavenly father and divine saviour and all will be good 

Amen, but I still prefer to understand how things work ?

this is the result of the worst trophy system change few month ago. They can get 10,20 or more but you if you fail you lose -30,-40 and -60. the worst system ever

Yeah, I think he’ll get more trophies on you if you have a harder base. Pretty sure it’s similar to the way you calculate XP

I’m a level 120 player in a level 57 alliance with 4850-4900 trophies.

I was attacked by a level 130 player in a level 80 alliance who has around 5000 trophies.

See the picture for the result:


Like we said, nobody really understands the algorithm…

??i can explain i think

he died in same moment as gate crushed.

visual bug hhe got 99% but lost trothies

You got it wrong there I think.

I’m the one who lost 27 trophies because he destroyed my gate.
I don’t have gate towers, so he missed a tower somewhere (by accident or went ahead solo, who knows).


The “issue” here is: why do I lose 27 trophies at 99% (so 100% might even be -30) by a raid from a player that has:

  1. Higher trophies
  2. Higher player level
  3. Higher alliance level

And when I try to dump trophies, I just lose 20- ? when I use matchmaker. Can better do normal raids against 500- trophy players and lose on purpose it seems. Then I lose more trophies ?.

My mistake??

Its normal system.

they push us to spend gems and not lose, else we will lose a lot of trothies

Stronger boosts, more boosts, pro boosts. It must have been matchmaker. 

Algorithm is totally incorrect nowadays. Raids of just 20% against my base even make me lose trophies sometimes. Am I the one to blame that a player picks a base way above his league? Don’t think so. A player should only get trophies when gate was destroyed. Otherwise never trophies should be gained by the raider. 

And when a much higher player raids my base, without gate towers, indeed… Why give him trophies. Trophy formula should hold reckon with strength of boosts used during a raid.


Yes I know, but… I lose on purpose by making 0% with intention to dump as much trophies every now and then. I just start the raid and cancel it immediately.

Lately I can better use player search, enter criteria 0-500 trophies, start the raid and cancel it against low level players. Then at least I lose more trophies on average.

Reason why I do that, hide in trophies to lure in war opponents. They pick my base, raid and then fail miserably. It’s a way to protect lower players in our team, so that opponents score less skulls.

Lots of trophies ??

Let me fix that for you.

“Only Satan knows how it really works. Everything else is mere speculations”. Have faith in Flare and all will be broke.