What would happen if...

…If someone actually gained 60k skulls in a war season? And yet, still had days to spare? Do you think they would quit/rejoin their alliance? Or would they be satisfied with just the 3 yellow chests?

What would you do? Start the number over to get more chests? Or would you just roll with being the MVP of your alliance?

I know a guy that makes about 15k per battle. He is a top player and subsequently spends a lot of money. Guys that make over 60k don’t need any more legendary items because they already have them and don’t level up all that often. So naaah I wouldn’t waste anymore time. :slight_smile:

I guess if you do a lot of grinding, then it’s not for the chests anyway.

The chests are a nice little something, but I wouldn’t grind for many many hours each day and spend a lot of gems on food, just to get a chest or two more than the average “top 3 raids” player.


I mean, after all, it’s not like they’re that awesome or powerful. Yesterday I got a purple chest, and was glad I saw a legendary (golden) reward in it. Then I saw, that the reward was a legendary amount of vouchers (45 vouchers). Well, on the 60k skull chest, you are only granted to get 1 legendary reward, and that one might just as well be vouchers. Or just legendary gear that is a lot weaker than your own 20-lvls-old gear (happened to me recently as well), or just a bit of gold or bread. All of those are not worth grinding for it for ages. :grinning:


So, if you get 60k skulls at all, you only/mainly did it to help your alliance. And as such, you’d probably continue past the 60k mark as well, if it is necessary to win your war (season). :grinning:


unfortunately, quitting and rejoin won’t work anymore…

Btw, just saying, during the last war season, a number of players reached far beyond the 60k skull mark… e.g. I know of several players that made over 90k skulls :grinning:

And some top lvl wars had single persons earn 50k skulls or more (a few way more) on a single war alone. :grinning: