What would you attack this base with?

I see this config quite a bit. The layout, units, towers, and obstacles are usually similar enough to pick it out. What would be best tactic?





Arblasters for the initial overlap

Cannons for when you alone can fend off opposing units

Mummies as shields and for the last 1min


Blizzard/Swordrain for Gargs and Arbs

Sonic Blast for Towers and Werewolves

(Spell of your choice)

if there are too many firebolt towers then I would use:



2)Frosters (or any of your choice)

3)Mummy for helping in destroying castle gate


1)Neither Arblasters nor Archers are elite boosted then there is actually no use of instant spell so you may use Heal/Shied which ever is more upgraded.

2)I would go for either Bladestorm or Fire Storm (only if upgraded to high level to destroy firebolt)

3)The all rounder spell- Sonic Blast



maybe you should try some different spell combinations someday like Stun-Sonic Blast




I dont know what are weakness of Traps so I cant tell you about them

Traps don’t actually have an explicit weakness, afaik, but they don’t have that many hitpoints in general and can be destroyed with king or cannons before they do damage. 


Seeing most morale was used on werewolves and gargoyles (both weak to ice), and that many blockades are present in that base, I would recommend using blizzard spell. It’s one-shot nature also means the gargs won’t be able to deliver their bomb explosion damage payload. Depending on your blizzard lvl and that player’s arblaster level, the blizzard might also kill the arbs as long as they are unboosted. 


Depending on your firestorm and sonic blast levels, one of those definitely. Firestorm should work good against this all-firebolt base, sonic blast just deals good damage to all towers, as well as castle gate. Both spells should also be effective against mummy (fire weakness and hidden blunt weakness) and troops in general. 


For the 3rd troop slot, according to your raiding style and preferred troop combo, consider bringing either heal/shield for protection, or the other one of firestorm/sonic blast that you didn’t already choose above.

Bringing sword rain or hammerstrike might also work, but probably not as good as the other alternatives. 



For units I might bring pyromancers, arblasters, frosters, as cannons might be less effective against so many firebolt towers… maybe if 2 of the aforementioned troops are enough for you, cannons on 3rd troop slot and summoning cannons when you are through most of the base (so they can roll unhindered through empty base) to help with gate, might be successful as well. Or, if you have elite boosts, trying elite knights or elite archers instead of some of the other troops might be good. 

So, from what I gathered:


The werewolves/gargoyles are week to ice = Blizzard spell (mine very low as I am a fan of Heal/Fire Store/ and Blade Storm - Sonic Blast is unlocking through Wizard Tower upgrade.)

—Should I sub with Frosters?


Barricades, Gargoyles, and Arblasters - Blizzard spell

—I am guessing this guy would not be a good opponent until I upgrade Blizzard


Protection - Heal works better because I use level 6 boosted Knights (they take out traps, have 110% health, and 110% fire damage). They act like a damage barrier or a shield.


What spell would you use as I do have Fire Storm and Heal but did not see a third option, other than Blizzard. I might of missed it.



Here is my default/favorite setup to use:



I use Shield, Bladestorm and Sonic Blast, but as soon as my max shield finish, i will start with blizzard and i will substitute blizzard with bladestorm. Theorically Swordrain is more cheap to upgrade than Blizzard but then in practice Blizzard is more effective for its slowdown on enemies troops and towers and for its damage on towers that is more strong rather than swordrain that deal nothing on them.

Shiels it’s the best way to protect for infinite time your troops unless they’re going to be hitted, it’s like they had double health, instead health it’s only temporary and it helped a lot of times ago, but now that flare increase the effectiveness of shield is better to use it. Also Shield work perfectly under Snake Towers and it’s most weakness are blunt and piercing damage…

Blizzard works great against Gargoyles but also Swordrain only that Blizzard has 1 point more: slowdown.

As soon as you unlock Sonic Blast, concentrate to max it because it can destroy both firebolt and skull tower at level 9 once you have it at max level (8).


As troops i use Arblaster, Froster and Cannon sometimes elite mummy instead of cannon. Elite knight are good in attack but not at all if you don’t have them at good elite level and also maximize them is a must also to support the spawning for Elite Mummy. I like to use Froster because they are cheap (3 morale points) and also because they slowdown everything, i use them as support for arblaster in the meantime they attack things, Also Elite Arblaster are good against towers but not at all of course they are only arblaster! you have to do the rest to complete the raid.

Currently i think your troops are good the important is the you have enough leadership to spawn mummy otherwise it’s a bit useful. If you have a good level of your firestorm i suggest you to keep it because against troops and firebolt towers works perfect also against elite mummy !

So the only thin i would suggest you if you have time is to put Shield instead of Heal but if your Shield is very low level don’t use it, in that case Heal will help you more !

Basically I pretty much agree with anything oPelle said above there.


And, just for clarification, in my above post where I wrote barricades, I actually meant blockades of course (edited in post above now). The shown base has blockades, and blockades are weak to ice damage, while barricades are not. 


Anyway, Joekee, did you try the shown base with this configuration yet? :slight_smile:

I have not had a chance. I am compiling a “What to use against what list or tree.” I will soon and probably several attempts and I will post back here :slight_smile:


Hack away at him if you want :slight_smile:





Well i would use like always i did Arblaster, Froster and Cannon.

In that type of base there are the right things weak to ice damage to use Froster (blockades, werewolfs, then also gargoyles) and the rest can be slowdown easily by froster and then your arblaster and cannon can do the job to kill them. Also Froster are friendly against werewolf so they should kill werewolf and slowdown them fast. If you slowdown also firebolt tower there shouldn’t be problem that they kill you fast. Now that you have set Blazing Knights, you can use them like bait for firebolt towers and in the meantime you kill firebolt towers with firestorm.

Also if you spawn at start mummy and then a bunch of Elite Knights with 1 or 2 froster can be great then you can just spawn only knights and froster frequently.

Otherwise spawn frosters at start so they slowdown things and troops then knights to kill enemies and you against towers.



Would you use the same spell combo you mentioned before? My best bet is Firestorm, Bladestorm, and Swordrain. These are my highest level. I am trying to get healing up as it is a continuous boost and my shield is low level. I use Swordrain if I do not have Knights, but use Healing if I do.

Yes i would use those spell i have, I use now shield always as principle that defend a lot your troops but if you don’t have shield at high level use heal that is better. You can also use both but you waste a spell slot maybe for nothing if you don’t use them correctly and also shield at low level is better don’t put it.


Bladestorm can help a lot against blockades especially in that type of base you show, not so much against barricades, so for that type of base bladestorm is perfect. 


Swordrain it’s good to avoid too much stress from enemies troops on kill them. If i had high level swordrain i would put it instead of bladestorm, because the time you lose with bladestorm to destroy barricades/blockades could be converted on time you use swordrain against troops that is better; and in the meatime your troops destroy those blockages.

For its high range i would use it always. Having swordrain in your arsenal it’s like fight a base without troops because high level swordrain can oneshot troops.


I stop to upgrade my Heal since they increase defence of Shield and my Heal was lvl 11, still remain 1 last level but i’m not interested to upgrade them now because now i have in few days max shield and i can use it whenever i want, not having so much problem on protect my troops. I can run alone and they do their job.

But the important is that you have a good spell that can kill quite quickly troops. Troops are the main things that make you lose time LOT of time, and having swordrain is a perfect strategy !


About Firestorm i don’t know what level you have it, but if you take too much time to kill firebolt tower, just wait a bit to unlock Sonic Blast.

Then once you will have SB unlocked try to do a test a see which between firestorm and sonic blast deal more damage and kill faster. Probably lvl 1 sonic blast will not be the best thing to wear so if you see firestorm is better keep firestorm to attack but in the meantime upgrade sonic blast and as soon as you see that sonic blast is good wear it ans use it instead of firestorm. Probably you will substitute again Sonic Blast with Firestorm once you will have firestorm at max that can do some magic things but not become attached too much.