What Would You Do ?

Once you reach the Castle Gate and it’s obvious that you will not get a raid would you rather waste pearls and use a time warp and win with a couple trophies or save the pearls and NOT use a time warp and just lose a rather significant amount of trophies ? 

it all depends which you care about more. if you can’t play a lot, every trophy is worth it, but if you have a lot of free time that you spend playing this game, i would lose the battle and hopefully make up for it in the next couple days



Also, with a 70% raid you might not lose that many trophies (assuming you managed to destroy everything else except the gate) after all.

Spending gems on food instead, or pearls for situations where that might save you a resurrect/give-up in a raid where you still have a chance of (almost) winning but currently are just at the first choke point (meaning dying now would cost you a lot more trophies as you have only 10-30% yet), can give you more effect/worth out of those.


Plus, in some cases when you notice it will be close, try leaving out a few towers and go for the gates a bit earlier to make sure you get that down. Winning with 95-98% still yields +trophies in most cases.



#Edit: I personally rarely ever scroll/resurrect as I like to save my gems and pearls for unlocking the final dungeon levels or making more important purchases.

Just today I lost some big amount of trophies on a 20% death “try again” raid, but spending hard to earn currency is something I try to avoid when not necessary (e.g. buying additional worker or spell slot).


Also, losing a few trophies has advantages: Easier opponents (e.g. easier to win against future match making enemies; weaker/lower players might get you in matchmaking, thus harder for them to beat your base) help to balance it out and get up again! :grinning:

I usually don’t care that much about trophies.

In my experience after a while the game always sorts you in right were you belong regarding trophies and leaderboard-rank. So after losing trophies by attacking a too strong base or making a stupid mistake, I just keep playing and they usually will be back soon enough.


If I can’t beat a base without scrolls or resurrect I simply consider it too strong for me. You can’t alway win… :wink:

I prefer not to spend gems or pearls on scrolls/resurrects. Like Heroesflorian I too like to save them for future use.


It’s only bad to lose trophies since alliances are here, because hight trophies are suddenly worth much more (IMHO).

If I have low bread and need to hit a certain amount of gold for an upgrade I will use a time warp, simply because a go in the ttreasure chamber can be very beneficial.  I’m happy to lose trophies most of the time so I will not scroll for them.