What would you think?

It would be good that in wars, the attacked player if he wins the fight, he will be given the points that the loser does not win, example: If I attack one that can give me 1200 points, and lose, winning only 400 points the 800 remaining were for that player. In this way, those who promote defenses will be rewarded and players will be encouraged to do so.

You can give your opinions …

Thanks for this suggestion. It is very similar to a suggestion made in another thread. The team will be discussing the idea of rewarding defenders in Wars.

Penalizing attacks is wrong! For fear of causing damage to the alliance in war there will be far fewer attacks and fewer activities. The consequence will be mass abandonment. This is a game and I connect to have fun not to sweat as if I had run. Is frustrating active players in favor of passive players a way that leads to better results?

I do not think so.

I also agree that this would unbalance the war, making it uncertain if you can win an island, and favor the strong teams/blessings with the stronger players. If it would be done, it has to be for example on high skulls, so that there is benefit for the attacker, and less benefit for the defender.

However, this can be the case, for the personal VP’s, not affecting the alliance VP or the island VP. This will give a new meaning to the “race of VP” in one particular alliance. There is some competition, it’s in good spirit usually, but if I spend 30 gems each time to win (or Frenzy bug), then spend 25-30 gems to open the chests and get the extra VP, then it’s not a matter of “effectiveness” or if you are a good attacker. It’s just a matter of spending gems. Your defense, also, can cost the alliance HUGELY… so you might be a top attacker, but give out a lot of VP’s to the opponent.

This is a very interesting point, that could be implemented with no real disadvantages. There could be two scoreboard sheets, one which states how much points have I won from attackers. This will assist in getting the reward war chests only, nothing else. But the info is very valuable to the alliances. It’s not needed by the top players, but a low level player who struggles, has a good defense and does all his attacks, can get a small boost on those last chests… he deserves it.

Ive often thought that VPs should also be awarded for fast clearance. So finishing with over 1 min left should give bonus VP etc (could be done in increments of 10s). This is one clear way to gain some extra VP for a skilled finish, and separate all those top guys from each other.

some good points here to be considered… also what if a player does not attack at all (or does not use all fury): would those then automatically counted as a loss? and if not, one could make a worse VP difference if he attacks with a loss s.t. it would be better not to tight at all? what if number of members are not equal?  maybe this would get some wired results or exploits.

also an interesting idea - but how to take invocations into account? the more gems the faster -> pay 2 win?

You could deduct the potential gain of the additional VPs minus the cost in gems of invocs used. So for example 50 VPs extra gained for 1 minute spare and 20 gems used would yield 30 actual VPs given.  Just an idea was all.

I dont think defending points are needed. Attacker already looses points if attack is not 100%. Final outcome is the same, it only increases the complexity.