what wrong with my gear? different stats in differemt places!

Yeah! When i go to my throne room, i see my leadership is 10 951, but when i check it in leaderboard or war battle listing, its 8 972!

it has something to do with uber quipment i think, but i also have other (health, attk) boosted by uber items.

and they do display right. and just rised few levels up, so i have now idea is the leadership around 9K or 11K!

Stats in throne room are visual bug. disreguard.


tick the information button to see the other stat page (the one everyone can see)


thats your true numbers

yes, i checked the stats in there too. they are much lower (-2K leadership) but they seem like much more true true to me.

so maybe i just settle for those. still not bad, thanks to blacksmith, but now he’s just strating to steal my pearls!


hey?!?, i’m the king, right? flare, give us new building, gallows pole!!! > :grinning:

I had a theory that it was a ‘designed’ bug to psyche people into thinking there Uber gears were uber fantasic lolz


the actuall explanation is on the official thread for that upgrade. newest 1



As said by huck, this is a visual display bug, already known :slight_smile: