What you don't like in the game

We have some topic for suggestions,new features,what to add what to change,etc…

but maybe don’t give a little ideal for Flaregames about what you dislike in the game maybe can help them to make change or improve the game

Here in this topic said what you dislike,hate or don’t enjoy about feature,gameplay or event,etc…

For me its the War Season so boring and the matchmaking its broken. When you fight 2 alliance with only 16/32 or 27/36 or 9/25,etc… its far to be fun and the majority of time you face them 2,3,4 time in 4 days

Yes : Mean you enjoy the game like it is and same if Flaregames don’t add new features or don’t change nothing you gonna like it again in 2 years

No : Mean you don’t like the game like it is but maybe with some change can make you like it later

In middle : Mean you like it but hate it at the same time just few thing make you dislite it a little

Yes but need changement : You totally enjoy the game no need to be change just hope they continue add new features,new stuffs,new units,etc…

No nothing attract me : Just mean you don’t like the game

The game is awesome.

The only bad thing about it is the huge black shadow of Flaregames greed for immediate cash spending by the players.

You will find this shadow in every aspect of the game, turning it to Pay to Win and many times to Pay to Play.

This shadow also makes players to spend too long time online. Neglecting their families and Jobs. Many can’t afford this luxury and chose to quit.

Games should be for fun at your leisure time. It should never turn into a second Job…



Genie & Master Alliance rules!

Correctly said, Eddy. It is actually wrecking many lives. How many proofs does Flare need? Search the forum, you can find proofs galore.

Games are for fun, they are not meant to be a solace point. They are not your life’s ultimate goal or a competition. The time spent on games is the time which will never come back. So spend this time with your most loved one. Certainly, you can find time to play when your commitments of the day are over. 

Come to Genie & Master Alliance: no one will force you to grow faster or play every day. Enjoy the best chat corner you can find in the game. Share your problems, happiness with our members. Who knows a solution to your problem is right in the G&M chat corner.  :wink:


I really like this game but the war is making me mad and i will quit because we have teams 2x stronger than us and is beating us in every war.

And another thing loyalty most players stay in teams for boost and when war comes they leave that should stop.

A lot of players stop playing this games because of the unfair war and UNloyal players.   

Neark the wise is one player that stop played the game because of the war and the players that jumped our team…

Sofar i never see Flare put a gun to any player’s head and force them to pay to play, or make it a second job  <_<

Right. No guns. I Can manage playing and even enjoying the game without investing any cash. Can you?

I started playing olympus rising. Basocly rr3 and slot better

Yes, i can, as many others free players can. But since the introduction of monthly 2,99 gems package, i keep on buying it since i do enjoy the game and it’s cheaper than a venti caramel macchiato from starbucks that i buy everyday on my way to work. And just like Flare, starbucks never put a gun to my head to buy their coffee.

So if some players neglecting their families and jobs, or turn the game into a second Job, it’s on them, not Flare.

maybe people who always complain for a Yes or for a No

in the real life I hate people who always be negative and never be positive.

if I don’t support that in real life really even less in the game. I don’t support people who always complain or pass the time criticize all about a game

When you read the chat in the alliance and you read : I don’t like COF its shit,another one said I don’t like skull reward that sucks, you continue to read another can say : This game is so boring I come only to do my donation and leave,etc…

Like I said everywhere when that happen. If you don’t like the game nobody force you to stay you can leave at any moment…but what we can do about this? we cannot do nothing about this badly :slightly_frowning_face:  

Humain is born to be like this and nothing gonna change same in 100 years

you do make a good point warriornator.


Negativity, critics and complains are quite ok, you can’t define positive without the negative. But blatantly blaming the game for your own mistake and lack of self control is pushing it too far. 

I love the game and play for two years now, but there are several things need to be changed to make it long-term successful. The game is losing more and more players. Flaregames need to work on this. 

As a leader I get the information from my members why they quite the game. It’s the expenditure of time. Quite simple. 

War seasons need to be managed in better time frames. 

Some points from my side:

  • server performance! That is soooo frustrating 

  • more slots for friends

  • better search options, e.g. language, level …

  • equality of opportunity in war season

  • customising of king, QUEENS (für die deutschen Entwickler. Was macht ein Club der nicht läuft - Ladiesnight! Wenn ersichtlich ist, dass Frauen online sind, kommen auch die Jungs von alleine) 

  • alliance management

  • longer chat space and copy paste option

  • implementing a user group. Lot of us are happy to help!


-better search options, e.g. language, level …

  • equality of opportunity in war season

-customizing of king, QUEENS

- alliance management

i like those points

but all i want is a better war system and i’m good for 5 years

I dont like the pearls system but mainly I dislike Genie&Masters


Why its in the game whyyyy ?

Because every game needs their masters, so we exist  :grinning:

Maybe because Edward and I decided to start all over :slight_smile:  and created that alliance. You should listen to the music of band with same name, maybe you will like it.

Haha, Genie & Master RULES! All the Genies and Masters of the game are with us! The most famous Alliance in this game. :slight_smile:

I don’t hate you Fii, nothing personal. Just would like to see you become more polite to others one day.

And now seriously:

Was giving a long think of what would i like to improve in this game. Got only to one conclusion - NOTHING!

Actually many people want to change many things. But each of them wants something different, sometimes even contradicting. Therefore you can’t make everyone happy. The best method to cope with this issue is to leave everything as is, cause the players got used to it and know how to make the best of the current situation.

For example: you can change the season matchmaking system, but what for? All the alliances live with it not bad. Some drop seasons, some make dirty tricks on their opponents. It makes the game interesting all these tricks. Also, it works for so long time, so why to touch it?




you don’t have a problem with the war system because your so famous and on top but what happened to the teams at the bottom if we keep losing and you stay famous you would not have anyone to fight.

oh well, flare has given free boosts to anyone in alliance once again. very enjoyable to play this game for a while, not.