What You Need to Know about the new Oracle

Okay, since people seem to be asking the same questions in all the Line chats, I thought I would post a one-and-done take on what we have experienced so far.

You can now buy crystals with money, just like you can gems. This is on the right side of the screen above your prestige counter. Crystals will also come from chests and there is a bonus when an alliance member buys certain packages that gives everyone in the alliance a few extra crystals.

You go to your hero screen and click on the Oracle to use crystals. This is where you purchase “favor.” It comes as a lottery, so you purchase them and then see what you got. This adds favor to your heroes, depending on what is revealed. This is the only purpose of crystals.

You then scroll through your hero list and see which ones have enough to ascend. Think of this like the forge. If you have a hero at level 20, you could compare that to having an item at 5* bronze Titan. Ascending to level 2.0 is like refining your gear to 1* silver. Some things get better and others drop. The ascension screen tells you exactly what will happen before you do it.

So, let’s call this first ascension hero level 2.1. You can use favor right away to level up to 2.2 or higher, but I do NOT recommend doing that. It is a waste of crystals (similar to how you wouldn’t use gems to forge your silver/green items because wisdom is easier to get than gems- XP is easier to get than favor).

Your heroes level up faster now. If you had heroes that were not maxed, you should have noticed that they gained some levels with the new update. This is because it takes less XP to reach higher levels. What this means is that as soon as you ascend, you can go to your map and fight and raise levels.

It depends on what level you are and your opponent is and so on, but our experimentation is that, for example, your first battle will probably raise you up 3-7 levels (2.3 to 2.7). One battle with Perseus after ascending brought him up to 2.5.

As always, the gap gets bigger the higher you go, but personally, I do not plan to wait to ascend my GK and war heroes. I have already ascended two and are halfway up to being maxed out again after just a few fights, so I expect them to be ready by this next war season. I do agree that you probably don’t want to ascend everyone at the same time- keep some level 20 heroes handy all the time.

You don’t have to ascend anyone if you don’t want to. For those complaining about in-app purchases, you can simply leave your heroes the way they are. They did not get weaker. You are welcome to wait and slowly let crystals trickle in from chests and alliance donations and ascend for free.

After you get all of your ascensions done, the Capt. says there will be a trancend button that makes your hero night invincible temporarily, but I doubt anyone will get to that point today. Post screenshots when you do!

Helen at 1.20 (same as she was before the update):

The oracle tells you what it can do, in this case, add starting and max morale (also 1% LoH in this case is the cut off portion of this shot).

Here she is after ascending:

This is her after just a few battles. She is already about to pass her previous stats, even though she is weaker in some respects now. Her Life on Hit is substantially better already (2% boost instead of the 1% she had before).

So, this is a new thing to learn and no one likes change, but it adds a whole new aspect to the game, which keeps things interesting, and gives maxed out heroes a way to get even better. Post your experiences below!


maybe i am wrong, but i cannot stack those crystals* earned from fights :thinking: at least it is not shown. always 5/5

*edit: sorry should be favor, not crystals

he said one has to be lvl151 too, if i got this right :thinking:
edit: no, could also mean just get to hero lvl 20 with the red crystal tier. thx :+1:

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Do you mean you received crystals in vault chests? You don’t get crystals just from fighting.

no sorry, wrong word. i meant favor… always 5/5 from fighting. does not go up further from fighting

As I understand it, it is not supposed to. You get XP from fighting not favor.

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this is strange indeed. atm i can get a level after each fight with perseus, bc its favor is refilled if i use it after each fight.
@CaptainMorgan this might be interesting to look into, if it is not intended.

The Favor shown in the battle loadout is just so you can see your current Favor and level up if you want to. At the moment, there is no way to win Favor in battles, so this doesn’t change by battling. The levelling up aspect of the game has not changed at all.

Unless you spend that Favor, it will remain at 5/5.


but i do win favor in battle. at least for this first hero. i spend 5 favor, i level up. i win an island and have 5 favor again…
and i am maybe not the only one.

Weird, we’ll check that out, thanks for the heads-up.

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ok, at ii.20 when we need 50 favor to reset level and go up to tier iii, i cannot farm more then 5/50. so i cannot go easily up to the highest tier this way. so no game break, but nevertheless strange.